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Is pretty underwear overrated?

by Vee (follow)
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Underwear can be pretty, really pretty. And if we're to buy what we see in ads and television, all women everywhere are buying and wearing pretty underwear. But is it overrated? I used to bother with matching sets and pretty lace, but now comfort and invisibility is what I look for in underwear.

What do you think? Is wearing pretty underwear overrated?

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Top Answers
I think pretty/sexy underwear is pointless. First of all your clothes are covering your underwear anyway, so the general public won't see it, and the people you do intend stripping off for shouldn't care what underwear you wear. It is an expensive waste of money, and usually uncomfortable.
Darn straight!
by Vee
Hear! Hear!
by Rice
I think it's part of feeling pretty...when young.

As you get older it's about feeling comfortable.
I don't think it is overrated, it's just a time in a girls life that makes her feel
a little sexy.
I used to love pretty (but comfortable!) underwear - I used to spend so much time and money in bras 'n' things! These days I don't get the time and I figure that It would be a waste of money as I'm still breastfeeding and also plan to have more children.
Not if it makes you happy. I'm not much of one for matching sets but I do like my underwear to be pretty colours sometimes. Comfort comes first though.
Not too sure about this one. I do like to see the pretty prints and designs, and if this is something that makes people happy, and if they have the money, then I would say go for it.
No, it is not overrated -I love pretty, sexy underwear -or at least I used to!
Still have some nice stuff but means less to me now.

I still like to match pants to bra
by Finy
If it can't be seen by others, it doesn't really matter what they think - if pretty underwear makes someone feel nice, then it's not over-rated. If it can be seen by others, it's nicer to see/appreciate something pretty than not. I appreciate why people attempt to make underwear "invisible", but I think they're taking a lot of effort and worry over not much because 90% of the time it doesn't achieve its goal. By the time clothes are sheer or exposing enough to warrant flesh and other "less pretty" colours/options, you can usually still see or make-out that they're flesh-coloured anyway, so why worry about it in the first place and just wear something you feel pretty (and probably look more pretty) in? That's not to say people who are self conscious are "wrong" or prudes in wanting to conceal their undies. But I'd suggest they choose to wear something on the outer that completely conceals it if it worries them (i.e. darker colours or more layers of outer-wear).

Despite popular belief, brown/flesh (or similar) bra-straps etc in most cases can still be seen just as easily as other colours because they still sit on top of your skin, in the same way a band-aid might, rather than "become" part of your skin. Might make a slight difference under something that is barely sheer (almost completely opaque), but then the outline can still be seen because of the same reason - it sits on top of your skin and therefore makes impressions on your outer clothes whenever they pull tight against your skin.

Hence, if I can see underwear, I'd rather see something nice than something ... "Boring"(?) or that "pretends" it can't be seen. I don't think people should be EXPECTED to wear something pretty that isn't also comfortable. The choice to "suffer for glam" is the individual's.

I think it's nice that there is more choice nowdays for women who are pregnant or "not Barbie". Just because you're not a freak doesn't mean you can't look/feel good or pretty like other normal people. From a heterosexual male perspective, the female form is a beautiful thing in any shape or form - and certainly nicer to look at than other men! My wife is beautiful to me, as she was on our wedding day, and when she was pregnant, and today - 21 years later. She looks beautiful in anything that makes her feel good. She doesn't buy anything that isn't both pretty/colourful and comfortable and I think she look gorgeous in it too, but she is very self-conscious, so she tends to wear multiple layers, and I don't care because we still see each other in all our glory at the beginning and end of every day anyway.
by kimp
parks, your response made me smile. Thanks for the contribution. :)
by Vee
I think this is up to the individual. Personally, I love pretty underwear and always have. Also like to colour co-ordinate matching bra and panties. Prefer silk and lace to cotton. Don't find it uncomfortable to wear either.
I don't think it is extravagant if it makes you feel good and it doesn't break the bank!
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