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How often do you change your bed sheets?

by annep (follow)
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We know that sleeping on filthy sheets is no fun. It puts our health at risk, not to mention that the idea is simply gross. However, the startling fact is that a fifth of us don't even change their bedding once a month.

What do you think? How often do you change your own sheets?

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Top Answers
every Sunday whether they need it or not. I love the fresh smell of sun dried sheets on my bed.
I try to change them every two weeks. While changing bed sheets every week is ideal, I just can't take the time out to do it.
Myself and my son love clean sheets, and I change them 3 times a week.

My son is a big guy so he sweats, and I don't like any funky smells....so I pull them off every 2nd day.

As for me, well might as well do mine while I am at it.

With summer, I think it's a must...and they dry in an hour, so they go back on.Same with pillow slips....but sometimes I like to change them, if we have had a very warm night.
I can understand that in summer, but how do you manage to dry the bedding in winter or when it rains? Using drier all the time is expensive and bad for the environment.
by annep
In winter, I only change them 2 times a week at the beginning, and end....of each week.
Because I use cotton sheets only - I hang them up overnight in the laundry, we have a nice size laundry...and by morning they only need 10 mins in the dryer, and they are good to go!
by jonaja
I could never keep up with that much washing! It's bad enough having to change my preschooler's every other day when she wets the bed, let alone doing ours that often as well. I'm doing washing every day as it is! I must be easier if you don't have little ones.
In theory, every week. When I'm busy it's more like once a fortnight.
My aim is once a week. Otherwise once every fortnight if I am really busy.
I change my sheets every 2-3 weeks. My husband is a sweater, even with an overhead fan on! I also like to change my decor around as well. Mandy E.
Ideally I should change it every week but I find myself changing the sheets every 2 weeks or 1 month.
About once every 6 -8 weeks, unless they've had dirty feet in them. But, we are night time showerers not, not morning showerers, and I don't make the bed in the morning. The doonas go on the floor and the sheet is open to the sunshine until about midday, when the sun has passed over.
Think I need to change my sheets more often :-)
At least once a week. twice a week in the summer.
I change mine once a week.
One week to a fortnight, but in the sweaty heat we are enjoying right now, as often as needed.
Hot off the press. Have just washed my sheets for the second morning running. It ain't half hot (and sweaty) here, Mum.
by grann
My upbringing was that it is best to change sheets every week. My mom made it a point that all the sheets, we were eight in the family - mom, dad and four children and our grans. My granpa was one for cleanliness he did his own laundry even at the age of eighty. With all the examples set, when I started life with my husband all went well until i fell pregnant with my son.... cleaning bedsheets were totally forgotten. Every week became once in a fortnight and that became once a month after my daughter... now we are back in action. once a month has become once in fifteen days,, hopefully it comes back to once a week...
Every Wednesday, if not Thursday, my days off
once aweek
I like to change 2 times a week
Every two weeks.
Oh dear gods! I can't imagine what kind of pigs people are who do not change their sheets once a month! We change out sheets every sunday. No excuses EVER. If i had more time I'd do it in the week as well. just so i can get into a clean bed. arrrrrrrrr!
I change mine at a minimum every week but ideally every 3-4 days. I just love the feeling of crisp all-cotton sheets so it is well worth the effort. I also live in an area that gets 300+ days of sun a year so it's easy and quick to dry the sheets on the line (I don't own a dryer so if it is raining I take the sheets to the laundry for a quick dry).
Once a fortnight or once a month.. I kinda dust the sheets everyday.
twice a week
I think once a week is good all it takes is 10 minutes, While the hot weather is happening twice a week.
I change my bedsheet once in a week.
Every week, usually on a Saturday or Sunday and I air the quilts as well. I was the quilts monthly. In my next life I want to be rich and have freshly laundered and ironed sheets on my bed daily. Until that happens I will just have to do with freshly laundered and ironed weekly linen changes.
Every week, part of the house ritual. And as others have said, whether needed or not its a lovely healthy ritual and the first night in clean sheets and doona cover is heaven!!
At least once a week. I hate sleeping on dirty sheets. It actually causes my skin to break-out.
by Gia
Once a week
Can't stand smelly bedsheets/pillow slips! Would probably wash them 2-3 times a week. That keeps them, & me in good nick!
After a day in the Sun & Wind, they smell beautiful!
So pillowslips get starched & pressed on Elnapress. Sheets put on bed from the washing line.
I would say every 2 weeks, it's not that I don't like to wash them, it's because I get busy that's all, and I love freshly washed and sundried sheets.
Every week, i sleep with dogs

They get changed once a week. Love the feel of a freshly made bed. If I had the time I would do it daily. If I had even more time I would iron the sheets!
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