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Is there anybody you don't know personally who gets under your skin?

by Vee (follow)
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Is it just me, or can some people really get under your skin even if you don't know them personally?

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Top Answers
Bert Newton - I had never heard of him until we migrated to Australia and I thought he was just nauseating with that insincere grin of his.Tony Abbott of course!!!! Also concur with jonaj.

Same here . . .got to Oz and thought, "What the heck do they pay that man for?!" His son is a nightmare, his daughter is a goody two shoes and Patti looks like the poster girl for prozac.
by Rice
Rice - perfect description of the Newton family!
by norma
I do know of a crowd of south aussies who went to Melbourne to see the don lane show. One of the ladies loved Bn and went to him when the show finished for his autograph. He told her to get out of the way he was not in the mood to sign autographs. So maybe your intuition is right
by nat_c
Fits the image I have of him as someone with a giant ego who has nothing to be egotistical about.

by norma
Sadly yes indeed.

Only because they seem to not really change, from being 'someone' who is not 'user' friendly.

We ALL know of someone like that...for me :

Karl Sandilands is just an awful person...his mouth is part of it, and he is just YUCK.!

Ugh, yes! Awful, misogynist, unfunny and mean.
by Vee
by jonaja
by norma
What is very sad about him is that he has no idea. His ego is so big, there is no room for 'any' input from the outside world.

He stands as a testimony of how Not to act.. (or even want to be anything like.)
by jonaja
It'll be interesting to see how he ends up..........
by donjo
He needs Adam Hills to tell him to STOP being a D!CK!
by Rice
I find certain types of radio hosts get on my nerves, particularly if they rely on crude jokes or embarrassing people who call in to the station as their shtick. I'm not saying that I mind crude jokes on occasion, but if that's all they have in comedic arsenal, it get both annoying and I think it says something about the host as a person.
Jonathan Ross, Russell Brand, Jeremy Clarkson, the list foes on, but I can't be those are the ones that come immediately to mind.
When it is aTV personality it is easy for them to get under your akin because you see them project their personality to the nation.
I would agree with you on them too.
by jonaja
I love you Bryony!! *high five*
by Rice
Hi fives back*

Good to know we are on the same page ;)
Russell Brand is a complete feel, & people PAY hard earned money to listen to him? Geeesssh!
by donjo
.....'feel'?, yeah, well he might be, but I typed 'fw'.....useless auto-correct!
by donjo
Oh yes! Some TV 'personalities' - irritate the hell out of me!
The politicians in Aus. I watch very little tv. these days, everyone has an opinion about everything, usually with little research or fact to back it up, Radio? the same, i cherry pick what watch and listen to a lot.
Men with the fashionista style, people who eat as they walk down the street.. oh there's more, but thankfully my family & friends are not people who irritate me . ++ people on this site don't, you seem to be 'good' human beings.
Tony Abbott, Greg Hunt, Brandis, Hockey Bishops x 2, AND Michaelia Cash
Top of my list, Adam Goodes. Sick of seeing him everywhere.

Various people on TV: carina Cavallo (ABC TV), George eads(CSI), tj thynne(bones), Michael weatherly (NCIS), daughter of 'Erin Reagan' in Blue Bloods, 'deeks' (NCIS:lax).

Can't think of anyone else, at the moment.
I'll be back!
Yep, Adam Goodes can join the list as well.
by fran.
Mine too. He gives me the *shudders*.
by Rice
Tyra Banks.
by Gia
I'm back! Closer to home........

Ad: krudd, Gillard, Keating, Hockey, slipper(eeeewwww!), Pyne......

I'm still thinking................


And basically, ANY rapist, murderer or pedophile, or combo thereof.........
by donjo
Are you sure you don't want to ad more donjo? I'm glad to see people putting some real thought into this one, lol!
by Vee
Oh! Vee.....give me time......lol!
by donjo
LOL! No rush! ;)
by Vee
Hah, hah, hee-hee!
by donjo
Will now add Stan Grant.........
by donjo
I can't say I've seen Stan Grant in action. But I'm really pleased you've given this further thought! Haha!
by Vee
anyone with bad habits annoy me, breathing loudly, swallowing loudly, sniffling, everything that a human can make a sound with ticks me off. You would think I'm perfect but I'm far off from that!
plecl, it sounds like you suffer from something my husband is also afflicted with - sound rage!
by Vee
Pelc, you should try working in an Airport Duty Free Shop, where a particular nationality, sneeze, cough, spit, clear their throats loudly, fart, & the men 'rearrange' themselves! They're just disgusting. And never HEARD of handkerchiefs!

No wonder SO many world-diseases start in their country!
by donjo
donjo, please tell me that this 'rearranging' happens above the waist!
by Vee
by donjo
Obese people at the Theatre, in trains, on buses, who take up MORE than their fair share of seating, which has them overlapping into 'my space', & makes me very uncomfortable, both literally, & metaphorically.

As happened the other night, at the Theatre, I ALSO had to contend with his 'man spread' halfway into my leg space in front of me, & under seat, in front of me, where my R leg should've comfortably been.
At the end, 90 mnutes of 'straight through' programme, NO interval, I 'unfolded' like a cartoon character which had had a steam-roller go over it!

