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Is there anybody around whom you feel nervous?

by Vee (follow)
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Is there anybody around whom you feel nervous?

Do you handle this nervousness or simply avoid the person?

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Top Answers
Unfortunately there are some people I am uncomfortable being around - some of which have been close friends and some of which are strangers I've encountered on the street.

People who suffer severe mental illness and need to take drugs to control their illness AND then continue to take high doses of recreational drugs to get high, makes me nervous considering the cocktail of drugs pilfering through their body. The unstable and unpredictable nature of thought and explosion of physical force makes me anxious for my well being and for others around that person.

A very close friend of mine had a mental and physical breakdown and as friends we all tried to intervene and support him, however, including contacting health authorities and his parents for help. In the end he didn't want help. It was sad, but he became so unpredictable we all started fearing for our well being and safety and started feeling nervous around him.

Living on the fringe of Sydney CBD, I see a lot of people on the streets who are known by the police and our local community as suffering from mental illness however, you still see some of these people taking drugs and laying slumped on the footpath OR running across traffic and running into cars that are stationery at stop lights.

I usually try to avoid contact.

Annalisa, I'm sorry about your friend. Writing from my own circumstances, I didn't anticipate anything like this. Thanks for sharing.
by Vee
It is a sad situation ... and hopefully I was articulate enough to convey it's NOT people with mental illness that I avoid or am nervous around BUT those who subject themselves with recreational drugs knowing they have a mental illness which they're battling.
Yes. People who are usually judgemental. It makes me wonder if they are judging me for some reason
by Gia
I use the technique of when around people...I tell myself they feel I am judging them, and I become super nice so they feel comfortable.
It really works!! 99% of the time.
by jonaja
No....I have to say my days of feeling nervous are really over as far as people go.
Hilarious picture, jonaj.
by Vee
LOL Thanks Miss Vee :)

by jonaja
by Vee
Yes, there are a few people who make me nervous, but I think it's really down to me and not them.
by Vee
by jonaja
Yeah, anybody who 'slinks' around, particularly if their faces are covered up.
They give me the creeps, & I give them as wide a berth as I can in the circumstances.
As a young woman there were certainly times when I felt a bit apprehensive around someone (usually a male). As an adult no problem. The only time I now feel nervous is waiting for results of my annual mammogram, having had two previous bouts with breast cancer.
I'm sorry norma. That's understandable. Thank you for sharing.
by Vee
Yes, people who talk incessantly usually make me nervous.
by Finy
Not sure if nervous or anxious, but yes, there are a select few, around which I feel extremely uncomfortable. It's not because they make me uncomfortable, but more because I don't feel like I fit in that friend circle.
Understood. I think we've all been there at one time or another. Thanks for sharing. :)
by Vee
I do have a sister in law I feel rather nervous around...She is at times moody and does not like other peoples opinions...I find myself agreeing a lot of times with her even though I know it is not what I agree to..
We are very different in so many ways and I feel she is a very negative geared person and I have now come to know to not be apart of her life and Unfortunately I do have to miss out on my brother at the same time..Their paths in life are not for me.
Their negativity is not good for my well being or my happiness and most of all truthfulness.. seeking positive people in your life makes it worth while.
kanga, good for you for recognising this was the case and making what seems to be the right decision for yourself. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to make these decisions. You may 'miss out', as you've said, but you're safeguarding yourself and that's important, because if you don't do it, nobody else will! :)
by Vee
Yes there are a few
by Finy
All most everybody makes me nervous, very depressing and scary at times it can be, but I have learnt how to hide from door knockers and the phones quiet well.

My nudism is helping even though this sounds extreme, but I have never felt or acted normal, if there is such a thing. I have a atmosphere where I can be relaxed and not feel I am being judged, ridiculed, picked on for my views or worried to the point of suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately I can't live at nudist resorts or stay at beaches forever.

Even at home many days I can't wait to alone. Attempting the shops, especially the plaza types, is a nightmare I have endured with and without Doctors, family, friends and 'only prescribed legal' meds, but the tree at 100kph still looks so good sometimes. So far so good this time, I am still here and fighting forward.

So, please, don't anyone new make me nervous or uncomfortable, until I am strong enough to laugh it all away.
Doctor Dave, I don't know what to say but I'm sorry. Freaking heck. I can't imagine what you must go through. I'm glad you're managing well with the help of your support network. I'm also glad that I'm not the only one who freaks out about the phone. Thanks for sharing.
by Vee
The phone is evil....the phone is evil...the phone is evil.... ha ha, see, laughter makes it all worth while some days. Thank you Vee for your kind thoughts.
You hang in there too, but no worries, soon us crazies will outnumber the not so crazies.
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