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Have you ever had to dial 000 emergency?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever had to dial 000?

What was your emergency?

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Top Answers
I have only ever once had to call 000 - when I had an accident on my farm and was living alone.
I was in a paddock and my phone did not work at first - eventually it did, and the ambulance was there within a few minutes I think - AND they cut off my best Jag jeans - I had had them for years and they were my favourite!!
by Finy
I know they like to cut things...lol...Same happened to me, but I told them Not to cut my jacket, once when had a accident.So we just got it off the normal way....lol.
by jonaja
I have called an emergency number when I saw a motor vehicle accident on the road.
Yeah me too horrible isn't it...you really hope that the folk are ok, and not hurt so bad.
by jonaja
Yes,I needed an ambulance after falling face down onto tiles when I blacked out at the top of my 3 steps from kitchen to TV room. I smashed my face in several places plus injured other already fragile areas. It was 7 am on a Sunday,
I ended up in Hospital for 6 nights!!! The ambulance depot is literally around the corner form my home,so they were here within minutes
Good Grief!!! Jules you poor thing :( OMG.....
by jonaja
Yes,it certainly was an experience I will never forget,and also one I never wish to repeat! I was ever so lucky not to have done worse damage with the 3 breaks to the left eye socket and the break to my nose!!The blow-out fractures as they are called,have left me with facial nerve damage through the left side as well as double vision in that eye,though the vision is better now after just over 3 and a half years, than it was when I did this dreadful thing! The Dr in A and E managed to get my nose back into place so it has healed extremely well,thank heavens, and I must say that the almost week in hospital did me the absolute world of good,apart from the worry I felt for my beloved dogs the whole time I was there!!!It actually happened the day before New Years Eve,so I was very fortunate that my dear neighbour was staying in town for the holidays and he took extra special care of my Fur Babies,as well as coming to check that I was okay,so he could phone my son in Melbourne and let him know all the updates!!! I am so very blessed to have such wonderful neighbours who are definitely there when needed!!!
by Jules
W O W !!!!
by jonaja
Yes indeed I have.

Had someone trying to get into the side door of my house.It was in the small hours of the morning about 2 am.

I had my son with me in the house he was about 5 or 6.
Rang 000.....told them, and the guy still kept trying to get into the house....I was beside myself!

I stayed on the line with the 000 lady, told her I was in a panic....he just kept trying and trying to get in.

The Police got there in record time, guns drawn, and then I just lost the plot, as they took him away. I had no idea what happened but I became enraged...with the guy.

Police had to calm me down.... as a single Mother I guess some instinct kicked in, I did not even know what snapped in my head, just lost the plot.
Totally surprised myself, big time.

You just never know how you will act, in a situation....like that.

How terrifying.
I have heard of this happening and it turned out to be someone drunk at the wrong house.
by annfi
Oh yes. I have called 000 quite a few times. I called 000 when the house next door had smoke coming out of it. A pot was left on the stove whilst they were at church. My son told me and he was a local hero and in the newspaper and everything. I have called for the ambulance on a few occasions when family members have been sick or injured. Also, at work, I would call for the ambulance all the time when patients needed to go to hospital.
Scary Stuff!
by jonaja

And hope I never have to!
Amen to that I hope so too :)

by jonaja
Yes...a couple of times. We once had vandals come through our street, kick in cars, and damage fences. The second time was when we arrived home and noticed that our alarm had been triggered. We walked into the house and could hear something in the roof...it sounded heavy, the ceiling was creaking...of course, it turned out to be just a bird. When it flew out of the manhole (in the presence of about six officers) I was absolutely mortified and cried like an idiot.
by Vee
oh how embarrassing!!!
by Finy
Thanks Finy! I was hoping for a 'better to be safe than sorry' comment! Hahaha!
by Vee
Better to have called them and not needed their help, than the reverse.
by annfi
LOL, thank you, annfi. Despite the tears, those were my sentiments at the time.
by Vee
Once, about 37 years ago, i had to ring for the fire brigade! I had a small stove/oven fire, when I was baking a cake. I asked the firemen NOT to have the siren on when they came to the house, but they sill did! They did a great job cleaning after them selves as well! Another time, we didn't call the ambulance, when my husband had a heart attack at 2am. He took an aspirin, then drove us to the emergency entrance of our local hospital. When we arrived here, he said he was feeling better, so we came we again & went back to bed, but 45 mins minutes later, he thought he should return to the hospital!! He spent 6 days there, then they transferred him to a city hospital to have 3 stints put in. We never thought to ring for an ambulance & his car had to sit in the emergency car spare for 10 days at the local hospital, because I can't drive! He picked it up on his way home, from the 2nd hospital!
by Miro
oh gosh, how awful!
by Finy
Yes, unfortunately - when my husband was very ill and was hospitalised.
Yes I have a few times. I have dilled 000 for my elderly grandmother when she was having chest pains a couple of times and when she had a fall. I dialled triple 0 when my neighbours violent husband turned up at her house immediately after I had been to court with her to get a dvo. The officer argued on the phone that there was no DVO, but I said there must be a clerical error , this man is dangerous and has weapons. I meant that he owns weapons but the operator though I meant he was carrying them. Five cars arrived in record time! I was sorry to have wasted the time of so many officers but it taught me that if you think a situation is likely to lead to injury or death mention weapons...
Yes. Twice. Once for a robbery and once when somebody tried to get into my work at 3 a.m. In both cases the Police were very prompt.
by Rice
Yes for Burglary, unknown car parked.
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