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Have you ever thrown out a pot or frypan because you cannot clean it?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever thrown out a pot/pan, or frypan as it was too dirty to clean?

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Top Answers
I actually have done this once.

I forgot I had something on the stove, and went outside and gardened for an hour till I smellt a strange smell wafting out into the garden!

Suddenly realised, and what a mess I had -all black and stuck to the bottom.
I tried soaking with detergent, then boiling, but could not get it clean so decided instead of stressing so much about it, I just threw it in the bin!

I have burnt eggs another time, however after scrubbing a bit at a time for several days with bi carb of soda, I got this one clean.
by Finy
Bicarb is great. :)
........CLR liquid is just THE best! Woolies now put out their version, works as well as original...........
by donjo
WellI generally would try to clean it with everything I can think of but won't persevere for too long...have chucked out a few over the years, would not chuck a really good one out though would soak and soak and try again and again!!
by fran
I chucked a muffin tin a few months ago. We made some baked egg protein muffins and the baked on egg would not come off. I soaked it, I tried cleaning it three times and finally gave up.
egg done in the micro is also very hard to get off glass.
by Finy
Oh! Finy, the only, & best way to clean ANYTHING from M/W internal surface, is to fill M/ W proof jug(Pyrex)with water, lots of sliced lemon, & let it boil, so surfaces covered the steam. Then just wipe. So simple. Learnt this when training to be a M/W cooking demonstrator back in the '80's! Cheers!
by donjo
No, but I once found something so gross in some tupperware that I threw it out rather than face cleaning it (not hard, just yuck). I think our pots and pans are pretty easy to clean though. I love cast iron because you can really scrub it and not worry about damaging it.
Gross. I've had to do that too.
by Vee
No, thankfully. I have never had to do this.
by Vee
I do it if it is impossible to clean, then I go and buy one that is not impossible to clean.
I can not work with stuff that is useless, and a time waster.
Not yet. I intended to do it once , but then i managed cleaning it somehow. I have heard about people using ammonia to clean that burn out mess, but have never tried it. Anyone here tried using ammonia ?
by BK
I mentioned ammonia the other day and Himself nearly pitched a fit! LOL. He owned a chemical factory years ago and is ultra careful with anything that has fumes and can react with other things . . . . . hence, no ammonia got bought. I had been going to clean the oven but it will be bi-carb and elbow grease now :-)
by Rice
I have only ever thrown them away when they get rusty.
No, I haven't needed to do this but I probably would if it was in a bad state.
No I don't think I have ever done this
by AJ
Yes, much easier than cleaning it. If it got so bad you couldn't clean it it wasn't good quality anyway.
I've been known to do this in the past with pots and pans, stinky containers from the fridge and a few other things I'm too embarrassed to mention. I was even guilty of throwing out a couple of cloth nappies that I left in the laundry too long.... These days I've adopted a more frugal approach to life, so I'll persevere whenever I can to clean something..
Yes, an old baking tin that had done its time!
by Lucy
I had a badly burnt stainless steel saucepan and tried scrubbing with scourers etc, couldn't move all the burnt stuff- then my brother told me to use rhubarb leaves, so, having rhubarb growing in the garden, I picked them, (kept the stalks to cook), chopped the leaves roughly and spread on base of pot-they were a bit damp-, left overnight, SUCCESS, in the morning I just had yo gently scour the bottom and it was sparkling.
I was told that rhubarb leaves are poisonous. Wonder if that is true and if so, what is in the leaves that could clean that pot ?
by fran.
No, never.
BTW, get a grey plastic bottle of CLR, initials of 'ingredients', from Woolies. It cleans stuck on grime.

Also if older pot etc. S.Cook & Sons are still electro platers, I think.
by donjo
No. I buy non stick cooking utensils so there's no problem keeping them clean.
Pity I didn't take a photo of the before and after because you'd be astounded and I'd hear the gasp of surprise seeing the difference to two very black silver dish kind of containers. I was shocked and I didn't scrub at all but you use a soft cloth.
What did I do?
I Googled my issue, looked at lots of YouTube and off I went.
Never use a metal scrubber.
Never ever use ammonia in cooking utensils or things and the husband shouting nooooo was correct.
You really don't have to scrub but use time and patience instead.

I armed myself with baking soda, vinegar, hot water and a soft cloth that you can buy in a pack and they are multi colours and a velvety feel/look and time.
These two things to clean aren't big and can fit in your hand.

Boil the kettle first up and let it boil so it's ready and a cup to put the water in. So you need a cup of boiling water.

I chose a stainless steel saucepan in the end aND placed the two silver items into the saucepan.

Into it I added a heaped tablespoon of baking soda.

Into that I added one cup of WHITE vinegar and quickly at the same time add the cup of boiling water.
You know you've done it correctly because you will immediately see a mini Mount Vesuvius. It will all bubble up. The kids will love watching it happen.

Now depending on how black it is, in a short time you will look and see the change. Leave it for around 15 -20 minutes. Take it out and you could use a sponge and perhaps with a rough side but ####warning ....if you use a scrubber sponge side or metal scrubber you will without a doubt leave scratch marks from light to deep marks so be warned.
A soft cloth is what I used. After 20 mins I looked but it needed more submerge time. I then decided to leave it over night. That did it! I got the soft cloth again and with very little effort I polished off the residue and continued for a short time with no effort and both are back to being all shiny and new sliver ware. Amazing results!
If your item is really bad then repeat the above. It's all to do with time and gentle polishing.

I am sure you can get the same results with plastic ware which also has an of our. Baking soda can be made into a paste too by using a few drops of white vinegar to make the paste.

It's all user friendly without the harsh chemicals. Vinegar is an amazing cleaner BTW as is baking soda.
Good luck with your cleaning. It does work check out YouTube videos
. Seeing is believing

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