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Is sugar worse than salt?

by VerityG (follow)
A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
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Some experts are now saying that sugar is worse than salt for blood pressure and heart health and that it is more important to reduce your sugar intake than your salt. Do you agree? Is sugar worse than salt?

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Top Answers
By a long shot! Our bodies need salt, they don't need sugar. Of course iodised table salt is a killer, but good quality sea salt to taste is linked to healthy blood pressure.
Both are I feel the same, in badness!
We really really need to stop both, for best health....seriously.
Not necessarily! Some people need salt and stopping it would actually be bad for their health.
Yep your right in a way, some folk do need salt...but for the rest of us, it's in so many foods...I have a great thirst after certain things.I feel unwell.
by jonaja
It depends on what sort of salt you're eating.

When I lost my son (I had a stillbirth) the very first round of blood testing showed my sodium levels were so low that they initially concluded that it was what had killed him. During the weeks before his birth I was DESPERATE for salt, and I was putting so much salt on food that no one would share with me, and yet I could hardly taste it. The anti salt war cry needs to be anti TABLE salt, because that stuff is what causes health problems, we need a small amount of good quality salt daily. I need a lot more in pregnancy for some reason.
by meggf
Thats very interesting what you have said there.
by jonaja
Funnily enough, this is something I've thought all my life - I'm not a big fan of sugar but I have always wanted lots of slat on my food. As an adult I discovered that this is because I have severely low blood pressure and actually need high levels of salt to keep my self healthy. So all those who lecture me about the perils of salt and how unhealthy it is have actually only got half the picture.
I'm not aware of any medical condition that requires you to have lots of sugar though.....
So I find it interesting that medical science is just starting to catch up with what I have always instinctively known!
I don't particularly think sugar is worse that salt because consider this:

Say you have 20g of sugar and 20g salt in one day? Which is going to do you the most harm? The salt because the RDA of salt is only 6g, where it is 90g for sugar.
But if for every gram, sugar does 10x damage and salt only does 1x damage, then with your example you will have 200g of damage with the sugar but only 20g of damage from the salt. The experts are now saying the RDAs should be changed because of the new research.... that's the point of the question really!
So they are saying the RDA of sugar should be lowered? By how much I don't know, because there's just as much hidden sugar in everything as there is salt, so it would be diffocult to get it out of our diets.
I think that it would really come down to individual health goals and conditions. As with pretty much everything health I believe in individual assessment over sweeping statements.
we hear all sorts of things like this all the time, I take no notice. and have what I feel like to eat.
Sugar is without a doubt worse than salt. Without a doubt.
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