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Is it ok to kiss and tell?

by Vee (follow)
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Some people feel the need to boast about their 'sexual conquests'. I have always been of the opinion that this shows a lack of respect for the person with whom the boasting party was intimate and the time they spent together. Not only this, but it often has the effect of making the boaster look boorish and self-important – not cool.

Is it ok to kiss and tell?

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Top Answers
I don't think it's a good practice to kiss and tell, particularly about particularly intimate events. There's also the notion of 'too much information' where the recipient of the boastful comments gets to hear way more than they likely ever need to know. It's a heady blend of oversharing fused with too much personal information, and when it's done in a boastful manner it verges into bad taste category too.
No I don't think it is cool at all and in fact it says a bucket load about the boaster. They must have incredibly poor self esteem if the only way they can make themselves feel good is to exploit an intimate moment shared with someone else.
No, it is not OK!
It is often the men who do this (!!) or it used to be anyway, but it is never OK to boast when it involves another person and their feelings.

Kissing is a very personal, intimate thing and should not be boasted about and it does, as suggested, show lack of respect.
by Finy
Not at all - I think it is what is meant to be - intimate! The feelings and emotions that occur in the process should be treated like sacred treasure - with respect.
No not at all. Its like getting your personal and intimate life in the open.
Absolutely yes - because it tells the rest of us that the kiss-and-teller can't be trusted as they have the integrity, discretion, and compassion of gnat! Eventually, the word will get around and they will only end up being in circles with others who share the morals and lack of integrity - they deserve each other. As long as people don't have sex on the first date, hopefully they will hear about it before they make that mistake. But then again I don't think people should have sex outside of a life-long union anyway, so it's never been a problem for me. It's a simple answer - don't have sex with anyone who isn't your husband or wife, sexual conquest gossip will no longer be a topic...
by kimp
Unfortunately parks, being young, naive and perhaps too trusting of people can make us do silly things without too much consideration of the consequences. Even so, this does not warrant having one's name dragged through mud.
by Vee
True Vee. Better not having to learn the hard way if possible :-) Unfortunately, the gene pool doesn't seem to be short of creeps, so I guess we need to teach the young about "buyer beware" as early as possible to save them getting hurt.
by kimp
The entire action has been reduced to self serving pleasure seeking.The true purpose of love making has been lost. God instructs us that 2 souls should become as one.
The result of this is the creation of life.
We have traded this gift for a romp in the back seat then heart break and often abortion pills to mop up the result. There is no reason to keep love a secret unless it something you are ashamed about.
To me it's a sign of immaturity to kiss and tell. A relationship should be an hour intimate and private matter.
It's deplorable to do such a thing. If somebody tried to tell me something like that I would have to chastise them for being terribly immature.
by Rice
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