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Is your meter box a locked one?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you keep your electricity or gas meter box locked to stop thieves turning off the electricity?

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Top Answers
No, I do not have a lock on my meter box.

I sleep with a torch in the drawer next to me, however I am on quite a busy street at times, and quite close to the road, so I do not worry about this.

I also have my house perimeter armed with the alarm at night and sometimes during the day. I have dogs and alarm, and have been told with this combination as well as proper safety fly wires, that thieves generally look elsewhere.
by Finy
No. Why would thieves want to turn off our electricity?
Exactly what I asked myself when I read the question!
by Vee
Oh, so they can break into your house, but you cannot turn on the light or use your telephone!
by Vee
correct -apparently that is often what they do! well perhaps not so much now with mobile phones -they do it in the country also
by Finy
It can't be about cutting off the phone, that has a separate power supply and almost everybody has a mobile phone now anyway. I don't think having the lights off would help them very much, since they'd be in the dark too and I know where stuff is in my house and they don't. And of course we have torches on hand in case of power outages since we have thunderstorms here all the time in summer.
Ours ins't locked, it's just a wooden cupboard. We live in a pretty quiet rural area, it's unlikely anyone would do that to us. No one ever did it when I lived in the middle of Sydney on a busy road though.
I don't think so...
by Vee
I had never even thought about doing this!! Well not until very recently when I saw the new meter box which has just been installed to take the new meters for all the newly re-wired connections in my home.This was done at the same time as a huge long overdue renovation.This new box has a door which locks,but I have never locked it ,yet!! I have dogs,high fencing,and live in a neighbourhood of very aware and good people who all look out for each other,as well as also owning dogs!! We all know as soon as a stranger walks past in the street,let alone opens a gate,and heaven forbid if someone was to jump a fence!!!!! I think I may just continue living in this safe and pleasant area till my time is up!!! Seriously,I feel very safe here!!!
I don't even know where the meters are in the building. I live in an apartment building and I have never seen a meter
by AJ
Yes, but our electricity box is a new wireless kind. The amount is sent wirelessly, instead of an employee checking the meter. No need for anyone to ever actually look at our box at all anymore. It's convenient for us because we can look at our total daily, but there has been a lot of discussion here about the safety of the boxes. Apparently the wireless cause all kinds of health problems, but as far as I know none of that has been substantiated.
guess its the same as mobile phones -wireless =radiation???
by Finy
You're exposed to wireless tech pretty much everywhere you go in built up areas now. Why would this be more dangerous than mobile phones, internet, radio waves, tv signals etc.
The issue is supposedly increased cancer risk, headaches and other things. I've heard all kinds of conspiracy theories but I have seen no actual science. Personally, I like the convenience of being able to check how much power I've used on a daily basis, particularly in winter because we use a lot more electricity for heat.
It does sound really handy!
No I don't lock my meter box.,
by fran
It's illegal to LOCK your Electricity box, as Supplier MUST have access to read it at ANYTIME!

We solved the problem by putting a Perspex 'window' in for Inspection reading, then locked it!
Yes, our electricity box is locked at all times. Some years ago we had people in the street turning off different houses power and being alone during the day, I had no idea what happened when there was no power so had to make a phone call to get a friend to send an electrician out. He soon confirmed that it had been turned off. A call to our energy provider solved the problem. They supplied a padlock and key for us to lock the box and when the meter is due to be read, the energy supplier reader has the other key to unlock the box to read the meter. Problem solved!
I've never heard of a locked meter box. Mine is not locked
No, ours is not a looked box. We haven't had any thieves since we've lived in our display home from early June '79.
by Miro
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