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Should music videos be classified?

by Vee (follow)
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'The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Cologne, Germany 2014' by ROBIN HARPER

Generally, classification decisions for films, computer games and certain publications must be made before they can be legally made available to the public in Australia.

So why aren't music videos classified? Long gone are the days when you could safely turn on the television and listen to/watch the current chart toppers without being subjected to the barrage of soft-pornography that now dominates our screens.

Do you think that music videos, like television programs, should be given classification ratings?

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Top Answers
Yes- absolutely. These videos are just becoming so raunchy that little eyes should not see most of them!
I don't want to see most of them,
by Vee
Absolutely. I would never let my children watch those shows because they are, as you say, really soft porn not so in disguise. Parents should monitor their children's tv habits anyway, because all they have to do is change the channel and be watching something M rated - even the news is scary for young kids.

Some of the stuff on these vids is way over the Top.
Children can be looking for something to watch, and Bingo! wrong channel.
Times too!!! need to be more classified with them.
I hate this thing on t.v.
Probably a good idea, with today's society considering nudity and violence as part of the norm. I miss the old days of ridiculous costumes, exaggerated comedic undertones and people singing what is actually classified as 'music'.

Now, it's all about who can lose their clothes the fastest.
So much for freedom of expression. :P Sorry Xarah, I can't help but think your reply somewhat conflicts with your response to the 'dirty t-shirts' question. But I agree with you, music today is not what it use to be. You know what I think is a raw deal? We could all digitally enhance our voices, take off all our clothes and dance around - and make a killing by doing so. But hard work that is of true worth is very rarely recognised and often requires us to sacrifice a lot of time, which is always better spend with family.
by Vee
by Vee
My response was keeping in mind that this is on the Internet and can be controlled if need be, whereas people's choices of clothing is something that is more personal and out of our control - they are going to wear whatever they want in public (we have no say).

We can't protect the kids from the vices forever, but the Internet acts as a virtual blanket till they reach of age.
by Xarah
Thanks for explaining. :)
by Vee
I don't know about this. We went to a play (a farce written in the 70's) and they had a warning outside the theatre that there were adult themes (so tame, I can't tell you) and I just thought it was ludicrous. I think you can usually guess who is going to have what - I do think adults can use their brain a bit...
Interestingly, I watch the video for Crooked Smile (J.Cole) and it's not anything to do with the song, but a very powerful and disturbing short film on an incident that happened, and he's using his popularity as a platform to make a political statement. I would rate that as 15+ because I found it very confronting and distressing (and I'm not sure what kids would make of it) but that then taints it as 'bad' when it's actually a very good film.
Yes they should. a lot of serious things are been placed in music videos these days, things that I don't want my little ones to see. So I don't watch music videos at all while my boys are awake.
I don't watch them full stop. Thanks for your input. :)
by Vee
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