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Should prisoners have the right to vote?

by VerityG (follow)
A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
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The European Court of Human Rights has said that prisoners should have the right to vote but in the UK, they are still not allowed to vote. There is now a legal case where some prisoners have said their human rights have been breached and are claiming compensation. Do you agree with the European Court or the UK government - should prisoners have the right to vote?

#Human Rights
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Top Answers
I think they should. Partly because I think prison should be seen as a chance to educate and reform, and prepare prisoners for life outside prison. The election results usually determine who is in power for several years, so will the results will affect the prisoners once they have finished their sentence. I also think that a lot of people committing crimes feel cut off or separate from society and being encouraged to vote and given the resources to make an educated decision on who to vote for might help reintegrate prisoners back into society. I can't think of any good reasons to prevent them from voting.
Tough question! Perhaps it should depend on the sentence. Those who are doing long term or life - no vote; those who have the chance to rejoin society eventually do get to vote. Not sure about this one - could be circumstantial too as we all know the time doesn't always equal the crime!
Absolutely not. They gave up their right to vote the moment they committed a crime. Why should we have someone in office that a criminal supports?
You loose that privilege when you enter into a prison from committing a crime.

What a load of rubbish!...The European Court need to ''get a grip''!
Maybe they should spend time with inmates, and then see what on earth, were they thinking.

Until an inmate has fully paid his debt to society, that vote should be ''not heard''.
I agree with Verity. Honestly, my first instinct was to say, "Of course not, they committed a crime severe enough to land them in jail. They have forfeited that right" but after a second to think about it, I have to say Verity is right. Prison should be a punishment, but it should also be a means of rehabilitation. By alienating someone who has been imprisoned from the rest of the world, you are ensuring that they cannot join the world upon their release. It no wonder most ex-cons re-offend.
Yes they should.
I think not, they have given up their rights to be in society when they have committed the crime. They have WAY too many rights in prison! Prison is supposed to be punishment.
I think they should yes. People don't lose basic human rights because they are imprisoned, as much as some prisoners make me grind my teeth with fury, they are still humans. I also think that governments make laws about prisons, and that as such prisoners are entitled to vote on the government.
No, criminals do not deserve that privilege
'Human rights breached'! Poppycock!

How about the 'breached rights' of those who were the victims' of said prisoners'?

You commit the crime, you do the time, & whilst doing so, no 'outside' allowances, & that includes Voting!

'Human rights' getting to the point that it's all for the criminal, & none for the victim! Sick of it!

Just look at the various murder/rape etc cases, including badenclay...............
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