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Have you heard the expression, 'like herding cats'?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by lisasolonynko, sourced from morguefile.com

Likening a task to "herding cats" suggests that the process is difficult or impossible.

Have you heard the expression, 'like herding cats'? Do you like it?

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Top Answers
No, never
by Finy
Yes, I love it . . it cracks me up!!!!! The mental image is wonderful.
by Rice
Yes, I have often used it.
I have
but !
not very often..

I don't mind it.Makes a funny point. :)
Sort of like trying to make a pile out of mercury :-))
by Rice
Oh! Rice, I remember during a Science lesson, my teacher dropped some Mercury on the counter, & started trying to get it together again, & the more she tried, the more the droplet numbers increased! We were in stitches, it was so funny!
by donjo
I thought it was dangerous to handle mercury...?
by Vee
She had proper gloves on........
by donjo
No. I have never heard of that expression. I just love the cat pic.
I know, isn't it wonderful!
by Vee
I hadn't come across this expression before. I like it and may use it in the future!
Same here, Marie. The first time I heard it I thought, wow! What a good one...I'll just add it to my repertoire.
by Vee
Never 'heard' of it!
And I've had cats as pets all my life!
I think it's funny.
Reminds me of Sheep Dog Trials at Royal Show!
But cats are more intelligent than sheep!
P.S. The cat photo at top is just beautiful! I love all cats, but especially ginger colouring! Had a ginger stray used to 'pop-in' to say 'hello' for a few months, & I calked him 'Marmalade'!
by donjo
One of my science teachers nearly set herself alight with a strip of magnesium!
by Rice
Heartie hah, hah, hah! I think that's hilarious!
Just remembered also, nun looking into 'fume cupboard', in Science Lab, in Senior. She was a right b@&$? of a woman, that one.
by donjo
Nuns. Penguins with (bad) attitude. *snort*
by Rice
You're SO right, rice! Frustrated old cows', many of 'em!
I felt sorry for the Boarders' who were there all the time. They weren't even allowed to TALK to us Day Scholars', for fear they'd get asked to come home with us on a week-end, to break the monotony for them!
We took Boarders' from another School, girl's who came from outback Stations, & we used to go horse-riding together! It was great fun!
by donjo
Rice and donjo, I'm sorry you've both had encounters with 'penguins with bad attitudes', as you've called them. I have a few friends who are nuns and they are among the kindest, wisest, and lighthearted women I know.
by Vee
Gosh! Fancy not be allowed to talk to each other. Must have made for a strange environment. ( It's okay, Vee, I'm not damaged. I was being silly. Not sure I have even met a nun. I went to a state school.)
by Rice
Oh, lol! My mistake.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, yes some were good. Some were just plain nasty, bitter, & twisted.
One, who was fabulous, had a brother, who was a priest in TPNG (as it was). I met him whilst on Yule Island. Just a really nice Aussie bloke! One day, at School, I was in Grade X, his Sister comes to me, & says there was someone in the Parlour to meet me! I couldn't figure out who that'd be? I walked in to see Fr Rob standing there! Was lovely to chat with him again, & catch up on Territory news!
by donjo
No - I have not herd (pun on the word) the expression before.

Hehe, :-)
by Vee
Was watching an episode of 'Prime Suspect' tonight, & a Manchester cop said it! Lol!
It's such a good one!
by Vee
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