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Have you ever passed out in a public place?

by Vee (follow)
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stanislava, morguefile.com

Passing out is scary, but passing out in public is doubly scary.

Have you ever passed out in a public place?

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Top Answers
I nearly fainted at church. Made it outside and sat down just in time.
by Vee
wow! girl what ya doin fainting like that....or...was it The Holy Spirit?
I'm not joking here, it can happen....I had it happen to me, and I fell down, but did not pass out...So you just don't know?
by jonaja
LOL, I know you're not joking jonaj, but it was definitely a near-fainting. I get woozy at church because it's always so stuffy in there. It was much worse when I was pregnant. I never sat through an entire mass. Also, I've seen people 'fall' as the HS descended upon them. It's pretty awesome stuff.
by Vee
Thankfully, no. For that matter, I don't think I've ever seen anybody pass out in public either. Is that strange?
I don't think it's strange that you've never seen anybody pass out in public. I've seen a couple, but then again that was at church. Unless you frequent stuffy places with a lot of people, I wouldn't expect to see this happen either.
by Vee
No, I haven't ever, but have seen other Soldiers' on Parade do so! How embarrassment for them!
by Vee
Yes, I passed out in English at school in year 10 and had a seizure as I had not really been eating at the time.
A seizure because you weren't eating right? That doesn't sound right.
by Vee
"Most seizures are self-limiting and are followed by a so-called postictal period, when the brain can take time to "reboot and restart" all its programs, similar to a computer when it is rebooted." http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=10312
They put mine down to me passing out as I hadn't eaten, they're not sure whether it was because I bumped my head or whether chemicals such as glucose were out from not eating
"What Causes the Condition?

Seizures can stem from a number of health conditions. Anything that affects the body also may disturb the brain and lead to a seizure. Some examples include:

alcohol withdrawal
bites and/or stings
brain infection, such as meningitis
brain injury during childbirth
brain defect present at birth
drug abuse
drug withdrawals
electrolyte imbalance
electric shock
extremely high blood pressure
head trauma
kidney or liver failure
low blood glucose levels
"A blow to the head can cause an electrical spike causing a post-traumatic seizure" Also from http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=10312

My apologies I should of explained myself better
Luckily, no.
by Rice
I have!
I was of course thank goodness....in a hospital, and a doctor just happened to see me....then my not-so-caring ex husband came to stand next to me.He wasn't impressed it happened in a Public Place, and I was quite unwell(hence reason why in the hospital).
Silly EH! Because we can choose where and when to suddenly fall into unconsciousness!
by Vee
That's the same ex that when I had just broken my little toe, said go try and move it....'it's fine', and refused to take me to see a doc!!! LOL
by jonaja
I have another account. I was pregnant and with my husband's grandfather in the emergency room - he was being checked out for something. As I sat in the consultation room, translating, I felt woozy. So I got up to get some fresh air, I saw black and started to fall. The doc caught me and my husband's grandfather thought it was hilarious. I was there to help him, and, in the end, I needed help myself - LOL!
by Vee
Are you getting enough 'Iron' in ya diet? like red meat....
by jonaja
Yes - lol.
by Vee
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