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Have you ever known anyone who went to jail?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever known anyone who went ot jail, and did you visit them?

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Top Answers
Yes I have had quite a good friend go to jail in Sydney.

I visited him several times when I went on holidays and he jokingly said he liked it in there as no one nagged him!!

He was in Long Bay Jail and it was many years ago and very interesting.
by Finy
Yes but I never visited because I wasn't able to
by AJ
Yes, I had a friend who went to prison for stealing a car. I didn't meet him until afterwards though.
When I worked in public accounting I had a couple of clients who had done jail terms but have not known anybody personally that this has happened to.
I know people who have been in prison, but that was before I met them.
No I don't think I have...have known of people who I have been told about by people I know
by Fran
Yes I have known several people who had served prison terms.One was employed where I worked in a back-to-work rehabilitation situation.He was a delightful young fellow who was genuinely remorseful for breaking the law. He also was extremely talented with restoring antique furniture!! Another was a dear friend who had been wrongly jailed for rape,and it caused a major inquiry.He was totally exonerated of the crime,thank heavens,but it went on for many years.
No, so far as I know no-one I've ever known has been in jail. Though I was horrified to discover many years later that one of the guests at my wedding (husband of an old family friend on my husband's side) had been investigated for child sex offences but never charged through lack of evidence. If I had known beforehand, I would never have had him at the wedding.
He was investigated and no charges laid he was not taken in front of a judge due to lack of evidence. Yet you choose to judge him?
Yes. I do. There is a big difference between there being no evidence and not enough evidence to convict. Particularly with sex offences and even more so with those involving children and back in the 1970s. Apparently it was known that he had committed offences but there was not enough proof that would satisfy the court. So yes, I judge him and I would never have knowingly exposed my friends and family and their children to him.
Too many paedophiles have been left uncharged because the system protects them far more than the victims.
Get off your high horse and stop trying to protect someone who is vile and disgusting.
Well in my eyes you would be wrong an older relative of mines husband was accused but not tried and then commited suicide.. It was only when his wife died some 45yrs later his accusers (who were children at the time)admitted that they were lying.
Yes and yes.
I love how you didn't ask if we had ever been sentenced to prison ourselves!

As far as I know, I've only known one person who went to jail, and I didn't know him well. He went to jail for arson. He was paid by the owner of his apartment building to torch the place for the insurance money. Both were caught and jailed. That had to be almost 20 years ago now.
A former work colleague's husband, a lawyer, went to gaol for 'gifting' money to a crooked pollie, who's in gaol now. He only got four months', should've been longer! And no, I didn't visit him in gaol.

The ironic part of this story was this woman always 'looked down her nose' at me at work, as she came from a privileged background & just wasn't a nice person at all.
She was shocked to discover her children went to the same Private top-notch Schools as mine did! She just thought I was a 'nobody'.

Well lady, my husband's NOT a criminal & has never been a 'jail-bird'!
KARMA, in spades! Gotta love it!

LOL -good one!
by Finy
No but I know an awful lot of people that I consider should be in gaol
Yes and I visited him. He had an betting addition to which he has been 'cured'
Try: 'He had a betting addiction, from which he's now been cured'.....
Don't believe that ANYONE who has an addiction of ANY SORT, can be 'cured'!
by donjo
Yes my son wet to jail. It was a big shock as no one in my family had ever been put in jail before. He had been out with his mates, and an ex of his wife kept getting in his face and saying nasty things about his wife. Eventually this guy got in his face one time too many times and my son punched him and broke his jaw. Yes he should have walked away, gone somewhere else etc, etc, but he didn't. Please know I do not condone violence in anyway unless you need to defend yourself. He was given 3 months as he owned up to doing the wrong thing. I was so worried about what was going to happen to him in there. But he is out now and survived the time. He had a birthday in there, missed his first Anniversay and his sons birthday as well. I believe he has learnt his lesson. I hope he has anyway. I know he missed his family very much. I did not go to visit him.
My wife's dad! lol This is for real. I'm not joking.
I went to court with my "boyfriend". He had told me what had happened. I was not surprised when he was sentenced to jail, but he was! I visited him several times including one time when I hitch-hiked with my sister and a guy friend down the highway. Going was easy; coming back was not. It was getting dark and we were worried about getting a ride home before dark. Finally an American stopped to pick us up because our guy had on an American flag T-shirt. We had to squat in the back of a station wagon but we got home safely.
To my knowledge, never. The closest I have ever been to a jail was drving past Boggo Road or David Longland Correctional.
by Rice
Yes, a sis-in-law's brother-in-law, in another state. I can't remember for how long, & it was for selling drugs. He's been a very good man, since he came out, quite a few years ago now.
by Miro
Lots as I once worked in A Prison in New Zealand.
No but I have visited a prison's psychiatric unit when I worked in the psychiatric field some years ago.
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