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Is the death penalty acceptable is some cases?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you think that the death penalty is acceptable is some cases?

#Death Penalty
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Top Answers
Although it does not apply to Australia, I really believe that it is acceptable in some cases.

I know this is perhaps an "eye for an eye" but some of the crimes that happen are so horrific, I think the perpetrator should not be allowed to live in prison for the rest of his/her life.

Let the punishment fit the crime...
by Finy
Having worked with inmates for over a decade,in maximum security and still working with them...I'm not one to accept the death penalty.


There are a tiny tiny portion, who can Not be 'helped', in any way shape or form.
If there is 'any' chance...'any' at all they could be free one day 40 or 50 years later, they will kill again.
So as long as they are Never able to get out of jail, then all is well with the world.

Wow Jonaj ! How is it like working with inmates? It must be stressful .
by BK
It is a tad...lol.
by jonaja
A definite YES!!! I have always felt this way,even as a youngster.My parents brought us up to have wonderful discussions and debates,rather than be glued to a TV set!! So we would really try to get to the nitty gritty of these often difficult subjects. I have been so fortunate in who my parents are!
I think that in some extreme cases it is for the best that there is the death penalty.
No, I don't believe it should ever be used in a developed country where we can afford to keep people in prison. Retributive justice, ie. "letting the punishment fit the crime" is not the way for civilised people to behave. We don't rape rapists or torture torturers. If it were really considered a good thing to do the countries that practice execution wouldn't perform them behind closed doors late at night instead of in the town square where everyone can come along and cheer like they used to in the old days.
I don't think anyone has the right to order someone else's death - 2 wrongs don't make a right
by AJ
Totally agree.
that would seem to suggest you do not have any children
by filli
NEVER... There is only one authority that has the right to take a life and it's not us. If we condone the death penalty we are no better than the criminals. And what if the person was later found to be innocent? Wouldn't be the first time it's happened. Leave playing God up to God I say.
So Martin Bryant killed 35 people, was beyond reasonable doubt, & he's still alive? Pffft!
There are MANY other Cases the same & we just blithely pay for them to live in 'Motel Gaol' for the rest of their lives?
They're better off than 1000's of this country's populace. Bring back 'the drop'. At least it may go someway to act as a deterrent.
by donjo
No. I don't believe the death penalty is at all acceptable. Nobody has the right to take the life of another person. If a person commits a crime worthy of a life sentence, then life in prison it is.
by Vee
Yes Definately!! As an example:Just look at the man in last few day who broke into a house and bashed a little baby to death.He showed no remorse at all for inocent baby. He got 30 year sentence, leaves him plenty of time to do it again when he gets out. And we have to provide him with warm bed,board,health,dental for all those years.
If a person is found unquestionably guilty of the most incredible evil and is judged to be incapable of rehabilitation, and there is a person is willing exercise that sentence, maybe, but me personally? - the only way I will ever take someone's life is if there is no other choice and it is to protect myself or my loved ones.
by kimp
With some of the horrific crimes committed in this country in the last 25 years', I believe in the death penalty.

Think Bryant, Milat, Bayley, Cowan, Baden-clay, the 5 who horrifically dealt with Anita Cobby, the Muslim brothers who raped girls' with all manner of implements & all the others' of their ilk.

Murderers', murderer-rapists' & Paedophiles should be hanged. Why should our taxes keep them living? They gave up that right to live in society when they did what they did.
They're just disgusting pieces of garbage. They'll never be rehabilitated, & if ever let out of gaol, will do same again, as they 'like' it, think there's nothing 'wrong' with what they do. Look at all the repeat offenders' let out or on parole & re-offend. Think of the Bega 'big cheese' paedophile bloke, who offended again whilst on bail just recently. They just can't help themselves. Their brains are missing certain areas & they don't give a brass razoo what they do to whom, so string 'em up!
Exactly, and you can add to that the bloke that killed little Daniel Valerio, cold premeditated murder. And to think that jerk is out of gaol and had a halfwit woman "waiting" for him, to spirit him off to safety and privacy. Just cannot fathom.
by fran.
Oh! fran, there're just SO many who'd 'swing' if I had MY way!

Children tied-up, & thrown into dams, still alive.
The 'Bodies' in the Barrels' case.
The husband who spear-gunned his wife & daughter, who cried 'crocodile tears', like Badenclay did on TV I/V.
Kath Knight who flayed her de facto, hung his skin in hallway, & served his various body parts, cooked, to his kids', with veggies. Boiled his head.
The bloke just recently who applied for bail, denied, thank God, who kidnapped & repeatedly raped a woman in NSW.

The list goes on & on, multiple times, & WE are ALL PAYING FOR THESE SUB-humans to live in luxury(compared to our Pensioners), for the rest of their days. Look how fat Bryant is now.
I'm talking millions & millions of Taxpayers' money just wasted on these EVIL, EVIL things!
by donjo
No, but sterilisation is!

Snip! Snip! NO anaesthetic.......
by donjo
Yes in some cases, people escape you know.
Yes, for deaths caused by terrorism, and any who have been killed as a deliberate act of violence.
There should be a referendum every 10 years to review the introduction of the Death Penalty.

I do think so in certain cases. I know it is wrong to take a life and I know that it would not act as a detterrent to true psychopaths who will always kill for the sake of it. I do like the American system where certain criminals get 3 life sentences for example. They would never be released. Some crimes are just so horrific that the criminals do not deserve to suck oxygen or be privileged enough to take up a prison cell, in an overflowing prison for the rest of their lives. Serial killers, bombers and terrorists and others whose crimes are so disgusting and repulsive to society should be punished and pay with their lives. Not all criminals but certain cases yes.
certainly if you are certain (big if) then death is the only right response to some behaviour.
Yes, YES, YES.
There has been such an increase in murders over the past 10 years that it can be the only ultimate deterrent for the acts of murder.
The courts have become soft and ineffectual often relying on precedents that are Out-dated.
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