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Is corporal punishment just lazy parenting?

by Vee (follow)
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Child crying
Image by David Shankbone

As part of the 'Educate, don't punish!' campaign, corporal punishment is defined as "the use of physical force causing pain, but not wounds, as a means of discipline."

Corporal punishment is widely practiced and questioned by few (at least in my circles). It is thought to instill respect and achieve discipline. I, however, must disagree. I believe that resorting to corporal punishment demonstrates a lack of knowledge - whether by limited access to resources or sheer laziness.

Studies and personal experience show that corporal punishment leads to a sense of isolation and hampers the parent/child relationship, amongst other things.

Do you believe that corporal punishment is ok, perhaps even necessary in some cases? Or, like me, do you believe that corporal punishment is simply ignorant parenting?

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Top Answers
I believe that is it OK to smack a child lightly in moderation, however I know I will get "howled down"!
by Finy
Haha, I guess time will tell Finy.
by Vee
I too think so, but only until they can understand 'what you are saying'....and I think only a little tap on the backside...and mummy saying 'no' at the same time.
by jonaja
It it is never okay to smack a child. All the child will learn is to fear you, and that it is okay to inflict pain on others. It does not stop the child from misbehaving, just makes them more rebellious, and hate you.
my children sure don't hate me! that is theory Bryony -we are not saying BEAT them
by Finy
I believe we have come a long long way.

It is not good now to give a child a hit.Violence be-gets violence.
When a little child can not understand ''do not touch''...a little pat on the bum is o.k...and it can only be a little tap, and mummy saying no.
Little ones need a bit of guidance, it gives them some boundaries.Yes..they do need that.
Only till they understand the spoken word, (they can then remember really what Mum or Dad just said...No)!

When they get to say 2...one must talk to them, and keep talking.
Hitting a child is so very wrong.
The other day I saw a boy of about 8 or 9 hit his Mother very hard....I wonder?

Maybe he was hitting her, as she may have hit him? who know's.

It was so ugly, to watch.
I like the picture you chose; I think it makes an excellent point.
The picture is a good one! Like it a lot.
by Vee
Thanks girls :)
by jonaja
I think we do need to look at corporal punishment. It has always struck me as odd that if we touched an adult in the same way it is called assault. Yet with children who are physically smaller and more vulnerable it is called discipline.
I do not agree with corporal punishment at all. Both my husband and myself were hit as children and it can be a tough cycle to break. I don't understand the point of overpowering and using violence on a child, it is not acceptable behavior.
You have children, right? I am curious, would you recommend any resources on alternative styles of discipline? My husband and I are determined not to smack our son, but there is so much information out there, it's all a bit overwhelming.
by Vee
Yes, it is. I must be real scary . . "Don't !!!" was all it ever took from me with my own child. Same with the inherited grandchildren: because they are not related to me I would never have considered laying a hand on them anyway. There most be something in the tone of my voice because all my animals have responded the same way. I can't see the point of hitting . . . I was hit by parents and teachers and the resentment runs deep. Very deep. By the way, I was a good child and scholar but I talked in class. In those days parents would use belts, wooden spoons, fists etc. and the teachers at school would use the wooden T squares and the wooden blackboard ruler. Happy days. (ง ͠ ͟ل͜ ͡)ง
by Rice
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