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If you see a bald woman, what is your immediate response?

by Vee (follow)
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bald woman

If you see a bald woman, what is your immediate response? What would you think if she shaved her hair off because she would rather not maintain long hair?

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Top Answers
I have no response really. Just another person getting by.
I would hope she wasn't unwell and maybe give her a smile. If it was plainly to get attention it wouldn't bother me either, it's her life. It would probably make me feel cold. LOL.
by Rice
It actually has an impact big time on women to loose their hair.
Plus, women can at times of stress keep having their hair cut....something to do with their mental state at the time.
When I lost my nephew to suicide many years ago....I had my hair cut a little shorter, each week for 4 weeks straight.
I was with his parents, and had no idea 'why' I had to have it cut....just a big urge?
Hair for women, even if they don't think so:Is a important part of their lives.
by jonaja
Hmmmmm . . . a way of conveying loss, perhaps. Britney Spears' meltdown comes to mind also. It was clear something was wrong with the poor girl at that point. Yes, perhaps we "take it out" on our hair.
by Rice
Its her life, her choice. I don't have any reaction.
by sns
Cancer is my first thought, and I just 2 yrs ago lost my best friend to it.She lost all her hair, from treatment.

I also know that some women who have had cancer, are proud to just have a bald head....as they are over-comers...Bless their hearts.
I normally will just smile a tad, and think of my dear friend.

I have seen female monks from time to time, form Tibet....One always seems to feel their presence,and I wonder what their lives are like.

They are nuns, not female monks. Some Buddhist nuns used to come into the store where I used to work. They were great customers because they never got impatient if the line was long or there was some other delay, and the ones I talked to had a great sense of humour.
I'm sorry about your friend. Cancer is awful.
by jonaja
My first thought would be that she has or has had cancer. I haven't seen a woman who is bald by choice, but there are probably people like that out there.
There were a couple of female singers in the 70s who shaved to be "hip and noticed". Sinead O'Connor was one and I think the other has faded into obscurity. She was Australian.
by Rice
Yes. I think Sinead still has a shaved head. I think it must be a fashion statement for her.
by Lluxi
There sure are. I used to be one of them. It was wonderfully freeing- so much less bother, and so nice and cool. I may do it again in the summer. It takes a while to grow out though, so it's a commitment.
I am the same as Rice, my first thought is I hope that she is not unwell... I have had lots of friends go through loosing their hair due to cancer.

I don't really give it much thought. If I knew she'd shaved it off because she didn't want long hair I'd think something like "good for you." I shaved my own head a couple of years ago and it was lovely and cool in the summer. Currently only part of it is shaved- I have an assymetrical haircut which I like. I don't waste time worrying about how other people like to wear their hair.

Ahhhh! I want to shave my head this summer, Jennifer. I am "over" malting like a cat! Only thing is, my nose is big for my face...I would look like Zemeckis' Scrooge.
by Vee
Ha! I suppose it doesn't suit everyone.
I wonder if she has alopecia and then cancer. Other times it appears to be that the person likes it that way so I'm not judgmental either way.
Female pattern baldness is actually a common affliction. I was diagnosed with it quite a few years ago but I followed my Dermo's suggestions re using a commercial product sold in Pharmacy's to see if it made a difference. My hair gradually grew back but is nowhere near it's original thickness but at least I have hair now. I also have 2 friends with the same problem but they choose not to do anything & both have very sparse heads of hair, mainly on top of the head. Each of us makes our own choices. I found it exceedingly stressful to loose my hair and I do not want to shave my head like some men do when they are sparse on top. Seems ok for men but for women...........not for me.
If you don't mind me asking, what was the product recommended to you?
by Vee
I too would think that she has had chemo and hope that she gets better! The Buddhist nuns look cool and are cool, one live around the core from me and she is so intelligent with her kindness! Otherwise, woman can do what they like with her hair - what ever they are comfortable with
Pity, because I would assume it was due to illness. But if it wasn't, then sorry, but I would say lazy. If you can't be bothered even to have hair, then there's something wrong somewhere! And very, VERY, few people look good bald - especially women.
I most certainly would looked like a half sucked gobstopper. *eeek*
by Rice
I wouldn't say it was lazy so much as a matter of comfort- it's so much cooler in the summer, and I wouldn't consider wearing shorts to keep cool "lazy"- same logic. I like the look on some people, of either sex, but it doesn't much matter what I think, it's up to them.
Admittedly, that wouldn't be a scene I see everyday, but it's none of my business whether some other woman wants to shave her hair off or not. Besides, it would be awfully rude to react to it if she is bald because of medical reason. Many patients I've met prefer to be treated like a normal person and not the subject of pity.
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