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Have you ever gone on driving while very tired?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever gone on driving when you felt really tired and had to keep yourself awake?

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Top Answers
This has happened to me a few times when I lived in the country -I think twice -it was only one hours drive from the city and one day I can remember pinching myself as I thought I would fall asleep!

I also had to stop driving once in my life on a longer drive as I thought I was no longer concentrating properly and would be a danger if I went on -very dangerous and foolish to go on.
by Finy
Once. I was driving home from uni one day. I was so insanely tired I felt like I was dreaming as I drove home. It was scary, I actually imagined myself having an accident and waking up.
by Vee
I think at one time, we all may have.
I have years ago, and it's not fun.
Some highways don't have a place to pull over.
It is a concern for many of us, feeling tired can start to come over a person,without much warning.

I say when all cars have the ' eye recognition' like some now do, the roads
will be a much safer place to drive.
The moments your eyes start to close a warning go's off in the car.
Brilliant idea!
No, I never have because I don't drive!
by Miro
I think my answer was for those who do drive?
by jonaja
One time on a long road trip. All I can say is never again will I drive without breaks every 2 hours.
No. I have to be very careful about being well enough to drive and for a long time actually stopped driving altogether as I found I would be well enough to drive TO somewhere but then too exhausted to drive BACK again....
No I've never taken that risk
No! I do not drive at all!
Yes I have. I was returning home from work one night and feeling extremely tired. I decided to wind down the windows to feel the blast of the cool night air,I tried singing aloud, doing facial exercises, dancing in my seat. None of these worked. Eventually,I briefly dozed off and woke up just before I was about to hit a guardrail. I was so frightened thereafter that it was impossible to sleep for the rest of the journey.
Yes I have done this a few times. The only reason I keep driving is because I am to get the journey over and done with as quick as possible. Thankfully I have never been so tired that anything bad has happened
by AJ
Not that I can recall....very aware of the dangers...
by fran
Don't own a car
No, that's just both stupid & dangerous!
Have pulled over a few times on long trips & had a sleep. One time pulled into a NP, got under shady tree & had a few hours' sleep.
I don't drive, but when we used to drive to & from Melbourne, (taking items down there to our daughters) I was always looking at my watch, & i'd ask my husband to turn off, next place he could for a rest. Those tiny places off the highway have interesting little shops, e.g. a cafe, antique shop, or a big pond, where 1 can have a rest//quite nap on a blanket, or a sandwich sitting in a park. 1 time I used the loo next to a bowling green wire fence, & there were 3 tiny frogs around the toilet seat! It must have been during a very dry spell, because I didn't see them again the next couple of times we'd called in there.
by Miro
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