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How do you break a bad habit?

by Vee (follow)
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Habits are hard to break, especially those that we have practiced for years. Habits such as smoking, nail biting or over eating can be especially hard to break because we often go to these to help us cope with stress or anxiety.

What is the best way to kick a habit to the curb and make sure it stays there?

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Top Answers
I think you have to decide first that you really want to break the bad habit and not because someone else is pressuring you. Next you need to look at what the trigger is and if you can find something else as a safe replacement. For example, if you're really stressed and start nail biting. Try putting your hands in your pocket and taking a 5 minutes walk. Think about what's stressing you and write down ways to deal with the stress. Telling everyone around you that you're trying to break the habit it also helps. If they can support you and you take one day at a time you'll get there. Some habits are harder to break than others and it's worth looking for profressional help if it's something that affects your health or others around you.
It takes lots of will power, so do not try unless you are totally ready. Otherwise there will be failure, frustration and more dependence on the habit
With difficulty!

One of my worst bad habits in the past was smoking and eventually I broke this habit because I was scared of getting cancer, so I stopped with little difficulty.

However habits that are not directly related to health issues, are, for me, much harder to break.

I used to be a collector and could not break that habit until I separated from my husband and had far less money and then I just broke this habit and got rid of a lot of the things I had bought over the years.

It depends on why you have the habit and/or if it is an addiction.
by Finy
Hypnosis is a really great way to help your kick those habits which are not adding value to your life. There is a great deal of success experienced by using hypnosis as a treatment for anxiety, eating disorders, smoking and many others. I am talking about clinical hypnosis not the sort of hypnosis they perform on stage. I am a counsellor and use hypnosis from time to time both the client and I enjoy the experience.
Shelley, I have to be honest, I don't know much about hypnosis but I don't like the idea of someone else having that sort of control over me. Can you explain the process a little to help me better understand?
by Vee
One needs to find some help.
Doing things alone is twice as hard.

We now live in a time that it can be found, on the Internet or Yellow pages.
The other part of this is, you need to 'want' to stop the habit!

If you don't then that becomes a no-win...Full Stop.
Hi Vee

It is a common misperception to believe that hypnosis involves handing control of your psyche to somebody else. This is often reinforced by the stage show hypnosis acts which have people dancing around like chickens or roaring like lions after they have had a drink.
Hypnosis is a conversation with your sub-conscious which holds every memory of every experience you have ever had. Consciously we can not retain all that information so that is the subconscious role to store it.
Be assured that no hypnotherapist can make you do or think anything which is not in alignment with your personal ethics or wishes. Hypnotism can not happen without your consent. It is your desire to resolve an issue which will allow you to go into the trance state. Trance is simply a deep state of relaxation and softened focus. It is a natural state of the brain and we often slip and out of trance spontaneously during the day. Have you ever driven to a place that you have driven to frequently and not been able to consciously recall the last couple of kilometres of the trip?? Yet you have arrived there safely. Often watching television we will slip into trance and not have an awareness that we have "slipped away" for a moment.

All through the process you remain conscious of what is being said, and many practitioners will record the session so that you can reinforce the suggestions between visits. It is a safe way to access memories of events which are the cause of some of the "bad habits" which don't want in the here and now.
Of course like an field there are some practitioners who are more skilled than others so I would recommend that you choose someone who has been referred by a friend or you already have a professional relationship with them
If you have any more questions I would be happy to help.

Thanks Shelley, that helped a lot.
by Vee
Thanks to you too, I found the "reply button"! Happy Days
For biting nails expecially, the nastly tasting nail polish really works.
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