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Have you ever dozed off in a theater?

by Smita (follow)
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Have you been to a movie that was so boring or you were so tired that you literally dozed off in a movie theater?

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Top Answers
If you want to sleep at the movies go check out the new Godzilla
Yes, I have! Whenever I go to late-night movies and have had a (very) long day, I often tend to doze off for about 10-15 minutes! :O
Yep sure have, only to have my son elbow me in the ribs!!!

But, I can do better than that, I was so tired once I went to sleep in a 4,000 seated church, at the front row.The lady preacher looked down at me my son said, and continued.
What can I say?
When your tired and getting older....stuff happens :) lol lol lol.
I've felt myself drifting before, but I have never actually fallen asleep. The last time I remember my eyes beginning to close was during 'District 9', because I absolutely hated that movie.'
I've never fallen asleep so far, but I've fallen into deep boredom with films that have really not captured my interest.
No, but I had a man fall asleep behind me in a very small studio and he started snoring and it was really embarrassing because the actors were close enough to see and hear! Our whole row because very embarrassed because we didn't know what to do....
I think the only movie I remember dozing off in the theater was a recent one called Oblivion (or maybe it was After Earth) because it was sooooooo boring. With all the snacking that goes on the theaters, it's hard to doze off, especially with the toilet breaks we need to run off to with two kids.
No, but I did fall asleep in the Uni library, fortunately the book on my face stifled my snores and soaked up the saliva.
No I havent but once in Sydney I was at a small theatre and someone on the other side was snoring -it was terrible! No one woke him for several minutes and there were silences in the play and all you could hear was this awful man snoring!

I could not sleep at something like this.
by Finy
Don't go to movies too often these days, due lack of worthwhile films that attract me with their subject matter.

Go to many live Theatre performances, & due to being totally relaxed with beautiful music being played, do occasionally nod off!
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