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How can you settle a windy baby?

by helenonthesofa (follow)
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There are lots of things that can cause a build up of trapped air (gas) in a baby. Top causes include:

Image Courtesy of Wiki Commons - Author Dave Buchwald
Photo: Dave Buchwald - Wikimedia Commons

Flow of milk being too fast; this is true irrespective of breast or bottle feeding
Taking in of excess air when feeding
Not being able to get rid or expel wind after a feed e.g. insufficient or improper burping.
Allergies to formula or even to some of the food in a nursing mothers diet.
Too much crying can also cause wind; when they are gulping in lots of air.

For babies, this can lead to pain from trapped wind and in some cases and can cause a baby to vomit up the milk that they have swallowed because they feel too full. For parents this can lead to sleepless nights and the worry of having an unsettled new baby.

Common signs and symptoms of a windy baby include:
Resisting a full feed and crying part way through a feed.
Squirming and grunting during and after a feed.
Lots of gas (top and bottom end)
Bringing their knees up to their chest.

What tricks and techniques have you used to good effect to assist a baby to expel their wind or to alleviate wind in the first place?

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Top Answers
Having recently had my second baby who is most definitely troubled in the wind department, I've found the following to be really helpful:
1). Ensuring my flow of milk isn't too fast. So when I breastfeed this has meant pumping a little if I'm too full. For bottle feeds I've had to make sure I'm using a teat where the flow isn't too fast
2). Using a bottle that prevents wind. I swear by the Dr Brown anti colic bottles but there's a few on the market
3). I've used gripe water and infacol and these have both helped with getting baby to expel the wind
4) lots of burping....even during a feed. For a 30 minute breast feed I've been burping my baby every 10 minutes or so.
5). After a feed I have found over the shoulder burping to be a great position. It keeps the baby upright and helps get the air out.
6) Finally baby massage and techniques such as laying the baby down and cycling their legs really helps.

I've heard this phase only lasts around 12 weeks or so....fingers crossed,
There is a great product for colicky babies, which uses an active ingredient called Semithicone. I works wonders for their windy tummies.
I found that shoulder burping was the best but my husband definitely had the technique more mastered than I did. He rocked from foot to foot at the same time and would hum. The rocking and deep vibrations from the hum seemed to helped keep both our sons calm until the wind came up.
Try some infant massage especially on the tummy and with the legs.
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