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How do you deal with snooty people?

by Vee (follow)
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By Crafty (d. 1906) (Book Snob ŗ l'exposition, 1867 via Wikimedia Commons
Image by Crafty via Wikimedia Commons.

How do you deal with snooty people?

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Top Answers
You look at them in the face.
Move your right foot clockwise, and turn in a graceful manner.
Walk away.
Do not look back.
Oh! key element you don't say a WORD.

NEVER give them time to react, you must be the one to call the shots.
I'm an art deco "nut" so love this illustration.
by norma
:) I am a Art Nouveau fan
by jonaja
they are both beautiful styles
by norma
I also love A-D too.It is a lot easy to spot.... lol :)
by jonaja
I ignore them. I detest them. My mother in law is one. Her sister calls her Hyacinth Bucket. I have no idea why she is like that, as according to her sister, they a poor upbringing, as did a lot of war babies. A lot of things were scarce and those that were available cost the earth. So, I have had a lifetime of dealing with her. Sometimes when I go shopping in various places , to staff are very snooty and will not even acknowledge you, so they do not get my custom. I don't like airs and graces and I don't pretend to be who I am not. Sometimes, just sometimes, these people do get called on it, and are found out. Those who think that they are more important and try to put me down never get away with it. I respect myself too much to ever let them win. I just don't buy into their games.
I know a pair of sisters like that. Very strange.
by Rice
Good for you, Lluxi. You sound like my kind of person! ;-)
by Vee
I have only met a couple like it. In both cases I never bothered with them again. Once is enough. I don't think I would be able to keep a straight face the second time around.
by Rice
Send them secret evil stares and seeth inwardly. We can all be a bit snooty about some things, which is fine, but I haven't met that many truly snooty people.
by jonaja
There're ways to deal with this sort of person!

One time in David Jones, I was looking for one black, & one purple scarf, for a themed function I was attending.

Saw EXACTLY what I wanted, & asked 'assistant' to take them out of display cabinet, for me to have a closer look.
She said to 'but, oh! They're (insert expensive name brand here)'. She was being very judgemental of me as I was in my work uniform, & she obviously thought I couldn't pay for chosen items.
I just said 'so what?', looked at them, & purchased.

Got back to office, with spare lunch time, & phoned Sales Mgr of DJ's. She was not impressed with assistant's attitude whatsoever.

I wouldn't have liked to be on the 'receiving end' of an admonition by the Sales Mgr. as she didn't put up with c@&$ is the voice intonation I got!
Depends on who and where they are. If its a sales assistant who ignores me and continues talking with another assistant, I just say "excuse me, are either of you two going to serve me, or do I have to make a formal complaint to your Manager". Apart from the look of distain, I do get attended to.
helga, you are much braver than me! Goodness, you are, well, BRAVE. I don't have the courage to confront people like that.
by Vee
Well Vee I guess it comes from being meek and mild when I was younger. Now it irritates me no end and I stand up for myself. Mind you, I still feel myself getting hotter when I do it.
by helga
helga, I was the same, when young, but once had children, I was able to 'step-up' for them, so assertiveness came with that!
And I just now continue that way, in all things. Feel much better for it. Cheers!
by donjo
The same way I deal with average people....one card at a time!

No different to anyone I meet; Why do you think they should be treated differently?

I don't think they should be treated differently. I think sometimes it just takes a different skill set to be able to tolerate people who are self-important.
by Vee
Everyday. It's just appart of the job.
Only once
by Finy
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