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Is there an interesting story behind your name?

by VerityG (follow)
A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
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How did you parents choose your name? What meaning does it have? Do you think it has helped shape who you are?

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Top Answers
I was named after my great grandfather Damien. I never met him, he passed away before I was born, but my grandfather played a huge part in my upbringing. I am very proud to share his fathers given name.
How lovely! My son is named after two of his great-grandfathers, both splendid men and I hope he will feel the same as you about his names when he is old enough to understand their significance :)
My mother hated her name which was 'Ethel',
I grew up knowing how much she wished for a nice name.

She told me she picked for me the one that to her sounded 'posh' and
my name means 'nobel'.

The name I use on here 'jonaj' is not my real name by the way.

I must admit, I do love my name very much.
It suits me down to the ground, and not many have it.

Yes, it has been a good name for me, and well suited.
How funny, I rather like the name Ethel! I also like Mabel, which is my mum's middle name and she's always hated it. Maybe I'm just an old-fashioned girl at heart ;)
I like the name Ethel too.
My poor mum could have done with you two girls telling her, she was so miserable...No idea 'why' then she just didn't change it.?
by jonaja
My mother-in-law didn't like her first name so she was always called by her middle name. She didn't change her official name so on official forms etc had to put her first name and then didn't know who anyone was talking to as the person who read the form called her Betty not Jean!
Some countries don't have the possibility to change your name by deed poll like Britain does. I think that's rather harsh!
My parents were going to call me Grace Kathleen, only when I was born I was really long so they thought I might turn out to be really lanky and clumsy... which would make having a name like Grace a curse rather than a blessing! They then ummed and ahhed and couldn't decide on another name until they nearly ran out of time to register my birth, at which point they decided on Verity, almost at random but linked to Grace as it's also a Virtue name (it means Truth).
I love my name and feel it has definitely a played a part in who I am and how I grew up. I find it very strange when I encounter other people with the same name though, as I feel like it is only for me!
My name is hyphenated because my parents both wanted to call me something different. Mum's wishes took precedence, so the first part is Bryony, after white bryony, a flowering vine, which derives from the Greek 'to swell'. Bryony was also the name of two Royal Navy HMS ships that serve in WW 1 & 2.

My dad chose the second part of my first name and my middle name. Louise is the feminine version of Louis, which means 'renowned fighter', so I guess my name means 'flower fighter'. I hate both parts of my first name, but I like the shortened version of my middle name, Jennifer, which is the Cornish form of the Welsh name Guinevere, and means 'fair one'.

I didn't know Jennifer was Cornish! How interesting :)
I didn't either; the question prompted me to dig a little.
I love the name Bryony, it's such a pretty sounding name.
Everyone seems to like it but me.
Afraid not, just plain old Sandra Gayle - such an Aussie sounding name!
Plenty of Brits are called Sandra too :) Did they choose it because they liked it? That's better than giving you a name they didn't really like but felt they had to, to please a relative...
Yes I guess they chose it because they liked it. I wasn't named after anyone. Guess it could have been worse!
I was named after my Dad's sister who died when she was 21. I was given her middle name as my first name. Apparently we look alike and have a similar disposition too. My name (Helen) is meant to mean 'light or bright one' and I tend to have a sunny nature, but I don't think it's shaped who I am particularly. I have a couple of friends who have hated their names so much that they have changed them, or they go by a nickname rather than their actual name.
Your name always makes me think of Helen of Troy and "the face that launched a thousand ships"!
Yes. My original name is Arabic which means light of the eyes. Since it is a bit tricky to pronounce, my parents anglicized it to Naureen.
There are some really beautiful Arabic names I've found, with lovely poetic meanings.
I have no idea as to the reasoning, or the origin , as my father was convinced that I was a son so there were no names picked for me. However when I arrived devoid of a penis he named me. He died when I was nearly three so I know not why he chose the name he did.
No particularly profound story behind my naming. My father liked the name, and my mother went along with it.
by Vee
Sort of. My mother named me Norma Anne after a clothing boutique she loved. This was located in Edinburgh during the war. I have to say my mum was only 19 when she had me and became a war widow at 20, so she was still in "girl" mode I guess and loved fashion.
They just liked it!
No, but I shortened it the moment I started working!
Yes, very interesting!

While mum was pregnant she chose a name for me, but I was born early and was very petite so that name no longer suited me. So for the first 5 days of my life I was in hospital without a name while my parents thought of another name that was more suitable for me.

Soon after, my oldest brother came into the hospital to visit and suggested that they name me after the two girls that he happened to be dating at the same time (and he ended up marrying neither of them!), and for some reason my parents agreed.

Years later my brother told me the history behind my first and middle names and I was absolutely mortified. I remember meeting one of the girls over at mums house when I was in primary school, and I just stood there staring at her thinking 'I was named after you!'
My mother had allways liked the name Diana, and that's how I have this name! as for the history of it, I think it is a greek goddess!
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