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Have you read the Bible?

by Vee (follow)
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Widely reported as the biggest seller in history, the Bible is thought to have hundreds of millions of copies in circulation.

Have you read the entire Bible, or just bits and pieces? How long did it take you to read?

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Top Answers
I'm with you jonaj, I love it. I have been reading it on as daily basis for 27 years, and I still get something new from it every day - even bits that I've read so many times before that I couldn't count them. I also read the commentaries on it as this helps to gain a greater understanding of its cultural context, so I can in turn better understand the intended message and separate what might have been the cultural practices of the time vs the principle being communicated. In some cases, a first reading of a passage can appear mean exactly opposite to what was intended because of the differences between the middle eastern culture of the day and modern western culture.

In this day and age, it is easy to dismiss the Bible as religious mumbo jumbo, and many cite science as being the antithesis of the Bible, however, I have often found the opposite. Once you understand the real meaning and context of it, its alignment with scientific findings can at times actually be quite spooky and revealing and it leads me to suspect more strongly every day that the Bible is what it is claimed to be, which is quite inconvenient at times because it doesn't "fit" with a lot of our modern day practices which we otherwise consider as logical.
by kimp
I've read bits and pieces of it over the years. I don't think it was designed to read cover to cover, but rather to be a compilation of different books written by different people as a guideline of how to live and a showcase of people who did and didn't follow the guidelines.
No. And I have no intention of ever reading The Bible. If I wanted a good fictional story I would read Harry Potter again.

No offence meant - I can understand why others want to read The Bible.
It does help you to understand the references in a lot of Western literature, which is handy if you're a big reader.
Yes, though in bits and pieces over a long time (about a year). It's not really designed to just sit down and read cover to cover. In fact you really need to study it or have someone it explain it properly to you since it's so out of context now. I think there might be a few more atheists, or at least fewer biblical literalists if people really read the whole book, since parts of it are totally morally repugnant. It's funny how many things people think are in the Bible aren't actually there, though they turn up in movies like The Passion of the Christ. For example, Mary Magdalen isn't the same woman who Jesus saves from being stoned by a crowd (that's a completely different person) and there is no indication that she was a prostitute. There's also no indication that she was Jesus' wife like in that silly Dan Brown book. And then there's the stuff that's in there that lots of people don't know, like the fact that Jesus had siblings.

It's pretty interesting if you read about how it was written and how different books were chosen to be included in or excluded from it, and stuff like why the gospels are in the order they are in rather than chronological order. I really enjoyed some of John Shelby Spong's books about it (Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism, and Jesus for the Non Religious).
I read the sections I was required to read in school, but nothing more.
I have read it for some 52 years, started when I was 7.
Yet....I didn't read from front to back, so I bet there are tiny bits I have missed.

They say you can read it fairly quickly, but that is not what it is all about.

It is the in two parts Old Testament(before Christ was born )...then New Testament....When Christ was on the Earth.
Both marry together perfectly, and for me it is a very well loved book.So much so, it is falling apart at the seams...literally.
It gives me a great deal of hope, peace, comfort and love.
I would be totally lost without it.

I have, but I bet not in the same way as most. I have been doing metaphysical Bible interpretation courses and they have really made the Bible finally make sense to me. I have also read all the other major spiritual texts.
mMtaphysical Bible interpretation courses? Those sound interesting.
by Vee
No, I haven't and I do not intend to!
by Finy
Finny it is historical documents written by some of the worlds best thinkers out lining both the good and the bad actions of mankind along with the results of those actions. I have read it since I was 21 years of age and consider it the best source of information that I have every read.
by kstew
Life started to make some sense for me after I started to read the bible. It is a record of mans history and his struggle to develop a relationship with God.
My life improved out of sight when I opened my self up to this information.
Oh wow! that's like me :)
by jonaja
I read the bible and as the years are going by, it has become brighter and brighter. I say brighter because many dark area's of my life have been brightened by reading and applying its suggestions/teachings. There is a peace in me after I read the bible.

It's not easy to understand...but once you have a little knowledge of who, what, when, where and why, you are on your way to life changes.
Indeed well said.
by jonaja
Yes I certainly read the bible. If not the book then I read it online or on my smart phone.
The Bible cannot expire. It is fresh everyday. When I read a Proverb a day for each month, I'm stilling finding verses that jump out at me as if I'd never heard it before.
The Bible also contains many historical accounts that are extremely interesting, especially in the old testament. I would recommend it, even if the reader thinks it is fictional.

I read the bible every day. Its what I live by.
by Gia
Yes, at School. That was enough.

Prefer to read from my Missal. It's in both Latin & English, but I normally prefer reading the Latin, as that's what I grew up with.
As a child, I found the Bible uninteresting, because I did not understand it and I was trying to read the Old Testament! Then ! In my teens I began to read, and hear, through school assembly and through going to church, the New Testament. That really got my interest! Who was this Jesus who inspired and healed and was such a gracious Man, even as He was pinned to that cross? I have found it inspirational and often get answers through words which come to me from the Bible. I shall always read it!
Awesome, sheil. I'm glad to hear it. :-D
by Vee
only the exciting bits
Some of it
I read it from cover to cover at age 15-16 or so, just because I could, I think.

Then I've been in a couple of study groups that have closely examined a book of the Bible over a few weeks.
I read it almost every day.
by Vee
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