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Have you ever had a panic attack?

by Vee (follow)
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panic attack
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Panic attacks or anxious episodes can be really scary, especially if you don't know what's going on.

They affect different people in different ways but are often accompanied by fears of going 'crazy' or losing control.

Have you ever had a panic attack? How did you deal with it?

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Top Answers
I have had them over the years.

I remember one, I thought I Was going mad.

They have a way of making one think the world is coming to an end, right there right now.
The best thing I did was to get Help, and quickly.
Since then, I have never had any problems...We need to be fully in Control of our own mind's.
Left to it's own device, a mind thinking of all the things it can, will lead to having these attacks.

If I really wanted too, I could right now sit at my desk and after say 10 mins of thinking about certain things, cause myself to have a fully out of control panic attack!

We must not allow our minds to wander into these areas, they are toxic.

Too right.
by Vee
Panic attacks, 'attack' people from ALL walks of life.
They do not just attack a certain group of people.

They happen from fear and once we understand 'how' to take charge
We become the master of our thought's.
We must not allow these debilitating thoughts to even take a hold
in our heads.
by jonaja
I've had two panic attacks. One was when I was going through court with my x, and one was after I lost my son. Truly horrific and I hope I never go through that again.
Did you think you were going to lose your mind? That's what ran through my head?
by Vee
I've had a serious panic attack only once. I thought I was losing my mind, and I felt I needed to run away from where I was. It was incredibly scary at the time.
by Vee
I have them all the time. Anxiety and panic attacks are a symptom of several of the chronic medical conditions I live with and although it doesn't make them easier to cope with, I do at least know what is happening and why.

As for how I deal with them, I carry Bach Rescue remedy with me everywhere and drink gallons of the stuff! I control my breathing, and have various hypnotherapy techniques I can use to get my mind back under control. The success of these strategies varies though, depending on what else is going on and the severity of the panic attack. The biggest help to getting through them is remembering that I've survived every previous attack so far....
VerityG, that's awful! I'm doing a self-help course called 'Attacking Anxiety and Depression' created by the Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety. Thus far, it has helped me quite a bit. I'd recommend it to others. It's quite expensive, but have a look on eBay - my mother found the entire set on there for a quarter of the current retail price.
by Vee
Yes I have had a couple.

I have had jsut two panic attacks.

One was shortly after my daughter died, and I thought I was having a heart attack and was not really phased at the time as I did not want to be alive anyway.

The second was much later and I was petrified this time but think I had a brown bag that I breathed into -it went away fairly quickly the second time, and while I have had really "nervous" episodes at later events, have not had that awful feeling of a panic attack.

I feel very sorry for people who get them regularly, and do not know if perhaps after having had several, you do not get so scared as you get used to it?.
by Finy
That's terrible, Finy. I'm doing a self-help course at the moment called 'Attacking Anxiety and Depression', and there are some people on there - who have now overcome their problems - who had anxiety attacks everyday and said they were just as scary as with the first.
by Vee
I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for most of my adult life. It seems to go hand in hand with the depression I have also suffered from, on and off, for that time. These days my panic attacks are often triggered by flashbacks to my children's births or by thinking of the children. Sometimes I will simply get this overwhelming fear that something bad is going to happen to one of the kids and I will spiral into a panic until I know they are safe. It affects my breathing and mental capacity and afterwards I feel very "wiped out". I use some hypnosis techniques to help calm my breathing and to focus.
You said very well 'how' they can start.
We have to control our thought's before they control us.

Not easy to do, but it can be done! :)
by jonaja
Yes! It can be very hard to control the thoughts. But it can become a very necessary skill to learn.
by lizzi
I have an extreme anxiety disorder and am medicated accordingly. I thought this allowed me enough control to ensure my panic attacks were relatively mild (i.e. didn't think the world was going to end but certainly a sense of helplessness spiraling out of control. Until one day..... I couldn't breath and I had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance. Now that was scary....
by kimp
Yes. Not nice. Am no longer in situation where I'd get one. Thank God for that.
Yes, only once, when stuck in a traffic jam on my way to my Dad's funeral. But I kept up with the deep breathing and the talking to myself to calm myself (worked to a point - I shall had a lot of bad things to say about the traffic)
. I have had quite a lot of them. I don't have them anymore since I learned to meditate. Meditation is great for stress and anxiety. It puts YOU in control of your emotions and thoughts, and if practiced correctly, it really helps
The major one I remember is back in August 2009, backstage before playing in a concert.
IT had been a hectic fortnight at work at the time, culminating in my boss collapsing in the school corridor due to the stress SHE was under.

Backstage I got a tight feeling in my throat and felt overwhelmed with everyone there. I wrote a quick note and left it for the conductor in her dressing room. (she also has a medical degree so I knew she'd understand the language, etc)

She came to find me to ask how I was, as I just needed somewhere to be on my own. I now know some of it was a symptom of the then undiagnosed Aspergers syndrome I have, that often accompanies depression and/or anxiety, the latter of which I have. The conductor is no longer with the group, but remains one of my best friends, who I can and do tell, everything, good and bad.
It's encouraging to hear you have a good support person on your side, amand.
by Vee
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