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If you could have it all over again, would you change anything in your life?

by Finy (follow)
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If you could have it all over again, would you drastically change anything you have done in your life?

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Top Answers
Oh, gosh -if I knew what I new today, then!
Yes, I sure would -I would perhaps have stayed with my first husband.

I would possibly have watched my daughter, who suicided, much more closely.
I would have insisted my son went to the doctor quicker than he did.
I would not have spent 18 years with an idiot who treated me badly.

Oh dear, the list could go on and on, but in hindsight!!!
by Finy
If I could change just ONE thing in my life,it would be my health which has been very poor my entire life!
If I could change another ,I would not have lost my mother when she was just 42 and I was 17.
I would NOT change the fact that I married who I did,as if this had been anyone else,my dear and precious son would not be the compassionate and hard working young man he has grown up to be! Out of all negatives come some positives! This is SO true.Even with my mother passing away when she did,I always have memories of her as a YOUNG woman,rather than a frail old lady,and this also made ME into a better mother. But with my health,I have learned the value of kindness,patience,compassion,and the importance of enjoying every small and simple treasure,from a newly bloomed flower to the ability to sharing a smile. So looking at the big picture,I would not truly wish to change anything in my life.Warm smiles to all of you, and do be sure to always see that your cup of life is half FULL not half EMPTY!!!
Yes, there's lots I would change, with hindsight and better self-knowledge now than when I was young.
However, I firmly believe that if I was living my life again, I would make the same choices and the same mistakes because I only had the knowledge I had, you can never have hindsight at the time when you need it most... so there's no point spending time regretting the past, just do better when you know better.
Of course but..you can't go back and also.,

'everything I have done and been through good and bad has made me the wonderful empathic human being I am today/
by fran

alike again!
by Finy
I told you! we are twins...must have been separated at birth ! :)
you can't deny it....lol....lol.
by jonaja
There are a few things that I would change if I could do it all over again. First I would have married my wife much earlier than I did.

Secondly, I would not have purchased my second car. It was a bad deal.

Thirdly, I would have started my tertiary education much sooner.
All the other little bad choices would be replaced by other bad choices if I did it all again. I've learned and grown as an individual from all these other little choices so I would keep those.

If I could live my life again I'm sure I'd make mistakes that I would want to change the third time around.
by Gia
I'd change a couple of things. I'd certainly change some of the friendships and associations.
If I knew then what I know now I would have ventured out into the business world.
I would have also involved myself with hubgarden much sooner.
The one thing I would change is to get married and start my family earlier.
by Gia
Thats the main thing I would change but alas it is what it is.
by Gia
No there is nothing I would change. Best to live in the present and look towards the future
by AJ
Yes. NOT marry the (found out much too late) Asperger's autistic man. Also realised too late his mother was mentally retarded, the product of an alcoholic father & TB riddled mother. His father joined a cultist group when he should've been looking after his wife & three kids!

Shame I wasn't able to 'put old head on young shoulders' basically.
But hey! I'm alive & well! Yippee!
Definitely, but no point in mulling over the past, just make the best of the present.
I should have ventured my opinion more and not thought I had no right to speak about certain things.
by Rice
Oh! Rice......know what you mean!

I was very 'wall-paperish' when young, as had been raised at home, & school to not 'speak up', & be assertive.
That changed only slightly when I started at work, & that was because of my proven exceptional ability in the job.

BUT, once I'd children, I became VERY assertive, on their behalf, & have remained so, in all areas' of my life ever since!
by donjo
I know what you mean exactly . . . on occasion I went into tigress mode for my daughter but somehow it never came out at any other time. meow . . ow . . .ow...ow
by Rice
No not really, except to love more as it is sad when you lose a wife is young to cancer.
Still miss her.
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