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Is there a food you do not buy as you would eat it all in one hit?

by Finy (follow)
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Is there a food or foods that you do not buy, as you would eat the whole lot/packet in one go?

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Top Answers
There are several:
One is Nestles sweetened Condensed Milk though I am proud to say I HAVE indeed got one in the pantry that I forgot about till just now -bought it to make a recipe but at the time bought 2 extra just in case I needed them.
Because I demolished them and there is so much sugar in them, I hid the other one from myself and only just remembered about this!

The other thing I very rarely buy as I eat the whole packet in one hit regardless of the size, is potato chips (cold) or is it Crisps -cannot stop halfway through a packet and as they are so unhealthy I just avoid buying these and sadly, I have none hidden in the cupboard or I would eat them now.
by Finy
Hi Finy....buy the TUBES of Condensed Milk; lesser amount than tin! Enjoy!
by donjo
There are a few.
I have the worst sweet tooth.
I will miss 2 meals a day, to eat something sweet and yummie.

Cheesecake is one(have not had in a few years-never buy it).
But! I would eat it, so it never gets into the house.
Dr Pepper Drink I love, never gets in the house.
Fresh Cake-Ice Cream-Cream-Sweets.

dark mutterings* Dr Pepper is only of the only soft drinks I like . . coupled with Irn Bru. Both are better in their native lands and I do not buy them here. *sob*
by Rice
oops . . meant . . ONE of the only
by Rice
Why am I not surprised you like what I do!
e.g. Dr Pepper!...lol...lol.
by jonaja
I'm a Pepper, you're a Pepper. LOL :-)))
by Rice
by jonaja
I don't buy . . .chocolate, lollies, ice cream, condensed milk, cheesecake, potato chips . . .ETC! I would eat the lot!! Luckily, I have never liked soft drinks much at all. I try to eat real food all the time now. I am astonished at my ability to say "no" now, as I never could before. I am also astonished at how people will keep trying to "push" things on you when you have said you have given them up. Some people would make good drug pushers. I am diabetic. I have to say no as it is my health at risk.
by Rice
I know exactly where you are coming from! When it affects our health so adversely,it just is not worth the moment of pleasure we may get! I am not diabetic,but ALLERGIC(I do not mean sensitive,but truly and genuinely allergic!) to so many delicious foods which I had been brought up to believe were so good for me as a child. I was 23 when the tests were done for the food allergies(I already know about all the things we inhale each day and had injections twice a week for 10 years!!,and it was so amazingly clear why I had always been so ill as a youngster and teenager,and in and out of hospital! Eggs were a major item ,and as a kid I LIVED on in every way imaginable!! YUM!!! but alas.....No More!! And I had to peel everything as I am allergic to salicylates which are nature's preservative and found just under the skin of all fruit and Veg!!! With time and very small amounts tried without peeling,I can now cope with a few grapes,cherries,etc with their skin on. But I also cannot eat so many other food items,including shell fish.Guess who had the biggest mound(10kg!) of fresh prawns for the wedding feast? They were a gift from some friends who owned a trawler,and this was prior to my tests!! Yes,I swelled up like a balloon and was not a pretty bride at all,even if I was a Blushing one!!!! But I have learned,and manage to enjoy very small amounts of a lot of the stuff which I was told to stop for a couple of years. The major trigger foods,though,I avoid like the plague!
by Jules
ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH . . .!! That is just terrible. You certainly wouldn't want people constantly pushing food at you :((
by Rice
Yes yes yes!
Potatoe chips in the packet, sometimes buy a small packet as a treat but this is an expensive way of buying but..I cannot stop eating them even if the packet is huge!

Also chocolate, only buy small bars occasionally as would eat a whole big block in one sitting and then feel horribly sick and guilty
by fran
Oh my Gosh!! How BORING am I?!!!! I am not greedy at all.I can 'Stop at One' whatever it happens to be!! I do adore unusual specialty chocolates but I still do not eat the entire packet in one sitting!!! I also love Thins potato chips,but again,a handful in enough! The closest I would have come to really pigging out is almost a whole punnet of Strawberries dipped in Nutella!!! I ADORE my fruit!!!!!
Ha! Lychees. I'm lookin' at YOU, Jules . .. . stop at one, do you . . ??
(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
by Rice
One DOZEN!!!!! Seriously,I do love my fruit in a HUGE way,particularly the ones with very short seasons,such as yes! Lychees,cherries,good winter Qld strawberries!! But these are as close to 'pigging out' as I get. I could never eat a packet of Tim Tams,like a friend of mine has done ! And she has admitted to doing this on Several occasions! 2 is as many as I have ever coped with!!
I have sometimes made my own marinated pitted kalamata olives,done with Balsamic vinegar,veggie/herb salt,and finely chopped tomatoes and capsicum
and then started to eat it before giving it time to do its magic stuff!!!! I guess that is pigging out,isn't it?!!! With most things though,a taste is quite satisfyingly enough for me.But I really DO enjoy just that taste! Gaaawwsh! what a bore I seem!!
by Jules
by AJ
Smoked Salmon.
Block of DARK Chocolate!
Our beautiful Stone Fruit.....think very chilled Plums, Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines, Cherries.
Chocolate Monte or Mint Slice Arnott's a Biscuits!
lets see....so little time, so much choice.....peanuts, cashews, those pink sugary peanuts, biscuits (especially chocolate ones, oh and the hundreds and thousands biscuits with pink icing)...then there's chips aaaaaaand dips, lollies of just about every sort. It might be easier to tell you the about the food I can open and leave for ages!
No, nothing. 1 of my favourite things eat is dark chocolate, but we only have 1 square a night, or if it's a Lindt square, we share it. I weighed out the chips (when we used to eat them,) & ice-cream, 55g each, & not on the same night! We only have the ice-cream on someones birthday! I haven't bought sweets for ages, except a box of Aldi's licquorish all sorts, which I keep in my bedroom in a jar, & eat a few in bed after breakfast! 1 thing I would love to eat, in 1 seating, is a good tiramisu!
by Miro
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