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If you were given too much change in a large store, would you always give it back?

by Finy (follow)
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If you were given too much change in a LARGE store, would you always point this out, and return it?

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Top Answers
I am way too honest for my own good! I do always return overpayments.But then I always check my dockets very carefully as well as have sometimes found dreadful errors,NOT the fault of the checkout operator either!!! Often items can scan more than once when then they have markdown stickers on them! I have always been like this even when I was little,as I have a HUGE in-built 'Guilt' sensor which will actually keep me awake!! Others may well sleep at night after having what they consider a 'win',but someone,some where always pays for this ! When I was doing pays for a small business,the bank(NOT one of the Big Four) gave me exactly TWICE the amount I was supposed to collect.As soon as I divided the cash into the pay packets,I realised and rang the bank.The teller who had served me was not the one who had made up the cash order after I had faxed it through,but it would have been HER till which was 'out'.She was in the process of re-counting her till when I called,and was so overwhelmed at someone being honest that she burst into tears! She would have been dismissed for such a huge amount of money not being accounted for.I ALWAYS PUT MYSELF IN THE OTHER PERSONS SHOES!!!!! I cannot help doing this,it's just the way I am. Even huge companies like Coles and Woolies have staff who deserve to be treated with dignity.THEY are not the ones making the huge profits,they get a wage like most of us! I am another one who prefers the old way of counting back change to make sure it is correct.I have always fascinated customers whenever I have done this with them in places where I have worked!The young ones always smile and say'how did you do that?!!" I even work out what my change will be when I shop anywhere and depending on who has served me,will say the answer long before the till spits it at them!!
It ALWAYS brings a smile,and after all,this is what I enjoy doing ...making others smile!
Good stuff Jules :)
by jonaja
OK BEING HONEST I would have to answer NO.

Not always in a large store like Woolworths and coles. It cannot happen anymore as the tills all tell the operators how much change to give, however I HAVE on occasion, not always been honest about it.

This would only apply to large stores, as I would not do it if it were a smaller or small shop.
by Finy
Coles short changed my brother $20 last week. He got it back the next day. I bet the cashier got a BIG warning.
by Rice
Yes I would. Funny the justifications people have sometimes for doing the wrong thing. It's not "free money" that comes out of nowhere.
by Rice
by jonaja

by Rice
The question is . . . . would we notice? These days they dump a pile of change into your hand and off you go. I wish they would count it back to you as they used to in bygone days. The trouble is, they don't know how! Anyway, in answer to the question, I would give it back . . . if I had noticed. Also, when I realised I had too much money, I would probably contact the store so that the cashier was not accused of stealing. My conscience has a LOUD voice. You know, they used to say that cheats seldom prosper . . . I think these days they are the ones who DO prosper as they know how to bilk nearly every system :(((
(bilk: to cheat or trick (a person or organization) especially by taking money)

by Rice
They do NOT have to pay it back at Woolworths and Coles and are STILL THIS DAY often short by quite a lot -have an acquaintance who works there.
My till is often short where I volunteer, however how would I know who has made an error, and even if I knew, I would not make anyone pay it back as we all make mistakes
by Finy
I have a neighbour who works at Woolies and if a customer comes back saying they were short changed, they inspect the docket, go to that till at closing time and audit it. If they find a mistake, that person gets a warning and the customer is given their right change. She lives in terror of making a mistake. My brother got his $20 back as he realised (he is an auditor) whilst he was still in the complex. He contacted the manager, they said they would check the till at closing, they found his $20 and he collected it the next day. Nobody said it wasn't an honest mistake, I have owned businesses and know how easily notes can clag together and slip away. I would have to go back so that an innocent person did not get that fatal third warning if they didn't deserve to.
by Rice
Well said Rice :)
by jonaja
No I wouldn't. If it were a small independent I probably would though.