Probably my WORST Theatre attendance, EVER!
Thank you for your honesty, donjo. I laughed out loud!
by Vee
Oh! Vee, glad you got 'enjoyment' out of my misfortune! Bet he was THE only obese person in the Theatre of 2000 audience!
You wouldn't believe how often I am seated next to an 'armrest nazi', obese & very obese, women & men, coughers, snivellers, sneezers, sleepers, & 'man spreaders'!
But the worst is the 'singer', same concert, same bloke, started singing in accompaniment to the Choir on stage! What's wrong with just 'mouthing' the words? No noise, then!

by donjo
Oh donjo, I feel your pain. At a ceremony at uni, I was seated next to a large student who was taking up quite a lot of space. Mind you, we were seated in a lecture theatre, so were in those little chairs with the fold out tables. I felt quite claustrophobic next to her, and I was in considerable pain as I was in LABOUR!

As for the singer, I would've gently asked that didn't he think it would be best to leave the singing to the professionals? LOL.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, what a situation for you!
I couldn't even sit in those stupid desks when I was in Grade VI! Sure, I was tall, but certainly skinny thin!

Yes, I agree with you, AND I've done that on occasions. It gives them a hell of a fright because they 'think'(?) that they can't be heard! Why is it the obese ones they seem to do it all the time? Do they think they're Pavarotti re-incarnated? This bloke got a few glares from me, & he got the message. His wife was tapping her feet on the floor, which I could easily hear, so she got a few glares' too, & stopped.

Once when attending an Anthony Warlow concert, the woman next to me starting singing. So I just whispered to her, 'I've paid hard-earned $ to hear Anthony sing, not you'. Her stomach touched the seat in front of her; that'll give you an idea of HER size!

Trouble is, there're persons attending the Theatre who've NO IDEA of the protocol of being there. And don't start me on the crappy & inappropriate outfits, mostly women wear, when attending!
by donjo
Wow, reading all the above posts make me thinks we are so intolerant of so many things... at least we can turn the tv and radio off! but "those" people around us, better to walk away if possible or ignore them, I know, sometimes easier said then done... LOL
Kevin Rudd -ughh - I couldn't stand seeing his smarmy sarcastic face everywhere when he was in parliament. Just the way he spoke even irritated me. Also Samantha Armytage on Ch 7 Sunrise. She is the reason I won't watch that show anymore. To me, she just comes across as not genuine at all & again, quite smarmy. I can't watch her. It may sound unreasonable when they haven't done anything to me personally, but the fact remains I just find them both terribly irritating.
Julia Morris. Ever since she first popped up on the comedy circuit (eons ago) I have hated her dirty, filthy mouth and her nasal whine. I only have to see her and the tv goes off.
by Rice
I agree with you, Rice. I can't stand her either. o_O
by Vee
Me, three!
by donjo
Tom Cruise...ugh!!
Yes, he's got 'small man syndrome', & then some.................
by donjo
A certain football commentator attached to Penrith Panthers by the name of Gus Gould. He's such a know-all and baits "Rabbits" Warren all the time. I feel like throwing something at the TV when he says stupid things. Also agree that Samantha Armytage is another insincere person who shouldn't grace the screen and certainly doesn't act like a lady. Add a few other hosts on Chanel 7 who also love themselves and exude insincerity.
helga, I'm with you. The insincerity of some people gets me too, and I have had plenty of "wanting to throw something at the telly" moments. What kindrer spirits we are - LOL.
by Vee
helga, I'm with you. The insincerity of some people gets me too, and I have had plenty of "wanting to throw something at the telly" moments. What kindred* spirits we are - LOL.
by Vee
I try not to be that way but it's my gut feeling warning me. I think my gut feeling is right so long as I don't open my mouth to share my opinion. I think we all have a warning bell when something is not quite right.
phoebe box when she comes on TV I turn her off,
I cannot stand her.
flaga, I don't know who Phoebe Box is. Is there any chance you're referring to Fifi Box? She is the only 'Box' I know.
by Vee
I stand corrected yes it Fifi Box, shows how much I dislike watching her on TV when I could not remember her christian name, I did think when I typed it that it was incorrect.
by flaga
flaga, Box is currently on Neighbours. I watch this show religiously, but she makes it very difficult!
by Vee
well I am pleased that I do not watch Neighbours used to years ago now watch home and away. fifi is a pain in the neck
by flaga
She gives me a pain a l o t lower down. Cannot stand her.
by Rice
After reading all these posts I forget what I was going to say.
Have a think, helya, and come back. I'd like to hear your input. All this has been quite amusing!
by Vee
Yes Politicians (mainly Government) who forget they were elected to serve the people, and create a better place to live.
Not introduce bills and other rules that make our lives worse - GST, Immigration policy that is not protecting the populous, failing to honour promises made when asking for votes to be in power.
Donald Trump, do I need to explain
Catriona Rowntree - just looking at her annoys me! Same for Tina Arena.
Yes they are two of my most unfavourite people too....don't know why and also the olympian Cathy Freeman and Malcolm Turnbull and his overused prop....the spectacles. GGMS
by fran.
Just a comment about Malcolm Turnbull why O why must he wave his hands about when he makes a speech, I have to turn him off, he is not the only one who does this. has he not been taught to keep his hands still.
In fairness to him he is not the only one to do this, anyone who does this I do not listen to them, they really do not have to wave their hands and arms around to make a point .
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