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Have you ever had your heart broken?

by silvi (follow)
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Have you ever had your heart broken?

How did you get over it?

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Top Answers
Yes, I have once. The only thing you can do about it is to let time heal.
Once. I was very young and I distinctly remember the feeling . . like an elevator plummeting to the basement. I didn't like it so I made sure it never happened again. Sadly, the grief that losing a beloved pet bestows on us is a heartbreak as well.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, how true are your words in your last sentence!

I had to have my beautiful British Blue cat at age nearly 22, & my beloved Corgi at nearly 16, put down, both due kidney failure.
That was 31, & 16 years' ago, respectively.

I still miss both of them every day of my life...........

by donjo
Yes I have. But that was went I was really young.
Yes I have more than once.

It has to be one of the most dreadful feelings we can have, and only one real cure.
I have tried everything, and it still always came to the same conclusion.
It can be hard to except.

I kept very busy, because it was quite painful.

But, it still came down to time to heal.
Yes I have had my heart broken twice, it was like going through a grieving.
Technically you can't break your heart. However, emotionally I had my heart broken when my husband died three years ago today.
Norma sending you hugs. Anniversaries and special days are hard. I found the lead up to them the worst. I had my heart broken when my husband died 30 years ago, so I remember the pain. X
by annfi
Thank you annfi for such a lovely response. It is hard isn't it?
by norma
Yes I have and it took a long time for me to get over it. I did eventually. They say time heals all sorrows/ pain.
My heart was broken when my husband died 30 years ago. I am coping with a broken heart now, as my son's ex has denied us access to my dear grand daughters.
I think dealing with a broken heart takes time and the pain is like a burden that is always there but one you become used to bearing in time.
There are so many ways to have your heartbroken Annfi - you have to wonder at the inner strength some of us have to deal with it. You read about grandparents not having access to their grandchildren, and that must be so difficult for you Annfi - my heart goes out to you.
by norma
Thanks Norma. It is a huge sadness ans I was so close to my own Grandparents. My eldest grand daughter and I had a great relationship, unfortunately I haven't had the oportunity to even get to know the younger darling.
by annfi

Yes when my first wife died just after our 25th Wedding anniversary.
She died just 6 weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. She was only 44 years of age.
That's very sad and I hope you have many happy memories. I see you said first wife, so I hope that means you have found love with another lovely lady and bless you for that. Be happy.
by Rice
Yes, I thought everyone had!
by Finy
No, luckily I've never had a broken heart.
by Miro
I've had my heart broken a couple of times, first it was my first love, after a couple of months he thought we would have a short break, I was devistated, we didn't end up together, looking back now I'm glad we didn't. Then another a few years later, after nearly 3 years together, he decided to break up, I didn;t take it too well, I thought I was going to die. and I lost a lot of weight, he came to see me a couple of months down the track, but I couldn't risk going through that again.
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