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Panadol or Nurofen?

by Vee (follow)
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Panadol Rapid
'Panadol Rapid' by Editor182

With so many different painkillers on the market, how do you decide which is best for you? Do you prefer the better-known brands, or are you happy to purchase generic variations?

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Top Answers
Well neither really. Both have ibuprofen in it which is now used in no name brands.
sorry - double post for some reason.
by chipp
Neither ! A glass of wine works better for me :)
I work as a pharmacy assistant, and Panadol contains only Paracetamol so it is generally safer to take.
Well neither really. Both have ibuprofen on it which is now used in no name brands.
Usually Panadol, but occassionally Nurofen
I take some serious medication, and Panadol is the only one that will not cause me any grief.It is quite safe.
Same for my son, who takes meds, he is fine with Panadol....I have also taken 'generic', no matter what they say'' It's the same'', to me it is not, as I had a bad reaction.
I only trust the real-deal.
Nurofen - so much more helpful than Panadol.
I work as a pharmacy assistant, and Panadol contains only Paracetamol so it is generally safer to take.
The ABC released information about the ads promoting targeted pain relief. The price went up on some items based on what was being targeted. It turns out that the content was exactly the same so the advice was read the content on the label and donít pay more than the lowest price.
The Checkout? I'm sure I caught that episode. It's amazing what they can get away with when we are none the wiser!
by Vee
I'm taking Panadol osteo at the moment so am happy with them although quite happy to have generic brands. Before this put myself on panadeine forte which contain codeine. A warning to others this ingredient is highly addictive, and it's terrible trying to get off it. Just stay away from it.
I didn't realise codeine was addictive. I thought it just led to drowsiness and constipation. Thanks for the heads up.
by Vee
me too. It was a shock when I ran out, got the shakes, couldn't sleep. The pharmacies should emphasise that when you purchase them.
by pfuit
by Vee
Panadeine Forte is Prescription medication only. So you couldn't just 'put yourself on it'. Of course, Codeine is addictive, that's why it's on Prescription only.
by donjo
sorry I think it was paracetamol + codeine - which was readily obtained over the counter. I am not sure but since then I think the law has changed so anything containing codeine is now prescription only. I certainly hope this is the case.
by pfuit
This is probably going to sound bad, but understand that I had suffered debilitating life altering migraines for over 35 years prior to my Coeliac diagnosis and taking pain killers was just a way of life. Taking two panadol did NOTHING. It was like taking tic tacs. Nothing halts a gluten induced migraine, but now even for a regular headache my body needs more than just a couple of panadol so I take panadol and nurofen together. Even though doctors will tell you not to do that. I have been doing it for years, and it works for me.
I think we are all too ready to pop a pain killer to supress pain rather than investigate what is causing it. I use to take them without thinking. Given that most headaches are caused by dehydration I now tend to drink some water first. Then I use a heat pack/wheat bag or some lavender oil. 9/10 times that does the trick. My liver loves it, my pocket loves it because I am not buying the latest and greatest and I love it because I am listening to my body more.
Purely depends on 'strength' of pain.
Have Panadol, Nurofen Plus (Pharmacist only issuance) & Panadeine Forte.

Many years' ago, got a headache, on a Sunday, of course, SO severe I thought my head was going to explode! Went to after hours' dr, who prescribed PF, & that relieved it, thank goodness.
So now always have a packet on hand.

Tablets, to me are a cure for now, not something I'm interested in long term, unless prescribed for chronic disease, by dr.
I f I have aches and pains then I go for the ibubrofen, if I have headaches I go for paracetamol with codeine, but I generally buy the chemist own brand.
Strange as it may seem, years ago I suffered really badly with migraine. The doctor I was seeing told me to eat chips, chocolate or have a glass of wine when I got one saying one man's poison....etc. we were going away for the weekend with a group of friends and i developed a massive migraine. Was feeling sick, could barely see out of my eyes but we couldn't pull out of the weekend. When we arrived I sent husband to look for a milkbar to bring back hot chips and a chocolate flavoured milkshake. After eating and drinking what I could, I lay down in a darkened room to rest. When I awoke I still had a headache which was only slight and faded away so I was able to join the rest of the group for remainder of weekend. Strange, but true.
How odd.
by Vee
neither, do not take any type of painkillers
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