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Is there anybody with whom you refuse to talk?

by Vee (follow)
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no talking
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Is there anybody with whom you refuse to talk?

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Top Answers
No, Ive never been angry at someone enough not to talk to them.
A few people, yes. Not because I'm angry at them - I guess I am still angry at them, but that's not reason I wont talk to them - but because I don't trust them. I don't see the use of having people in your life that you can't trust, so I just don't have them in my life.
In the last 10 years', I've had several people 'do the dirty on me' by lying, not keeping to plans made with no proper excuse, not just the once, but a couple of times.

One person was just an out & out hypocrite. Hate hypocrisy.

One person was a guest of mine at a private club, along with several other couples' & when his girlfriend used a mobile phone inside the club, which is a no-no, must go outside to verandah, I politely asked her to cease the conversation or go outside. He knew the rule, but took exception to my doing that, & I've not heard from him since & that was a few years' ago. We'd been work colleagues', in different departments, for 22 years' at that point.

Didn't speak to m/i/l for the last 15 years of her life. She had treated me terribly, in many different ways, for many a long year of our marriage & I'd just had enough, when it took her 4months to come & see my daughter, her grandchild. Told her never to set foot in my house again, same for f/i/l, & I would never, ever speak to them again. And I didn't. No loss to me whatsoever, in fact, it was a blessing in disguise & I should've done years' earlier & saved myself a lot of pain!
These people were just 'using' me. Since that 'culling', I have some very loyal friends, & stick with them. And am much, much happier!
Bold move, donjo. Good for you. Life is too short.
by Vee
Spot on, Vee, thank you. Cheers!
by donjo
I can totally understand your actions. I have neighbours who I have totally cut off and it was that or my sanity. She would come over five to ten times a day, ring me in between anything up to fifteen times, seven days a week, run to my loo with diarrhea instead of staying home, bring her dog over to crap in my yard, come over at 11pm in her pyjamas and try to come with me every time I went out in my car. Then HE tried to blame me for her doing no housework. I had to put a sign on the door and cease all contact as several of my friends plus my brother wanted to have words . . . . . . gosh, it's peaceful now.
by Rice
Oh! Rice Paper....she was a stalker, & you should've called the cops, & had a 'restraining 'order' taken out against her. She was also possibly mentally unstable. What she did is not the actions of a normal person. Poor you! At least now it's sorted, & you've got some peace! Cheers!
by donjo
I think maybe I just didn't know how to deal with her . . . in case she was unstable. I tried so hard to politely discourage her for a long time. She originally ran across and butted into a conversation I was having with my next door neighbour . . . the look on his face and the tone of his greeting should have told me everything. Lesson learned.
by Rice
No because it would make life difficult for people that I love, but I wish I could tell them what I thought of them and never speak to them again!
No, I try to be cordial to everyone in-spite of our differences. Not easy, sometimes I fail miserably but I try.
by Gia
There's no-one who I refuse to talk to, but there are people I won't start a conversation with - mostly at work. One is an older guy who is very very lazy at work and very negative about everything & basically just a real "downer" so he is very depressing to be around. The other is a woman who I used to be friends with but who has treated me horribly the past couple of years. I'm pleasant to them both and they get a "good morning" from me or I'll respond to their questions politely, but I won't start up a conversation if I can avoid it.
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