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Have you ever blamed alcohol for the way you behaved or something you did?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever blamed alcohol for the way you have behaved, or for doing something after drinking?

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Top Answers
I no longer drink at all and there was only one time in my life when I was drunk and woke up several hours later with a group in Kings Cross at a coffee lounge.

So, no I have not blamed alcohol apart from this incident which was about 45 years ago!
by Finy
No I haven't.
Not something I would do.
No! If I behave badly I take responsibility for it, I don't blame anyone or anyTHING for that.

Having said that I'd like to say that it's been many years since I was in a position like this LOL
No! I have never had so much to drink that I have behaved any more inappropriately than I would normally do!! What a boring soul I sound like!!
No I have not BLAMED ALCOHOL as we are all responsible for our choices and behaviour.. Have certainly wanted to and tried but ultimately I know it was MY FAULT to choose to drink and act like a d.......!
by Fran
Alcohol is by far the worst thing I ever indulged in...... EVERYTHING that has gone wrong from the age of 17 to when I stopped the nightmare at the age of 47. I am your true alcoholic in every sense of the word. I was an egotistic, belligerent, angry, jealous, quick tempered JERK!
Two marriages were doomed, two fantastic kids (now adults) hate me and my miserable life was leading up the road to 'No-Where Land"
I stopped at age 46. I am now a lay-back 65. Stopping putting poisons into my body and mind was the best thing I ever did.
I don't drink and I've never been drunk.
Nope. Even when I used to get drunk regularly I never blamed alcohol for anything more than my terrible dancing and occasionally falling over!!
Hmm. Not out loud, but I do wonder if alcohol was a contributing factor to something I once did.
by Vee
I have never been that blind drunk that I can't remember what I did or said. If I do drink wine, I usually switch off if I start getting tipsy. Nowadays I just have a glass of wine occasionally and don't even reach the tipsy stage
Alcohol makes me sick 99% of the time and I can never gauge when . . so I don't indulge much at all. I try not to behave badly or offend people ever.
by Rice
I used to drink quite heavily a few years ago, and now it's every now and then, or if I'm on hollidays at happy hour,I tend to drink more then, have I blamed something I did on alcohol, I don't think so.
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