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Have you ever had to call the police?

by Vee (follow)
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We once had vandals come through our street. They kicked in my dadís car, dented some fences and made a general mess of things. We called the police, but were told that nothing could be done because the vandals were probably underage - a lot of good that did.

Have you ever had to call the police? If so, how long did it take for them to come out?

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Top Answers
No, Never came across any situation to call the police.
Yes. Some idiot kids were blowing up drink containers on the grounds of the school near my house and accidentally set a small fire. That kind of thing is a very big deal in Australia (especially during a hot, dry summer, which this was) because it's very easy for bushfires to start and they can destroy huge areas of bushland, houses and kill people and animals. So we called the police and gave a description of the kids but I don't think anything came of it. They didn't do it again though. I think they scared themselves as well as us.
Yes, I was in bed and heard someone trying to get into the house via-side door.
I called the Police, they came...Funny how a person react's in a case like that.
I was alone with my 7 year old in the house,he was asleep in bed.
When they got the guy, I reacted badly...and wanted to 'drop-him'.
One Police officer lead him away, and I just could not stop thinking'what-if he had got in'.Took the police maybe 5 mins to get there...amazing time.
I've actually called the police on 4 different occasions. Once a man ran in front of my car because he was being chased by another man carrying a knife, that was eight or so years ago. Then 4 years ago a drugged-up junkie was vandalizing vehicles on my block, then a few months ago I was flagged down while driving because a drunk woman was looking for a ride. I called the police because she was in no condition to trying to hitch a ride, turns out the police were actually looking for her anyway. Lastly, a few nights ago I called the police because it sounded like there was an explosion at 12:30 at night. We were just getting ready for bed and it scared the heck out of us, shook the house a little and everything. Turns out a semi truck blew a tire on the highway next to our house. When they blow a tire, it causes quite the noise. I felt pretty stupid for that call once I knew what the cause was. Not so much for the other calls.
I called them once when I thought my best friend had suicided.
However I in my panic, was trying to open the gate the wrong way.

She had not answered her mobile for 24 hours which was very unlike her, and she had left a weird message the night before.

So I "read between the lines" as she often talked about suicide. I let her be the whole night as I thought if she really wants to die, it is her perogative.

I phoned the police lunch time the next day, and they opened the gate, rang the doorbell, and a sleepy friend opened the door.

She had drunk some wine, and was ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS about me! We ended up laughing over the whole thing, and the Police were very understanding.
by Finy
That's certainly a story Finy. It was a good thing she could see the funny side of it.
by Vee
You did the right thing...anyway :)
by jonaja
Yes, to rowdy neighbours at 2am!
Cops arrived within 10 minutes'.

Neighbours must've learnt their 'lesson' because didn't have to do it again!
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