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Should a toilet roll be placed in the holder so the sheet is at the front or the back?

by VerityG (follow)
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toilet paper roll
By Dan McKay via Wikimedia Commons.

It can really infuriate some people if they find a toilet roll in the holder the "wrong way" round but it seems that there is no agreement on which is the right way! Front or back?

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Top Answers
I prefer the sheet to be hanging at the front, I used to be very irritated by it if it was at the back and would move it round.... but I'm mellowing in my old age and now I leave it alone and just tut! In my own home though, it still has to be at the front!
As you have it in the picture, that is the correct way for me.
I'm not sure how this really ever became such a issue, but it has and I don't think it will ever go away :)
I chose the photo carefully! I didn't even want a picture of the wrong way round.... oh that's bad, isn't it? I don't know why it matters so much either, but it does seem to!
I know :)
by jonaja
I'm with you jonaj! Front GOOD back BAD! It drives me berko when I see loo paper going backwards! I HAVE to to change it if I see it going backwards. I can't help myself! I'm a bit OCD about that. Does that make me wierd?
by steve
No your not weird... :)
by jonaja
None of us are weird. We are just simply right. Paper goes to the front. Paper to the front. Paper to the front. Paper. Front. Time for a nice lie down. On my bed. With the pillow slips facing open end in ⊙﹏⊙
by Rice
''Rice Paper' I burst out laughing as I read your last comment!!! love it LOL..
by jonaja
Doesn't bother me one way or the other.
I prefer it to the front but it's not something I get too upset about.
If the paper is patterned you need to have the sheet hanging at the front so you can see the pretty pattern. I don't buy patterned paper so I don't care at all. However I know it bothers lots of people so I hang it with the sheet at the front. I do think there are more important things to worry about.
Yes, it has to be hanging in the front!
I was looking at my toilet paper roll the other night before bed and thought, I must ask this question. This is my answer.
by Vee
rofl! I love spiders :)
Oh my gosh! Tell me you're joking! Hahahaha!
by Vee
Not at all! They catch and eat flies and I really don't like flies....
Yeah, I'm not a fan of them either.
by Vee
The front, definitely the front. ALWAYS the front.
At the f front every time!
I don't think it matters for me.
I don't care just as long as when I need it toilet paper is at the ready!
The sheet or to be at the front as Its Munch easyer to get

Definitely front but put a new one on when it finished
I think front because it involves a little less handling. I think
it doesn't matter if sitting down, but if not, definitely the front
There is less chance of picking up germs from the air than there is from the wall. Therefore the paper should be mounted to the front. It is healthier, I reckon.
I used to like it hanging from the back, then I worked in a resort where we had to have it flowing from the front and we had to make a fancy point so that it was easy to access so the guests were not looking for the 'end' like a roll of sticky tape....
Front, front, front! We are so OCD in this house . . . matching pegs, labels tucked in, things straightened. Oh dear.
by Rice
Hello Rice. I love my matching pegs as well. I bought 2 packets of bright pink pegs from K'mart, about 5 years ago & they haven't faded yet And I have all black plastic coat hangers on the outside line, blue ones in the blue/white bathroom, & pink ones in the other bathroom which look nice with my (old) brown/cream patterned tiles, camel coloured walls, orange loo & matching sink, with dark brown tiles on the floor!! (Sorry, nothing to do with front/back loo paper!!!)
by Miro
Paper hanging out the front, shaped to a point, and ...oh hang on, we now have the Asian style. Here, have the hose.... but the roll is still there, out the front only.
Definitely at the front, and yes, I'm one of those individuals who become irritated enough to take the roll of and turn it round the right way if someone has changed the roll and not put it front facing. This happened at work and there was only one other female working there so in the end I figured she just gave up and didn't replace the empty roll in the end. Another thing I noticed was that if kids yanked at a wall facing roll, the roll tended to whizz around to the point where there was so much paper spinnjng around, it ended up on the floor. Try it. You will see for yourself!
Front definitely.
At the back it is easier to tear.
Front, as shown in picture. Easier to grab.
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