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Have you ever had the misfortune of treading in chewing gum?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever trodden on chewing gum and had it stuck to your shoe?

How did you get it off your shoe?

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Top Answers
I havent had this happen for a long time...says she, hitting wood.

It is SO difficult to get this off once you have been walking on it for a while.

I cannot imagine why anyone would actually spit out their chewing gum onto the road/footpath! A horrible inconsiderate habit.
by Finy
It is a filthy thing to do and I get so angry when I think of how many birds die from the damned stuff. We were always taught to keep the wrapper then roll it up and put it in the bin. Anyway, dentists say chewing gum is very bad for your jaw.
by Rice
Eucalyptus oil will remove it. I have never had a really bad "chewy" incident but my daughter has. When she was in school some little #$%$&**(#! threw a piece in her hair. We had to have it all cut off. Too say I was furious would be a large understatement. Apparently he nearly peed his pants when he saw her hair all gone. Luckily, it ended up making her very trendy. *Winning*
by Rice
haha Rice! Why didnt you tell me about the Eucalyptus oil when it happened years ago! bit late now....
by Finy
If I could turn back time,
If I could find a way . . .
by Rice
I try to watch where I am going when I walk, but I probably have had this happen to me as a child. I can't remember how I would have gotten it off. Maybe my Dad got it off for me. I have heard that vinegar is good for this purpose. I haven't seen any chewing gum on the footpaths for years and years. Maybe people are getting the message about this bad habit (do people still chew gum ?), or maybe where we live people just don't do this. I don't see people chewing gum anymore.
Yes Lluxi, i occasionally chew gum particularly when I have had garlic and can still taste it! I have actually sat at a table in a restaurant once and there was some just under the table stuck to the table - how uncouth!
by Finy
Only a few times in my life, I look down a fair bit when walking, so I don't trip or fall......Always have.
Chewing gum ''dropping'' should be banned.
I have on occasion. I find it more annoying when i sit on a chair with gum and it gets on my clothes.
I have, but I'd much prefer it to dog poo.
Yes I have stepped in it. I wish people would stop littering! We were taught to always throw gum in the garbage.
I was actually sitting in a club when some moron stuck it to the fabric seat. Naturally it spread when I got up to move and I ended up spreading it on tbe chair I moved to before I realised what had happened. Not happy Jan!!!
Yes I have done this,but VERY rarely ,and a VERY long time in the past!!! On the rare occasions that we did chew gum ourselves we were taught,as was Rice, to always keep the wrapper to put the used gum into and then take it to the nearest bin!I was never a huge fan of chewing the stuff,as I hated that I had to hang on to it somehow till I could dispose of it properly(i.e. WRAPPED!!!).Thus standing on someone else's made me positively cringe!!! Even the thought of it makes me feel rather squirmy!!! And as Finy noted, when ignoramuses stick it on the underside of a table in an eatery or restaurant, I feel it is so uncouth that I have actually gotten up and walked away!!! We always had Eucalyptus oil in the cupboard at home for things such as this.It is a really super little item to keep as a staple item in the home!
I can't remember the last time this happened to me. It must've been in high school. I therefore can't remember how I got it off. Probably scraped it off with a stick. :-|
by Vee
Yes and can understand countries like Singapore banning Chewing Gum.

Getting off the soles of your shoes - very difficult.
But scrape most of with a sharp tool and then use something like a solvent to remove the final residue.
Not often, but like Rice, used Eucalyptus Oil, or Ti-Tree oil.

They're great for getting off sticky 'anything', eg price labels on books, biro marks on leather, followed by leather dressing, marks on tables, even if 'permanent' pens'.
So simple, & easy to use!
I haven't stepped in guy yet, but I have stepped in chewy gummy lollies. It was extremely unpleasant. I haven't worn the pair of shoes since because I don't know how to get rid of it.
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