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If you could have one artist stop by your house and sing, who would it be?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

If you could have one artist stop by your house and sing, who would it be?

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Top Answers
It would have to be Leonard Cohen for me!

Or Freddie Mercury -the question did not say dead or alive!

Or Leonard Cohen's son.
But perhaps I should put Freddie Mercury first as his talent is huge!
by Finy
Chris Isaak - loved "Wicked Games". Sex on a stick voice.
LOL, norma. I hate that expression.
by Vee
What if I said he was a tasty little morsel . . . . ? LOL
by Rice
Rice - he sure is! That voice goes right down to your toes!
by norma
Yes, Finy, Freddie it would be for me too.
by Rice
so many good ones are dead and die young!
by Finy
Yes, you are right on with that :-)
by Rice
Yes, ladies, but they're dead because of their chosen lifestyle.
Too much talent, & money, & don't know how to handle it, except with drugs, & grog!
Of course, the same situation happens with MANY in the entertainment industry.
Sad, so sad, & wasteful of their given gifts.
by donjo
I was sort of thinking of Jim Reeves and Buddy Holly and those who we lost to early air flight. Sad. I don't have much patience for the young addicted who won't get help. (The 27 Club is it?)
by Rice
Oh! Rice......'early air flight'? It was late '50's, early '60's! To me 'early' is '20's to WWII!
Yes, too true, Otis Redding, the Big Boppa, 'La Bamba' singer. What talent, & songs could've been written had they not perished in plane crashes.
Also Kyu Sakamoto.
by donjo
Yeah, that was bad . . . they weren't exactly Sopwith Camels! LOL.
by Rice
Richie Valens :((
by Rice
Thanks, Rice. 'Senior moment' had extended to five minutes'! Lol!
by donjo
I am totally unable to choose just one,as I have so many favourites.Of c ourse the inimitable Freddie Mercury HAS to be onb the list,as he immediately takes me back in time to some wonderful memories. But I also love Sade,and Roberta Flacks with their stunningly pure voices.
Could I have a group? It would have to be Manhattan Transfer who I saw at a dinner show and have NEVER found any comparable harmonies in all the many years since that evening! I have every single one of their incredibly wonderful albums...all on Vinyl too!!!
P.S. So sorry about the typo's in that reply!!! The hands just do not want to do as I tell them!!
by Jules
LOL! Jules, all good. It was all intelligible. That's the main thing! ;-)
by Vee
I wouldn't as I would find it awkward and I'd feel uncomfortable sitting there as they sing.
I wouldn't be sitting. That would be awkward. I would be dancing!
by Vee
Tat would be even more awkward.
Oh! Bryony, why awkward meeting a person, who happened to be a talented singer? Just curious.........
by donjo
Not awkward meeting then, awkward them singing in front of me.
Ok, seeing as we are bringing people back from the other side, I would bring back Elvis to sing for me...if he couldn't make it, it would have to be Bear Rinehart (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4XeEs8o2eU).
by Vee
I couldn't bring Elvis back . . .I would swoon and die. *sob*
by Rice
Oh, touché. Touché. Hehe.
by Vee
Wow. Great link, Vee. Love it when people only need a guitar to do their thing. Yar boo and sux to autotune! I would sooner hear an honest voice. (*whispers* that Weird Al once sang in my face. Squeee.)
by Rice
I know! His voice gives me goosebumps. Wow to you! How and why was Weird Al singing 'in your face'? LOL! Mental images...
by Vee
Concert. Seven rows back on the side aisle, one seat in. He ran up the aisle, jumped over my brother and sang to me. Maybe I looked like a rose (guffaw) between two thorns as I was between my bro and my other half. I grinned so much my face nearly fell off. LOL
by Rice
What a treasure! Great story to tell the grand kids as they say. LOL.
by Vee
Saw him in Concert once. That was enough. Good voice, but his repertoire just not my scene.
by donjo
I'm with you, donjo. I was quite surprised when he "squeezed" a member of the audience. I'm sure she loved it though.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, that's just soooo gross! Yuck, big time!
by donjo
Totally, donjo. Sorry, jonaj. I hope we haven't ruined it. Though, to be honest, I haven't been able to take him seriously since news broke out about him cheating on his girlfriend all those years ago.
by Vee
jonaj is very disappointed about this guy!

by jonaja
Sorry... :-|
by Vee
Teddy Tahu Rhodes, or if he was too busy, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa!

Both have magnificent voices.

Have met the former a few times post Concerts, but not the latter, unfortunately, & she's now retired!
I would love to have Freddie Mercury sing. We are forever going to Queen shows in the City, and I never tire of them. I am not talking about the ones at the local pub. Proper concerts. His theatricality and his voice live on through the shows. We saw one late last year. In certain songs, the performer was singing and they had a clip of Freddie singing with him, on a screen behind the stage. What a loss to the music world.
Adele would be my pick although I'm also a Queen fan as well.
JOAN BAEZ is there a better singer or human being in the world? If you ever have the time google this artist and appreciate what a contribution she has made to society and the world.
I've got to be honest - there's nobody I'm really interested in at present....I'll tell you who I'd like more than anyone....the Marx Brothers! (with a rendition of Lydia the Tattooed lady)...and I'm being serious!
OMG! wotsy, that's fabulous. I loved the Marx brothers!!! Wonderful talented family.
by Rice
and guess what my maiden name was -MARX from the same town in Germany as my famous relations, the Marx Bros!!!!
by Finy
Wow, Finy, that's great!!
by Rice
I can't think of anything more awkward than stranger singing at me.
Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam). What a voice. The only person I've seen who sounds as good live as on a record. And maybe Jeff Buckley - voice of an angel.
Oh, Jeff Buckley's a good one.
by Vee
Chris Isaak. I hope I'd get a little cuddle too hahahaha. Love him!
Brian Molko of Placebo

BERNADETTE ROBINSON! She is THE most talented and eclectic vocal singer in Australia!!
Don't even have to think about this - Ed Sheeran without a doubt.
Shirley Bassey would be my choice, I would love to hear her sing James Bond Themes.
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