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Have you ever been pulled over by the cops?

by chipp (follow)
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You often drive past those that have been pulled over by cops. You may, or may not, know what it is like. Have you ever been pulled over by the cops? And if you have, what was it for?

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Top Answers
Never! I have been on my P's for 2 years, and get excited everytime I see a booze bus, but no go yet...
Once 41 years ago, I lost my 'P' plate off my car...Got a HUGE Fine.
Second for speeding over the limit by 5 k's (got off because of my driving record was very good).
Third....just 6 months ago, for absolutely nothing.
I asked 'why'?
He said can I see your licence, I gave it to him....he gave it back, said have a nice day.
Yes i have been pulled over. Those get added to the interesting memories of my life !!
Yes, I turned off before the booze bus and was followed by a cop car sirens blaring and given a breath test. I only had to go round the corner to drop off my passenger at her retirement unit and I don't drink with the tablets I'm taking. Thought it was rather amusing.

Yes once, when my break light wasn't working. He was a nice policeman and just made me aware of the fault - he didn't give me a ticket. I've been breathalysed several times.
Driven for 25 years and not cops until last week on my birthday. I was driving the company car which they forgot to re-licence.
Not yet:)
Not yet, but was so close on the M4 once...
So far so good. Been pulled over for RBT more times than I wish to remember though, I guess that's what I get for having a red car.
Don't red cars go faster?
by grann
My one doesn't but with pop-up headlights, a sunroof and fat muffler it looks like it would.
Twice, but I wasn't doing anything wrong. I was pulled over for a random breath test. The person in front of me appeared to be pooping bricks. I think someone had been drinking...
by Vee
Only ever for a random breath test. Law abiding citizens in this house.
Yes. Three times. All for speeding. In each instance I had a good excuse, but at no time did they wash with the fuzz. Once my neighbour pulled me over, and still this conscientious fellow fined me. It was the talk of the neighbourhood for weeks. Nice bloke, though. Volunteered regularly for his local church, and once saved a man who "fell" into the Brisbane River from the Walter Taylor Bridge.
You've got to hate that! At least he was law abiding I guess.

Yep - usually just ticked off for something...
I have never been pulled up by cops.
I was recently pulled over because the policeman said he saw me using my mobile phone and that I had quickly put it down when saw him., Luckily he could see from the phone log that the phone had not been used since the day before. He was not happy though and asked to see my text messages !!! Was I supposed to be texting with my ear?
Yes, because my old car was a popular model, & they often got stolen, so cops just check it's mine!
Aren't I the popular one!
I don't drive, but my husband has been pulled over a few times, mostly from the booze bus cops. on our way home from somewhere. My husband was OK, all of the times, so never got a ticket. Once we were stopped 2/3k' after leaving his parents house up the north coast for a licence check.That took 20 minutes! And a later time was on the overhead the bridge,1/2K from our house, (with not another car in sight) so they could check his licence!
by Miro
Yes once, they pulled me over and asked for ownership (which I had lost) and proof of insurance. I handed over the proof of insurance and he went back to his car, then handed it back to me and left. I didn't ask why and he didn't say why???? All very strange.
Perhaps they thought it was someone else car, that they were looking for, Imars.
by Miro
It was quite a few years before I was pulled over for a breath test. My husband I were on our way to a dancing engagement and smartie pants said to the officer "check her on the way back mate, after she's had a few". I was furious with his joking around because I don't drink when I drive. I only drink aerated mineral water with a dash of lime when I'm out.
No. I've never been pulled over by the cops, which I'm glad.
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