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Have you ever won any money on a SCRATCHIE?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever won a prize with a Scratch and Win ticket -Scratchie?

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Top Answers
I have won small amounts like $5 and I think even once $20 however I no longer buy them as they seem to be a waste of money.

Chances of winning a high prize are so slim, same as lotto tickets, that I no longer buy either types.
by Finy
39 Years ago, we won part of a work deal which won $10,000
I think we got $1,000 or something like that.
Wow! That must have been a thrill!
It was :)
by jonaja
I do not buy these,however my friend bought me one for a birthday some years back,and I won $25 which was a real thrill!
Never !
I won 5 the other day, I was quite chuffed with myself ha!
I have won small amount never more than $20. I don't really ever buy scratch cards.
by AJ
Only small amounts unfortunately....
by fran
Nothing huge, only small amounts!
Got $2 once! Prefer Lotto or RSL Ticket!
I don't buy them, however my hubby once won $2500.00 quite some years ago. It wouldn't surprise me if he's spent that much again trying to replicate the win haha.
Oh yes! $2! I spent it all at once!
When I used to buy them years ago, Id win the odd $2/$4s or a couple of free ones, but then I started buying them for our 2 daughters, every time a new $2 one came out. They also only won $2s & $4s occasionally, & the odd 3 free tickets. Then I stopped buying them. A friends father took his ticket in to the newsagents to collect what he thought was going to be $5.00. He was told it would be sent out in a cheque. What! For $5.00? No, youve won $25,000 ! Then the next year 1 of his 2 sons won some thousands of dollars, but not as much as $25,000.
Years before my above answer re wins, a primary school find who lived in the same superb as my self won $10,000. Her husband spent the money on 3 cars, a lounge for their house, & a fishing trawler, which he later lost a lot of money on, before he sold it! (Yes, their still married)
by Miro
Only small wins so stoped buying them as I win more on Lotto.
only a few dollars now and then
I only buy them when i'm desperate
I won $10 once! The most ever one before that was $2. I might buy a scratchie now once a year if I'm feeling lucky (a feeling usually following seeing a few ads for scratchies in a row), but don't expect to win big on one.
Yep, not much - just $2
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