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Have you ever embarressed yourself in public?

by Vee (follow)
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Have you ever embarrassed yourself in public? How did you mitigate the situation?

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Top Answers
Oh yes. I was on the train heading to uni. We, passengers were packed like sardines, and I burst out laughing. I thought it was so strange that we were all within kissing distance of each other and not a word was spoken. Clearly, I thought about it too long and too hard and it manifested itself in "crazy" behaviour. Needless to say, people felt very uncomfortable.
by Vee
Two words: Friday night.

I try not to drink as much as I used to, 3 years ago. It's just not worth it.
by Vee
I think I may have.
Can't remember but it must have happened...or...I haven't lived.
Well that's what I believe.

I do stear clear of anything that may happen, as not sure how I would handle it now.
A long time ago when I was a school, I tripped going down the stairs. Instead of falling, I went flying up into the air for what felt like forever, with my legs flapping back and forth before I made a landing on the last step. Everyone was staring at me.
Oh my. Were you hurt?

by Vee
Not at all. I landed safely on my feet. While I was in the air, I looked a not like a hurdle jumper. It felt like I was going in slow motion.
Oh plenty of times! Falling, having something on my face and not realising, losing control like an absolute baffoon! Countless times!
I'm sure I have but cannot think of where and when!
by Finy
Was at local S/C, blithely walking around, 'mall mooching', passing many people, chatted to some store's sales assistants, as you do.

After a time, went into the Ladies, where there're mirrors, of course, to discover I had my blouse on INSIDE OUT!
It's a light mauve, with an embroidered design on the front, & looks exactly the same either way round! Only diff is the seams can be seen on the shoulders, if inside out.

Talk about embarrassment! So went into cubicle, & got myself re-attired, correctly!

I thought, all those people I'd come into contact with in that time, & not ONE had told me! Maybe they thought it was on correctly!

Anytime I wear it now, I make certain I've got it on right way round! Lol! (but not at the time!)
I laughed out loud at this donjo. How funny! Did you think that perhaps it wasn't the first time you had worn that particular blouse inside out?

I often wonder whether people notice these things - food in teeth, undone zippers - and if they do, why they don't say anything. I did the same thing you did, luckily I had only gone to my mother's.

Actually that reminds me of another story. I once wore a shirt to mum's house. The image on the front of the shirt makes it look a little like I've been rolling in mud - but it's symbolic and supports the text on the front. My mother looked at me and said, "Vee your shirt is filthy". Thanks mum, because I would leave the house in a filthy shirt, hahaha. I had a good laugh.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, we sure can have some funny clothes episodes!

And yes, if I see someone with a 'malfunction', I tell them! Only courteous to do so.

One time I remember, which was something I'd 'die' over if it ever had happened to me,was strolling through the Lobby of Kuala Lumpur Hilton Hotel, whilst on my Honeymoon, saw lady in a beautiful white dress alight from her bar stool.
Then I noticed IT!

I casually walked up beside her, & whispered to her the 'problem'. She thanked me, & went to Lift Lobby.
by donjo
Oh no! Good on you for telling her. I would have been a bit nervous, but would have told her too.

I have always regretted not approaching a man at church who had bird crap in his hair. Everybody was seated and mass hadn't yet begun. He was a few pews in-front and to the left of us. I knew that, if I walked over to him, I would have drawn more attention to him. I should have told him though. Poor bugger sat through the entire mass with crap in his hair. :|
by Vee
Oh! Yes, Vee. That was a difficult situation, as you're correct, it would've drawn attention to him. I'd have waited til Mass was over, & tell him on way out of Church.
At least inside the Church, it was a 'contained' situation. Parishioners may've been able to quietly 'snigger', but they certainly couldn't lol!
Wonder if anybody else noticed, & told him?
By telling him on way out of the Church, he'd be able to wipe it away before getting to the 'uncontained' outside, which would've been worse for him!

by donjo
Not unless it had dried up by then... :-| Oh dear.
by Vee
Another time, was in Melbourne. Friends had just dropped me off at the Wentworth Hotel, now the Sofitel.

I was walking up the broad stairs, looking at shops to my right, when I missed a step, & went flat on my face!
From out of nowhere, two men, one each either side of me, literally 'scooped' me up to my feet! I was ever so grateful to them.


My sunglasses were broken, my knuckles looked like I'd done ten rounds with Johnny Famechon!

Next I was 'checking in' to this beautiful Hotel, with bloodied hands, by now aching, & really sore, to the point I could hardly write my name!

I'm just amazed no bones, anywhere, were broken, as I'd fallen heavily.

Serves me right, NOT watching where I was going!
Next time I was there, I was VERY mindful of my stepping! Lol!
Oh no, donjo! That is so terrible! Luckily those men were there to help you, and luckily you weren't badly hurt. You must have been in shock though, yes?
by Vee
Yes, Vee, I was. Not only were my hands, & knuckles cut & bleeding, they were shaking.
When I got to my room, I had a bath, which relaxed me. Got hands cleaned. Gently lathered them afterwards with moisturiser, but they still hurt for a few days, then the bruises arose, every colour you can imagine! No lasting effects, thank goodness!
by donjo
Yes, getting out of a taxi (left side), right foot got caught in a front seat safety belt and I ended up flat on my back on the curb with legs sprawled in the air. I now check hazards and try and exit cars 'elegantly' - not always with success, but that as bad as that moment.
Oh my gosh sjcmm, that is just as bad as donjo's second account. Were you ok?
by Vee
Yes, the only thing that took a hit was 'dignity' :-)
by sjcmm
Oh! scjmm, that would've hurt! Hopefully you had slacks on! I was thankful that I had a slacks-suit on, as in above comment!
by donjo
Oh! scjmm, that would've hurt! Hopefully you had slacks on! I was thankful that I had a slacks-suit on, as in above comment!
by donjo
No slacks, which made it all the more disasterous :-)
by sjcmm
Oh! scjmm, yes, you're right!
by donjo
Yes, when i was in year 1, my mother send me to school under any undies, & some kids were wheeling me around! Then 2 months ago, I was hurrying to the station, from a daughter’s house in Melbourne, with my daughter & husband, when I tripped on the middle speed hump (of 3) next to a crossing of the same colour. as we were hurrying for the station, which was very close by. This happened near a roundabout! Heavens knows how many people were laughing their heads off in their cars! Luckily i was wearing leggings with my cotton dress! I didn’t hurt my self, except for a small spot on my left knee. (The scar is still there) My daughter back-tracked & pulled me up!
Far out, miro_. :|
by Vee
Too many times to count.
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