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Myer or David Jones?

by Vee (follow)
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'WerribeePlaza-Myer' by Chicken7

I have always preferred Myer. They stock some of my favourite brands and they have stores at more locations than David Jones, so are more accessible.

Do you prefer to shop at Myer or David Jones? Why?

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Top Answers
That is a tough question, however I enjoy Myers. Don't know - think it is the way the store is presented together with the atmosphere.
I think you're onto something with the presentation and atmosphere. Whenever I visit my closest David Jones, I also pop into Myer, and there is a noticeable difference. I've also observed that Myer has more people in it.
by Vee
Both are equally good
Australia's two biggest department stores, Myer and David Jones, and the increasing likelihood they will be merged to form a $3.2 billion department store giant.Now that would be interesting!
Myer is middle of the road...DJ's is a very different shopper.
If I had to pick,it would have to be Myer...because it is less expensive.

I like David Jones better because it seems to stock more hard to find brands than Myer, which to me is getting a bit more like a more expensive Target.

I agree with you. David Jones for me too. There is NO service at Myer!
by brigi
I like David Jones. Specially the womenswear section:)
I love David Jones as it has quality products and is a far more "elegant" store. On saying that though, I think I shop more at Myer as there is a big one near where I live.
by Finy
My local David Jones has no staff within eye-shot at any stage. And if one comes into view, soon as they see a customer waiting, they vamoose, with 'more important' things to do than serve customers ie make money for their employer.

Often times I've phoned their switchboard, asking for a 'sales person' so I can buy a selected item. No wonder they're losing money.
They do 'pretend upmarket store', but they can't do that without staff. It's just a joke!

Myer is a tad better. At least if you want to buy an item, you can go to cashier desk which is staffed by several assistants.

So Myer's getting my $$$$ currently. And tomorrow, that'll be approx a few hundred $, as wish to buy boots & a coat!
I have to say that my experiences with DJ and Myer correspond with yours.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, don't start me on DJ's! When this particular store opened about 20 years' ago, it was the 'bees-knees'! Staff everywhere, & even a 'Silver Service' Restaurant!

Now, NO staff anywhere, & Restaurant leaves much to be desired. When working, I called in there & had Dinner every Thursday night. Then the best of the items starting disappearing from the Menu, until, for me, there was nothing I wanted!

Don't know how Paul Zahra (CEO) can sleep at night. No wonder he's resigned. I wrote to him approx TWO years' ago about the problems' there......no reply, & it's only got WORSE!
by donjo
Update: DJ's Restaurant has now closed, due lack of patronage. Doesn't surprise me in the least!
With virtually no serving staff, maybe whole store will close, in time!
by donjo
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