The amount of times I have been ripped off by large supermarkets charging me twice for items I only bought once, makes me think I'd just be getting my money back.
The thing is, if you know that you have been charged twice for something,all you have to do is LET THEM KNOW!!!! It has a lot to do with the position of the scanners at the checkout,and also if buying marked down stock,if the original barcode is not covered,then the scanner can pick up BOTH codes!I have had these things happen to me in both Coles and Woolies,and it has always,and GRACIOUSLY,been sorted out ! If you don't tell the staff what is going on,then they will remain unaware. It is far easier and also nicer,too,don't you think,just to be honest about these things?!
by Jules
If it were me, I would, but I go shopping with my dad, and he pays with his card. If I spot that we have been overcharged, he can't be bothered to go back. He'd rather just complain about it. Anyway, a lot of time we don't find out until we are back home, and then it would cost more in petrol and time to go back.
I guess it would depend on two things: whether I noticed and how much it was. If it was a dollar or two, I don't think I would bother, but then again I haven't considered the implications for the person behind the till...and obviously I couldn't return money if I didn't realise I had too much in the first place. I'm not really in the habit of checking change to be honest, especially now that I use my debit card more than cash.
by Vee
Oh yes definitely. My maths isn't all that good to realise that I was given too much change, but I usually can manage to work it out.
Yes, this has occurred to me several times and by God's grace I have never been tempted to keep it but have always returned. I don't believe anyone would feel good keeping someone else's money.
My husband has found wallets with money few times and have searched for the owners and returned it.
Good on you :)
by jonaja
Be honest, for Coles and Woolworth I seldom return the change all depend on the cashier, if that is a nice and pack thing neat and tidy one, I will return the extra change to him/her, for small shop I always return the extra change.
Big store, little store, what's the difference if NOT giving excess change back, it's still theft!

Always do, but by same token, I speak-up if being short-changed!

One time at work, I noticed I'd been overpaid. I went to Pay Clerk, who said to me,'you'd be only one of three people in this Company, who would advise of that'. Seeing there were many thousand's of employees, I took that as a real compliment!
by jonaja
I have done so in the past and I agree with others here that the change isn't counted and just shoved in your hand so not always able to determine if it is correct or not. On the other hand I've argued with the girl who short changed me at a local KFC outlet that she hadn't given me enough change. She got got back up right away saying she did and proceeded to count it out, making sure the girl next to her agreed with her counting. She did the same thing twice with said other girl agreeing with her. But what she did 3 times was count one of the $5.00 as a $10.00 note and couldn't understand why I was making such a fuss. I was quite irate by then and raised my voice asking her where she learnt to count. Eventually I did get the correct change but spoilt my experience at the store. I was going to make an official complaint when I was home but decided I was still so riled up about it that it was best I let it go.
Of course I would. For me as a Christian, there's no choice. Do unto others......
I too am a Christian and we must always do what is right, the money doesn't belong to us...Totally agree with you. :)
by jonaja
I would give it back if I noticed. It's terrible but I don't ever really count my change.
by AJ
No one wants or likes to be ripped off so will give back when noticed. I nearly always check my change and always count back when giving change, - old school, it also keeps the mind active being able to count and add...
Big store, small store if I notice I have too much change, I have always given it back, but Iím not good at working out the change bit, so Iím always hoping the shop is being honest with me!
Big store, small store if I notice I have too much change, I have always given it back, but Iím not good at working out the change bit, so Iím always hoping the shop is being honest with me!
I always return any discrepancy, and we have taught our kids the same, regardless of who is at fault or why. If we see it, we fix it.

What goes around....comes around.

If it is goods or money in our favour or the stores favour, I check every docket and fix it on my next visit if we don't see it straight away.

A few cents a few times a day every day adds up to so much for a small business, and it is not like they do it on purpose. Unfortunately even with electronic tills reading out the change, the people counting out the change can get it wrong, our education system failing again.

Every 2nd visit to Coles is a stop at service desk to return, exchange, refund or correct something, and if they are honest enough to honor their 100% satisfaction guarantee, I am honest enough to not steal their money, their mistake or not.

The money correct change issue is nearly non existent now thou with cards everywhere in our nearly cashless society.
Yes i would. always.
Yes, I definitely would.
No I wouldn't - but only if it was a big store. In a small independent store I would return it.
Always, the cashier's get into trouble if their register is wrong at the end of their shift. I know that when my sister worked for a large fast food franchise she only needed to be $5 out 3 times for it to be a fireable offence.
Always, the cashier get into trouble if their register is wrong at the end of their shift. I know that when my sister worked for a large fast food franchise she only needed to be $5 out 3 times for it to be a fireable offence.
I dont usually check my change but I usually have a sneaky feeling when Ive been overcharged. If I got home and realised I had more money in my pocket than I should, I will be honest and say I wouldnt go out of my way to pay them back.
Alot of the times I may not even check my change, but when I do and see it's way too much Iwould let them know.
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