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Is it hypocritical to wear low-cut shirts and tell your daughter she can't wear a mini?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by aleks, sourced from morguefile.com

Is it hypocritical to wear low-cut shirts and tell your daughter she can't wear a mini skirt?

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Top Answers
I think it's hypocritical to tell one's teenage daughter she can't wear a mini because it's "immodest" if one wears low-cut shirts that reveal cleavage. I think it's important for parents to model the behaviour and attitudes they expect from their children.
by Vee
I think it's hypocritical and I totally agree with you Vee on the answer and the lovely monkey pic. (By the way, the poor shoes on that girl in the header pic . . . yikes.)
by Rice
Thanks, Rice. It's always easy on the ears to hear someone agree with you, hehe. I know, I couldn't find image. They look like they've seen much better days.
by Vee
I think it sad to see a pair of shoes abused like that :(
by Rice
Well if a mother is walking around with a low cut shirt, I have to ask the question 'why'?

Not a good 'role model' I would think for any daughter.
It matters not how good she looks, if a mother is
trying to regain her youth, from how she dresses...then that's a little sad.

Most mum's would I guess be mindful not to show too much. Also it depends on how old is the child too.
If she is asking for a short mini,then I would say No, if it were my daughter.

There are men who will look, and no mother wants that for her child.

I would say it depends on her age. There are different rules for pre-teens than grown women (though I've seen girls of eleven or twelve in minis I would rather my daughter didn't, though hopefully I don't have to be heavy handed about it and can just explain why I think it's not a good idea).
I totally agree.
by jonaja
No way. Mothers need to monitor what their daughters wear and the image they project. At the same time, a mature woman flashing some cleavage can look very classy and very feminine. The mum has been around long enough to know what looks classy and what looks skanky for both her and her daughter. By the way, if I had legs like those pictured, I'd be very happy to show them off.... In a classy way of course.☺️
Good luck getting a teenager to listen whether you are hypocritical or not.
It would depend on how short the mini is. A decent length always looks much nicer than a "b.. freezer"
Bit difficult this question. Remember in 2016 breasts are not sexual objects,nor are they treated that way by men. They are simply glands that are getting ready to breastfeed and you should be making your daughter aware of that and ensuring that she should be comfortable showing them anywhere and anytime. If she has not become a mother just yet, no matter. Nobody, particularly blokes, are ever going to be taking any notice of those working boobs anyways.
If it is a mini skirt that is the problem, just maybe explain that there are opportunists out there and that if you put the goods on display, there will probably be a buyer out there.
In a perfect world fran, I would agree with you. But, for reasons I don't completely understand, men love breasts. And they have done so for eons;
Proverbs 5:19, "As a loving hind and a graceful doe, Let her breasts satisfy you at all times; Be exhilarated always with her love." Which I think is all well and fine, but the real issue is the way our culture has been profoundly impacted by pornography. And this is where the opportunists come in. I have no problem with working boobs - mind you, I was verbally assaulted by a young couple for breastfeeding my son in a public space. But, admittedly, I feel uncomfortable with cleavage. I'm a woman and I find my eyes wandering and sometimes objectifying.
by Vee
I see what you did there. But nope, that's a strawman argument, one which no-one in favour of public breastfeeding would actually make. Breasts have different purposes depending on the context (primary- feeding, secondary- sexual), just like mouths do (eating, talking, kissing etc.). Having your breasts temporarily somewhat visible (not exactly a flattering angle, there's a baby's head in the way) while breastfeeding is different from wearing a low cut top specifically to show them off, though as it happens I don't think there's anything wrong with either of those things for a grown woman.
fran ?*#!? are you serious!!! LOL

I can not believe your answer here.
Are you really serious, or are you just having fun...and joking?

by jonaja
Jennifer 'What' do you mean ''no one in favour of public B/Feeding would actually make.
Please explain what is it Vee did there?...because you have me shaking my head.

Vee has proven that someone who is in favour of B/Feeding in public, can say that.
or are you saying she is wrong?

by jonaja
Jonaj I was responding to Fran, not Vee.
Fran was I think sarcastically saying that people in favour of public breastfeeding claim that breasts are never sexual, etc. etc. They don't.
Sorry my-bad....I read it the wrong way.....Ooops. :(

I'm going now to the naughty corner, for jumping the gun >
by jonaja
You're not the only one who jumped the gun, jonaj. I must be honest and say that I thought you were responding to me too, Jennifer. I was much too upset to reply. :-| :-| I'm glad it's all sorted out. Thank you both, jonaj and Jennifer, for clarifying. :-)
by Vee
Yes it is.
No because even when the mini skirt was all the rage back in the 60's the skirt was more often just above the knee, unlike today where it is up above the thigh and looks both cheap and nasty.

Yes well, todays miniskirts are worn with stiletto shoes. The 60s miniskirt was worn with flat shoes - not ballet flats but court shoes. There is a difference in "the look".
Once full pantihose came in, the 60s mini didn't look so "sexy". Wearing a miniskirt with high heels is a WHOLE lot different to the look in the 60s
by fran.
Agreed about the shoe thing. One must consider the entire outfit.
by Vee
Mind you, the skirts in the 60s were not just above the knee, they were considerably shorter.
by fran.
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