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If you cut yourself, do you put on a bandage or wait for the bleeding to stop by applying pressure?

by Vee (follow)
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If you cut yourself, do you put on an adhesive bandage or wait for the bleeding to stop by applying pressure?

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Top Answers
It depends how bad it is, how much time I have, and what I am doing at the time. It I am cooking, I will put on a bandage as soon as it happens. Otherwise, I try to hold off as I hate wearing a wet or smelly bandage.
by Vee
Ick. Wet, smelly bandage. Totally agree :-))
by Rice
Currently nursing three boo boos.
by Vee
Usually just apply a little pressure and then bandage if needed.
I wait for the bleeding to stop by applying pressure. I usually bleed a lot and ruin the dressing, so I wait until it becomes civilised and then apply appropriate application such as iodine and then a good quality sticking plaster as cheap ones just fall off.
by Rice
Good point about a good quality plaster. I buy the fabric kind. I find these are much better than plastic because they dry out quicker than plastic if you get them wet...'civilised', LOL!
by Vee
Always wait till I can see the bleeding has stopped.


Like one day 6 months ago, where it was a very bad cut...did a total panic, called my son over as he is a First Aid guy..

I cried, panicked, told him I loved him, cried, panicked and let him take care of me.

Yes I had no top to my finger, but he fixed it up...kissed my cheek...and told me the world was not yet! coming to an end.

Oh! and he hugged me for quite some time.

Just to stop the crying.
Very scary, jonaj, nice that you have such a good son :-) I did a bad one about 3 months ago (mandolin slicer) and really hit the panic, blood was gushing, the pain was exquisite, I could see the bone . . still not 100% . . was amazed how I went into autopilot and did the necessary things. (It bled for four days and I lost a piece of flesh that I thought was a chunk of potato)
by Rice
Crap, jonaj. What did you do?!
by Vee
Rice, I think I'm going to be sick. :-O
by Vee
Vee . . I would hate to tell how how panicked and sick I felt :((
by Rice
Jonaj . . How is it now? Better?
by Rice
Rice!!! you did worse than me.
I hate those things.
I did mine with a new pair of very sharp scissors.

We MUST stay away from sharp things....LOL...LOL
by jonaja
Nor must we run with scissors ^_^
by Rice
Awwww but Rice, that's where it gets Interesting ?*!#*?!*!!!
by jonaja
Walk, do not run, to the wheelie bin and place your naughty sharp scissors inside . . . that's where the mandolin slicer went. LOL LOL
by Rice
RICE!!! That is just what I did.....and I too had a Mand slicer, and threw it out, after a small mishap! your so like me...ha ha ha ha ha .Or am I like you?
by jonaja
Actually, there are a lot of peas in this Answer Angels pod . . how nice!! I have always been a disaster around sharp objects :((
by Rice
I have always been a disaster around sharp men #
by jonaja
Wahahahahahahaha! Nearly choked on my cuppa!!! 00
by Rice
Hello Ladies'.....I was taught if you've to carry a sharp object, do so by your side, with the point downwards.
This way if you, example, trip, the object falls from your hand harmlessly to the floor, ie no injury to oneself!

Keep yourselves safe out there in 'Answer Angels' land!
by donjo
I usually take a spoonful of turmeric powder and dump it on the cut - stops bleeding really quickly ! I have cut myself really bad with a can some time ago - so bad that the flesh was visible. Turmeric really helped the wound heal quickly - no doctor visit thankfully !

by BK
I have never heard of using turmeric. I will give it a go next time...
by Vee
I apply pressure first to atop the bleeding, then put the Band aid on. No point trying to put on a Band aid, if there is blood pouring down your leg. You must stop that blood flow first or you will be changing the Band aid constantly, as they can only hold so much blood. They weren't designed to cater for a large bleed. Once the blood flow lessens or stops, is the best time to put the Band aid on, if you want to use the Band aid efficiently. Best to use only one instead of several.
I wait until bleeding has stopped and quite often a dressing is not needed. However, like others here, if I'm cooking then the quicker I can get a bandaid on the quicker I can finish what I'm doing.
It all depends on how deep the cut is! If it is a superficial one, NO, I do nothing
by Finy
depends on the cut, pressure if bleeding and does not stop straight away, then band aid, if needed, the fabric kind, like to let the air get to it.
do not use the plastic ones

Thank goodness, I've not had a bad cut.
But any cut, I wash with salt water, then apply Betadine, or Savlon, then good quality sticking plaster.
I prefer fabric. I've Elastoplast strip, which can be cut to size required. Also the wide Woolies brand plasters' I've found to be very good.
Wash, & change every day.

Many years' ago, my daughter fell off her little trike, backwards, against corner of our brick letterbox, literally slicing about an inch of her scalp.
Got my next-door-neighbour to come with me, to hold disposable nappy(thickest 'bandage' I had, against her head, as wound bled profusely) to local Emergency Doctor, who stitched her up, & all was ok. Her hair has never re-grown at that injury!
Doctor got me to sit down, as apparently the shock just started to hit me, as I was turning very pale, when situation in hand!
You did better than I think I would, donjo. I think I would've passed out at the sight! Poor girl.
by Vee
Oh! Thanks, Vee.....I seem to 'take control' in a dire situation to the nth degree, then when all's well, it hits me, like a bulldozer!

Whenever there was a 'dire situation' with my children, from baby-age to teenagehood, my husband was ALWAYS at ARes commitments! It never failed!
I got my 'revenge' though, & joined ARes myself, so HE then had the problems!
by donjo
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