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Have you ever made a formal or informal complaint to a business?

by Vee (follow)
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Have you ever made a formal or informal complaint to a business?

Was you satisfied with the response you were given?

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Top Answers
Many's the time!

I will NOT stand for inefficiency, rudeness or 'lip' from staff, or won't accept shoddy goods.

Probably best example is as follows...........

It's 1979, & my husband & I are going to buy a brand new car for me, as I didn't have a car of my own.
We were looking at Toyota 'Cressida', Mazda '929' & Datsun 'Skyline'. All 4 door Sedans. Had to be a 'fully imported Japanese' car.

Decided against Mazda very early in the piece, for various reasons'.
Went to a local Toyota dealership one Saturday morning, both very well casually dressed. Sales rep eventually made his way to us, we said we're interested in 'Cressida', his reply: 'Ah yes, but that's $10000'.......so? And conversation went 'downhill' from there. He 'assumed', we could not afford that cost. That was his first, & biggest mistake. I had my cheque book with me ready to write payment, maximum said amount, as we'd done our 'homework' BEFORE going to ANY dealership.
At that point we just asked to 'look under the bonnet', & then politely took our leave.

On the Monday morning, I phoned Toyota HO & asked to speak to the State Manager. I told him of our 'experience'. He wasn't a happy chappy about that.
So what did he do about it? He got said sales rep (love it!) to deliver (& collect), a 'Cressida' to our home, for our use for a WEEK! Wow!

Third car on our 'list' was a Datsun 'Skyline GL'. Our b/i/l had one, & it looked impressive, inside & out. Went to local Ira Berk dealership, looked at car, & spoke to sales rep, who had manners, & organised a test drive. He arrived on time for that & off we went, for a good, long test drive. Rep said, 'I'm not going to 'spruik' about this vehicle, as it will sell itself'.
I 'fell in love' with it, as we drove along effortlessly, with its' big, powerful six-cylinder engine.
We went to dealership ASAP, wrote cheque, & car was delivered by same sales rep, at 11:30PM, yes, that late, on the night, as had to wait for hubby to get home from CMF duties'. We then drove him back to dealership. Talk about 'after sales service'! Pretty good, we thought, & such a VAST difference to Toyota git!

I STILL have that car, with 270k on the 'clock'. It didn't get driven that much in its' first four years' with us, as we drove to work together in hubby's Datsun '1600'.

It's been a brilliant car, has been maintained in every respect, to the nth degree, & I still LOVE driving it!

It certainly wasn't 'a lemon'!

I went to a fast food restaurant and ordered a meal of sweet and sour chicken with rice. It was awful. I wrote a complaint and received a call about 5 minutes after I left the restaurant. There was no offer of refund but the manager apologized.

i have complained about other things and it has generally been favorable. I think service would be better if more people provided feedback to the places they do business with.

by Gia
I agree, Gia.
by Vee
I have on occasion placed a complaint, most have ended well, but one complaint with a large Canadian technology chain called Future Shop took 6 months of fighting to get a resolution. I bought a computer from them and purchased an extended warranty which guaranteed a repalcement. When the computer died, they refused to replace the computer with a new computer of the same brand name. They wanted me to take a refurbished machine of a lesser brand. I refused, and we argued over it pretty much once a week for six month. I only got a resolution when the store manager was promoted out and a new manager took his place.
You are kidding. What a joke. Good on you for sticking to your guns.
by Vee
I'm glad I did, because it worked out in the end I guess, and I couldn't afford a new computer at the time. This was a good 12 years ago. But I spent a lot of time angry, so much so that I sometimes wonder if it was all worth it. I got so involved in this dispute over a computer that I was constantly thinking about it, I lost sleep because I couldn't stop thinking about it at night. I needed that machine replaced, and I needed it replaced with something decent, but I sometimes wonder if it was worth all the anger.
I know what you mean. I'm currently in the middle of making a decision, and the option that I want will inevitably lead to a lot of anger and frustration. Wondering if it's worth it too.
by Vee
Yes. Quite a few timse I have complained when a restaurant or fast food place put meat in my "vegetarian" food. In most cases this resulted in an apology and a free meal or discount on the next time.
It's fair enough you were compensated, but it's pretty slack of the businesses in the first place. You would think they would take better care with vegetarian meals. Does that mean you must always check your food before tucking in?
by Vee
Yeah, I tend to now. Usually it's bits of ham or bacon that sneak in, which is probably the meat likely to upset the broadest selection of people (vegetarians, muslims, jews...). I hope they're more careful when it comes to allergies.
Did the other day at the new 'Masters' store.
I was treated badly by a member of staff....and they were so nice, could not do enough for me.
What do you mean by 'treated badly', jonaj?
by Vee
I was telling a older male staff member what it was I was looking for, and he snapped at me...saying 'I'm well aware what it is your looking for''!

The other staff member a young girl who was with me, blushed, and told me to follow her she would help.

I was so shocked, I just followed her very quickly......I had no come back, and would not have answered him anyway, if I had one.
by jonaja
Silly man!
by Vee
I did once to Jetstar
............ and?
by donjo
Several times. The Checkout of course reminded me of what not to accept.
Here in Aus. I often feel service and presentation are not good. don't care if I might spend $200 (which is very rare) or $2, but expect to be treated as a return customer.
Japan, Sth. Korea, they seemed to present a sandwich in a superior way to here,
by Vee
I have complained and I view this as a positive because it means that I still want to do business with you.
If you had totally disenfranchised me, I would simply walk out the door without saying a word.
Oh except I would say lots of words about your bad service to anyone who is prepared to listen to me.
I've made several complaints, in person and via mail. One was with a Coles supermarket in the next suburb. The manager returned his apologies also via mail and invited me to call on him in the store where he couldn't have been more understanding and offered me free goods and better service in the future. Another was at our local Maccas outlet. I waited in a long drive through queue which probably woukd have been avoidable if I walked in and ordered. Problem was that no one could get out of either queues so waited over 1/2 hour to get my meal. Now the realproblem was that when I finally picked the meal up and drove the short distance home, it was stone cold. Couldn't eat the cold fries so they were binned and warmed the burger in the microwave which wasn't pleasant eating. Went into the store the following day and asked for duty manager, explained my displeasure at the food supplied and stated I was aware of what the problem was. The staff were making the meals and piling them up near collection window, allowing them to become very cold as they were delays with queued cars waiting on other items. She apologised citing staff calling in at last minute. I suggested appropriate staff training on NOT to have food bagged and waiting and an announcement/apology when placing order that there will be a delay and only presenting food as the cars drew up to the window. She recorded my complaint and name and offered me free replacement meal with extras any time I wanted to take advantage of it which I did several weeks later. Another time I was out with a group of friends and found all the prawns on my seafood platter still had their shelks on. I'd eaten quite a lot of the seafoid so when I called for the manager, he apologised and sent out another full platter which I just couldn't eat as there was so much of it so shared it amongst the group.
helga, your Maccas experience sounds awful. First world problem of course, but no less frustrating. I once went through a drive-through - pregnant and craving chips with sweet and sour sauce. I asked the man who handed me the bag of food if the sauce was in it. Oh yes, was his reply. Got home; no sauce. I called and called and called the Maccas. Each time the phone rang out. I drove down there and couldn't help but yelling. I was offered an apology, but that was it. Perhaps I shouldn't have yelled, but it all just came out.
by Vee
Vee, can understand the frustration and phone ringing out happens at some of these places. I make it a rule now to check the bag before I drive off because you can't always believe what you've been told. I know how you feel when you're looking forward to something and it's not what you wanted.
by helga
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