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Have you ever been on an aeroplane?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by Ladyheart, morguefile.com

Do you live near an airport?

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Top Answers
Yes, I've taking a few trips in them. I really enjoy flying,
I live close enough to an airport.

I have been on a plane several times, and the distance I live from the airport is relatively far...let's say far, about an hour with traffic. I love visiting the airport, but I despise the parking costs and am still uneasy flying.
by Vee
The parking costs are simply rude and diabolical. I feel the same about hospital parking. BOTH places get myriads of people so a moderate rate would still net them bazillions!
by Rice
Rice, there are petitions out there aiming to address the costs of hospital parking. Here is one you may be interested in signing: https://www.change.org/p/h-m-government-hospital-parking-and-charges
by Vee
Thanks Vee! :-)
by Rice
by Vee
Not a little one like the one in the picture, though I would like to some day, especially if I can dress up like Phryne Fisher. I have been lucky enough to be on passenger planes a few times to travel overseas.
Ooooh. I love a bit of an aeroplane trip. I have been on many and I live a bit over twenty minutes from Brisbane airport - depending on traffic.
by Rice
I don't live near an Airport thank goodness....

I have been on a good few planes, small and Big.
Not a bad experience, unless doing the overseas long long trips...then it can be quite draining.
I have been on many plane trips. I don't mind flying at all. It's quite comfortable and with movies to pass the time, and a good book, before you know it, you are there. I live a long way from our main air port, maybe 1.5 hours, depending on traffic. My son told us about a short cut that we tried recently. I don't think that I would like to live too close to an airport as it would be too noisy. We live about 20 minutes from a couple of regional airports. My Mum didn't like air planes, so my first plane trip was on my honeymoon. We have been away quite a lot since then.
Yes, I have been on planes. I have traveled alone.
It's an experience a person never forgets. We live about a two hour drive to the airport.
Yes I have been on an aeroplane big and small,a jumbo and when my husband used to fly a gluider I WENT ON ONE THEN, WE ALSO HAVE HAD SCENIC FLIGHTS AS WELL.

by jonaja
the same thing haPPPENS TO ME IN MID SENTENCE damned arthritis. Heehee. Or it could be that I get OVEREXCITED AND PRESS CAPS LOCK INSTEAD OF THE A. I spend a lot of time editing my emails back to normal :(
by Rice
Used to 'travel to work' by a beautiful, big Boeing 747, frequently! Great fun!
Sure beats going by Council bus!

I just love flying, suppose 'cos my Dad was in the RAAF, & apparently, as a child, if I heard an aircraft going over, I'd point up to it!

Airport's about 25mins' away, with straight run, in traffic.
I enjoy flying. As a matter of fact I'm flying to Amsterdam via Dubai next month for the start of my European river cruise
I'm going on one next year, Helga. Wishing you all the best for a wonderful holiday
by Lluxi
Wonderful! Have a great time, helga. :-D
by Vee
Thanks Lluxi and Vee. Am so looking forward to this trip
by helga
Oh! helga, that's on my 'bucket list'!
I want to see 'Die Lorelei'!

Enjoy the cruise!
by donjo
I've seen die loreli on a previous day trip but she hasn't lost the appeal for me. I'm still fascinated by the numerous castle ruins and vineyards and am so looking forward to seeing this area again. Hope your trip comes around quickly.
by helga
Helge, How was the River Cruise? We haven't done any of those, but friends have mentioned thy are certainly worth the extra money! It just seems a long way to fly for a 2 week cruise. I wouldn't have minded in my younger days, but we're not as 'strong' as we were back then!
by Miro
Hi Miro. The River Cruise was fantastic and I'm not young either and have limited walking on long excursions but it's definitely well worth the money and you choose the options you have available for shore experiences. I travelled with APT who I honestly can recommend as a caring and exceptionally well organised touring company. I chose the level of walking I could do (they have groups ranging from fast to slow walkers - the latter one I chose) but if you don't feel up to going ashore, you are well catered for on board. The food and wines were magnificent and the menus reflected the particular areas and countries you were in. The places visited were naturally steeped in history and our guides well versed and from the areas we were in as well. One of our guides grew up in communist regime and was very interesting to hear of her personal experiences as we were touring through her country. Give it a go. Yes, the flight is long but I was up every couple of hours walking through the cabin and chatting with others doing the same thing and also learnt of some interesting people's lives doing that. Cabin crew were great and there is always someone only too willing to help you get your belongings up and down on the aircraft and also off the luggage carousel so being elderly can be an advantage at times.
by helga
I once counted the flights I'd made, since my 21st birthday! They came to 106, but we've been up & down to/from Melbourne a few times since then. We catch a bus to our local train station, then a train, then a bus to the airport, for a total $2.50 with our seniors card. It takes 7 hours, door to door!) We used to fly to the USA to pick up all of our cruises, but lately we've settelled for Sydney return cruses. We flew over the Grand Canyon in '89, in a tiny plane, & I was so scared, I cried to my self going there & coming back (to Los Vegas) It made it very difficult taking the photos out the little window, next to me, as my hands were shaking so much! 1 day I'll work out how many o/s trips I've made (again) & how many in Australia, to other states.
by Miro
WoW. O_o
by Vee
Oh! miro_, I used to keep a 'Flight Log', but haven't been as meticulous as I was in my younger days!
At last count, some 22 years' ago, I was at 4200hours', & approx 1,250,000 miles! Would have to 'count' the flights, but it would be in the 100's, Dom & Intnl!
'One day' I'll update it, as have kept ALL my 'Boarding Passes'! I'd probably be surprised at the total, when I add those 22 years' worth! Lol!,
by donjo
I don't live near an airport. I have been on a plane a few times. It is a quick way to travel so it's convenient. I don't particularly enjoy flying but I don't have a phobia about it.
My husband took me flying on our first date. I was impressed. Apart from commercial flights I have had some amazing flights with my husband as pilot. I used to worry about him in Ultra Light aircraft until I went up in one and realised that they are pretty safe. I have been in a glider and helicopters too. I love it!
We allow an hour to get to the airport.
by annfi
Wow, annfi! That's pretty impressive!
by Vee
He impressed me. :-)

by annfi
He impressed me. :-)

by annfi
Yes of course I have - I don't think you get to my age without having been on a plane!!!
by Finy
Finy, there're STILL people who hate flying!

QANTAS have had 'Fear of Flying' Courses', at their Jet Base, at Sydney Airport, for decades'.
They're always booked-out months' in advance, as they cater for a huge need.

, in Dydney, for decades'.
by donjo
Yes,I have travelled by aeroplane many a times.
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