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Have you ever lodged a complaint about an advert you found offensive?

by Vee (follow)
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The AdStandards Blog, "2015 most complained about ads so far" is an interesting read.

Have you ever lodged a complaint about an advert you found offensive?

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Top Answers
Yes. There was a company (that shall remain nameless) that provided web domains that had extremely sexist ads, so I complained (along with a couple of hundred other people) and it got taken off air.
Good for you! I was probably one of them as well.
by Rice
Yes I have.

I think it was 2 ads....but many years ago.

I just remember being quite unhappy, at the contents and that they would even 'go-there'.

I like to think I have a reasonable opinion of things.
Try not too be closed minded, but on those occasions....they cross my boundary of good taste.

We now do not watch t.v. (maybe 15% of the viewing time one would have per day).
I am not really up to date with ads on t.v. now.
The mute button is broken on my remote . . . . . I am going nuts with the ads as I always mute them. I can see a new remote on the horizon.
by Rice
Yes. There was a really off ad years ago with f@rting in it. I have never found f@rts funny and it was in bad taste, so I complained.
by Rice
I complained to the advertising governing HO in Canberra about a certain TV advert which had a dog 'humping' an exercise trainer's R leg.

I got a reply, amazingly, which stated there'd been over 600 complaints about it.

Thankfully, it wasn't long afterwards that the ad ceased being televised, thank goodness.
It was crass, exploiting females yet AGAIN, & downright vulgar.
No. I have never seen an ad that I felt that strongly about. I have seen plenty of ads in my life that I don't like but usually because they are annoying. I tend to tune out when the ads come on. I may not like some ads when I first see them, but become anaestised after a while. The Ashley Madison is the first one I really disproved of, because it promotes promiscuity, which can destabilise traditional marriage values and the entire family wellbeing. However, I have not raced out and written a complaint about it. I am not sure of the process involved. I have better things to do in my life than complain !! There will always be those people who complain and need to get a life. They can be my moral compass and do all the complaining on my behalf.
I can't cope with ads about female hygiene products. Anything to do with seeping, oozing, exudating, weeping, staining, needs to be on after the dinnertime hours. If at all.I reckon if you need to use those products, you will have checked them all out anyway.
Ane the advert with the idiot boyfriend sticking napkins all over himself......jeebus.
What next, adverts showing us the reasons to use and the "soaking up strength" of men's jock straps
Do you feel the same way about ads for toilet paper or tissues?
Oh! Jennifer.......toilet paper & female sanitary items are compulsory purchases.
There is NO choice, they're non-discretionary.
Why companies' waste money actually advertising them, I've no idea.

Tissues are discretionary purchases.
by donjo
They're not advertising the general concept of menstrual products, they're advertising specific types with specific features (wings, extra absorbency etc). You might just as well say that there's no point advertising breakfast cereal because everyone knows it exists. They may well, but the companies want you to know that, for example, there is new kind of muesli available. They want you to know about their brand. That's how advertising works. And my question for Fran was more regarding the implication in her post that feminine hygiene products were gross in a way that anal or nasal hygiene products aren't, which seems an odd distinction to me. Some people seem to think there is something inherently icky about vaginas, which probably has its roots in misogyny.

Also, you regard toilet paper as non compulsory? What do you suggest people do instead? Use an old newspaper? Some people use cloth wipes for the toilet but even for my hippy self that is a bridge too far. Now my kids are potty trained the last thing I want to do is deal with other people's poo. With menstrual pads and tampons, however, there is actually a choice. You don't have to use disposable pads or tampons, you can use a menstrual cup.
BTW Fran, thanks for adding the word "exudation" to my vocabulary.
My apologies Donjo, I misread your post. I see you filed toilet paper with pads. Fair enough.
Yes Jennifer, I feel the same way about toilet tissues, tissues, deodorant,and most of all creams and lotions for fungal infections of finger nails and toenails (with graphics of the before and afters). Whilst I realise that menstruation is really normal, I cannot - absolutely cannot, see anything appealing about it. It is what it is - necessary, vital but only as vital as having regular bowel movements or passing urine. I think if you are going to HAVE to advertise products for menstruation, you can simply say there are average, medium and heavyweight and overnight products to handle the situation. Don't need ink being poured into products. Also don't appreciate the pads for the mid period leakage with the added benefit of deodorising potential. As for ideas stemming from misogyny, the largest group of people that I could label misogynists are nurses. They would do anything to NOT have to look after female patients, and one of the reasons they don't want to look after female patients is because of all things to do with vaginas and menstruation. I'm not saying that I agree with this view but certainly, most women would rather not have, discuss or think about the situation. And anyway, I'd much rather not have to deal with coming to grips with the situation at dinner time.
by fran.
Yes, I have a couple of times about nudity in ads that were shown between kids programs. They were taken off air soon enough.
Good for you, Tasneem. I don't understand why 'they' think it is appropriate to show these kinds of ads during children's shows.
by Vee
Frankly Vee,I don't think it is right to show programs with nudity until 9 or 10 PM. Unfortunately, even the national channels sometimes ignore this when it comes to showing some "cultural" programs in the middle of the day.
No I never have yet.
No, as I would not waste my time doing this.
What is offensive to me, is not necessarily to anyone else.
by Finy
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