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Is there one item that you consistently tend to lose?

by Finy (follow)
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Is there one item that you tend to lose over and over again?

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Top Answers
The only thing that I lose is my car, when I park it at shopping centres. Often can't remember where I parked it.
Oh! Lluxi.......I did this once in a multi-storey car park. I parked car opposite lift. When I went to level I THOUGHT it was on, lift doors opened......no car!
Stomach dropped to the underground! I then went to G level, & stopped at each one. Car WAS on level below where I went originally!
Now, I write down Level #, Column #, & note what shops are there, & get back into same Lift #!
Hasn't happened since, & that was 20 years' ago!
by donjo
No there is not apart from occasionally my phone and keys but they are not really lost -just misplaced.

I DO often put things in a safe place and totally forget where that place was, but that is also not actually losing something.

So I am happy to answer NO to this question, quickly touching wood.
by Finy
I don't lose things, although I did find the milk on the washing machine last week. . . . .
by Rice
happens at our age!
by Finy
A friend of mine lost the sugar (and bowl) for over a week . . . . she found it when she opened the bottom drawer in the kitchen. LOL
by Rice
OMG!! we really seem to think alike, maybe I should check what you wrote first! lol...lol.
by jonaja
and now at the top of my AA page is "7 signs of dementia"!!!
by Finy
Hahahahahaha! Aw heck, what's a little dementia between friends?? :-))
by Rice
Only my Mind.

I can't believe how crazy people are today, which in turn makes me crazy!
LOL. . . . wonder if our minds are out having hot beverages together!! :-)))
by Rice
by jonaja
Not really.I sometimes do forget where I have placed my little gardening spade,but as with so many of us,I have just misplaced it for a short while!!! It does not do my poor finger nails any good at all though,having to dig my little holes for planting with my hands!!!! Oh hang on....I will sometimes lose my place in a book if not using a bookmark!!!!
How to get Lost in Austen . . . . . .dive into your book, looking for your bookmark, come across Fitzwilliam D'Arcy emerging from the lake and . . . . er, um, phwoar . . . what were we talking about . . . ?
by Rice
EXACTLY!!!!!! Nice to know I am not the only one!!!!!
by Jules
Yes! GLASSES, GLASSES, GLASSES!!! Got them stashed all over the house & STILL loose them then can't see to find the ..... things, lol.
Himself was dashing about the house like a loon a couple of weeks ago . . . .CAN'T FIND MY GLASSES!!!! . . . . . Yep, on his head. Laughed till I was nearly sick. ^_^
by Rice
I don't tend to lose items, however I do tend to lose chess matches against the computer.
I don't lose too much except I always lose my direction. I was lost in Melbourne and was supposed to meet her at one place. I couldn't tell left from right and all the while people were asking me for directions. By the time I got to my daughter she gave me a tongue lashing for getting lost
Yes, the thing I need.
I can spend days, sometimes a week or two looking for whatever it is.
Then I find it tucked under something.
I hate it when I replace the missing item and later find it, what a waste of money?
Yes a typical male- I know?
Currently looking for a power lead that fits a computer that I am giving to my son.
I am using one from my new laptop, but I cannot find the one for the laptop I am giving him. So far I have looked everywhere I can think it may be and after 4 days feel frustrated.
Don't get old don't become a collector / hoarder as my wife calls it.
The guys know how it is, it is man junk or things that will be useful one day.
Good luck to those who are searching for something lost.
Did you ever find the power lead you were giving to your son for his computer, Farley/Farle?
by Miro
Directions !
by BK
My marbles. :-P
by Vee
My patience. A lot !
My sanity.
Yesterday I lost my reading glasses. A few days ago I lost my front door keys. Last month I was sorting out the Christmas cards I was keeping & others I was taking to the op-shop. I still can't find the pile I was keeping. (No, they didn't go to the op-shop.) About 2 years ago I thought I'd wrapped my husbands Christmas present, so I hid it & Christmas day came around & I couldn't find it, but I did find it yesterday, when I was looking for something else. It was in a plastic shopping bag with the wrapping paper I was going to wrap it up in! So I gave it to him before I 'lost' it again. Every 2nd day I seem to 'misplace' something else! It's probably because I live in such a mess! Ahhh. The only reason I haven't lost my car in a parking lot is because I've never owned a car.
by Miro
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