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How to avoid tears while chopping onions?

by Justine Crowley (follow)
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avoiding onion tears
Image courtesy of Natara / www.freedigitalphotos.net No more tears

Sometimes it depends on the quality of the onion/s you're chopping at any given moment. How do you avoid onion tears when chopping onions, to use as a ingredient in cooking a particular dish that requires them?


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Top Answers
Apparently you can get special safety glasses that are made for this, I saw it on TV show The living room. I have heard of people wearing swimming goggles for this lol
I was going to suggest sunglasses, I can see that goggles would work equally well. Also, using a food processor helps because it can be sealed while the chopping happens! I've heard of another trick, putting an onion in the microwave for a minute before chopping, but I don't know if that works because I've not tried
Chop fast! The sharper the knife the less tears. This is because a blunter knife crushes rather than slices, causing more trauma and the release of juices which cause tears...
These are fantastic answers guys, hard to vote. You need some eye protection, and it is good to be prepared and use a steak knife, and chop as quickly as you can. The onions pictured guarantee the tears, while the purple ones aren't as aggressive in the onion tears department.
Of course, I love the food processor idea as well Erica :)
Putting on a pair of tight swimming goggles usually does the trick!
Tried and tested remedy, chew gum or likewise such. There are small glands near the inner corner of the eye called the lacrimal or tear glands. A duct connects it to the nose. While chewing there is salivation, also you tend to breathe through mouth in turn confusing the brain and prevents tears.
Try holding a mouthful of water in your mouth until you finish chopping, & use a really sharp knife
Interesting topic guys…:)
One of my chef friend showed me trick. Cut the onion half, peel the outside shell and take off a slice from head and tail. Now put those onion in a bowl of water about 5 min and then try chop with a sharp knife.
That worked on me…happy chopping :)

by ed_q
The best and easiest way is to put it in water a couple of hours before your going to use it. There will be no tears at all guaranteed.
The Gas released by an onion is lighter than air and it combines with water to form either sulphuric or some other potent acid.
When you chop onions, the first place this released gas hits, is your watery eyes. Hey presto, you have acid in your eyes and it burns.
Keep your onions, chopping board and knife well watered and you will either totally avoid having tears, or it will greatly reduce the amount, as most of the gas from the onion is combined with water right there on the chopping board.
Give it a try.
Above 2 answers are thebest. This is been tested & trailed.

Get your husband to chop them up for you. (Works for me & he never seems so mind?)
Where a pair of clear safety glasses which costs a couple of dollars from the hardware store!
Peel them under running water!
Use Australia, chopped, frozen onions
Get someone else to do it! :)
Some people use fans, some use the Dame Edna glasses I haven.t so I don't know if they actually work.
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