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How do feel when people tell you what a good time you missed when you don't go to an event?

by lynne (follow)
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Set up for an event

If you miss an event, and your friends feel the need to tell you how great it was, does it annoy you or do you just brush it off?

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Top Answers
Im glad they enjoyed the event. I usually have a good reason for being absent do no love lost.
by Gia
Very sensible. That's the response I am aiming for.
by lynne
Normally, I feel guilty for not attending. I've become quite the hermit over the past few years, mostly because I don't have the money to go out. I miss being able to be out and about, whenever my wife and I do go out now, it's an occasion to be cherished.
I think sometimes it is guilt about not turning up or me thinking they want me to feel guilty. However I am getting much better about doing what I want and the guilt is a lot less than it used to be... and yes, sometimes I don't want to spend the money or the petrol to have an OK time. Also I think people who love to socialise just don't get that some days you don't want to see anyone.
by lynne
I'm just glad they had good time.
You are obviously a nicer person than I am.
by lynne
I could care Less!
If I wanted to go I would have, or if I missed it for any other reason...that's life.
There are Always going to be people in the world whop like to 'rub it in'.
I've been tempted to say something along those lines.
by lynne
I had a friend who was always telling me what a great time they had out clubbing, bu it was never fun when I went. Either we had different ideas of 'fun' or I was a jinx.
Or she was a bitch. Sorry lynne, but that was the first thought that popped into my head.
by Vee
No she wasn't. But it did get annoying.
by lynne
If I had friends who said this sort of thing, or if I had friends with whom I went out, I would just brush it off. If it was a recurring thing, I imagine I would start rethinking my friendships.
by Vee
Maybe I'm just too niggly. They are perfectly nice people.
by lynne
That's what I thought about my 'friends'. Until I heard they were bitching about me behind my back. Sorry, I'm just speaking from experience.
by Vee
Haha. They probably do talk about me - plenty to talk about I assure you. However as I may occasionally talk about them, I can't complain.
by lynne
Fair enough lol.
by Vee
I probably would have gone if I thought I would have a good time, so it wouldn't bother me. If they were trying to make me feel bad about it I would be annoyed, but more at the fact they were trying to make me feel bad than because I missed out.
After I posted this question I started to think what a whining baby I am, so I'm glad some have answered it seriously. I feel less of a baby. Thanks guys.
by lynne
I feel annoyed as usually I never intended to go in the first place. My amateur orchestra's dinner is on a Saturday night in November, at a golf club a bit up the highway.
I get up at 7am Sundays for another commitment, and will have had the previous two Saturday nights out, the one before this event, being our concert.
I also don't drive so am relying on someone to want to leave early to take me home at evening events, otherwise I'm stuck.

The committee president spoke to me at the rehearsal she handed out these notices, and that's when I told her the above information is part of my decision to not go. I didn't go last year to this same party, at a different venue, and the world didn't end.
If you had another engagement, just lay it on thickly as to how enjoyable that was. Why, even the Prime Minister was in attendance.
I wouldn't miss an event with my friends.

I never socialised with my work colleagues, as I believe it causes too many problems at work, then.

If I decide NOT to attend anything, that is MY choice, & I have my reason, which is nobody else's business.
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