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How often do you change mobile phones?

by Radhika (follow)
Radhika Ram
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How many mobile phones do you have? How often do you change your mobile phones?

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Top Answers
I change my mobile, only when it is required.
One. I only change my mobile phone when I need to, i.e. when my current phone no longer works. I don't like the idea of updating mobile phones regularly. It's a terrible waste of money and material resources, not to mention the waste that is produced as a result. Unfortunately, many people don't have a choice but to update their mobile on a regular basis because phones are no longer made to last. Planned obsolescence is pure evil.
by Vee
When my phone contract is up for renewal. Technology changes so quickly tgese days, a phone from a year ago is already out of date.
I have one. I only change it once it stops working - to me they are an expensive item that I'd rather not just get rid of after a year. Having said that, when I buy one I make sure it is a good one and do a lot of research to make sure that what I get will be worth the expense. I'm still rocking my iphone 4 at the moment and see no reason to change yet as it still does everything I want it to do. Next time I buy one I want one with an even better camera, because my phone is my camera, but I'm waiting for the one I want to become available on the phone network I use.
I have only 1 mobile phone.

I have had 2 mobile phones in the last 17 years.
My second one has served me for 9 years, no problems.
I used to change them once every year.
But now realised its a waste of money.
Not often at all - I hate changing mine.
I'd probably change mine in my rebirth ! I would have it as long as my husband no longer needs his old phone and would pass it on to me.Oh yeah he would buy himself the latest from these God forsaken payment plans.You got me thinking now.Now I cannot wait for him to come home to start this conversation !
I probably change every 3 years though I now have an i phone and would not go to any other after owning this.
I Like new technology so will probably get another i phone in about 1-2 years.
by Finy
When I have to - mainly because I'm lazy, so even when I'm out of contract, I wait til the whole thing is on it's last legs (I drop it all the time, including into the pool).
Just don't care enough to want the latest & greatest (not to mention conflict minerals and the whole environmental biz)
When it stops working or gets lost. Only my last phone which was a nokia E5 and I wanted an Android smart phone, I changed it though it was working.
I change my mobile every 2 years…can't seem to hold on to my mobile more than that.Either I drop or lose them or soak in water by accident!! :-(
I have had probably at least 6-8 phones in the last 2 years as I tend to loose it on a night out, drop it, plays up on me, Or simply want to update! As my family say "Your the only person I know who changes their phone all the time" :)
I am only on my third mobile so far (I am over 40). Cant drive new touch
screen very well. Still using older nokia with key pad.
i have a mobile phone , rarely have it switched on, only family have the number, cannot be bothered with it, only have it , if car breaks down, or some other disaster , handy then to have a phone.
I've changed my phones twice and only because my previous one was a little bulky compared to the newer android phones. I don't require all the bells and whistles that come with these phones so technology doesn't really play a part in my choice but cost does. Having said that, I purchase outright and found pre-pay is the best option for me compared to contract plans as I don't use everything available on these plans.
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