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Have you ever been in a life threatening situation?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever been in the awful situation where you thought "this is it"? What happened and what was the result?

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Top Answers
I have been in a few.
Worst was in a gaol, and a inmate nearly took me hostage.

Second was in Los Angeles some men pulled up in a car, and wanted to do a great deal of harm to myself & husband.

Third a robbery in a store in America.

Result! God had His hand on my life....I'm still here to tell about it :)
Oh! jonaj, how terrible for you! Did you buy some Lotto tickets?
Worst scenario I've had was walking with a friend just off the Zocalo, main square in centre of Mexico City, when bloke coming towards was 'airing' part of his anatomy! We just continued walking & talking as if it was a normal occurrence to us!
When we far enough away, we both burst out laughing simultaneously!
It wasn't actually life threatening, but in a strange city, you never know what could happen.
by donjo
Yes, when I was giving birth to my second child . I had internal bleeding and lost so much blood that I nearly got into coma but thankfully, I was operated on time and the bleeding stopped. That was an experience which I will never forget but I did get through my third childbirth with not much of difficulty.
Yes, once I was in a high speed car accident on a small windy stretch of freeway, two cars going 110kph each hit head on. It's pretty amazing that I walked away from that one with a cracked rib from the seatbelt and a sore ankle where it hit the underside of the dashboard. Someone was looking out for me that day. Things seemed to go in slow motion up to that point, where I could see what was about to happen and tried to get the driver to move the car so it wouldn't hit the other one, but of course there wasn't time. Scary and not something I'd like to repeat. Ever.
Fortunately I've never been in a life threatening situation.
I'm not sure if it is considered life threatening or not, but one of my my worst experiences was when I got stuck halfway in a cave during a trip and separated from the rest of my group. We were having a rest and I thought it would be fun to do some personal exploration on my own. The space I was trying to get through turned out to be a little small for my body to get through. Luckily someone heard me and went looking.
Exploring caves is fun. I use to dive in caves as a sport until I developed an urge to stay alive.
by kstew
Oh! kstew, that's a bit scary! Speleology doesn't interest me, but I love walking through normal caves.
One of my 'hobby' subjects is Geology, so try & travel to as many caves here as is possible.
Am in awe of the various formations, & the number of years' it takes to produce them!
Most interesting to me are the Undara Lava Tubes, in NQ. Can see the lava level on the walls, & the beautiful lava stalactites which dripped down! And the colours, just wow!
by donjo
I was on a diving trip with 5 others. As the day was rough we decided to take a shallow dive in an area close to shore to grab a few crayfish.
We underestimated the risk as it was shallow water. When we entered the water it was quiet and safe enough. I noticed a Cray pot with the lines broken stuck in rocks and for some reason thought that it may be handy to salvage so I began dragging it back to the boat.
The tide changed and began running at a furious speed out through the gap and into the southern ocean.
The waves pushed me back and forwards like a leaf and the only thing that that was stable was the Cray pot.
I soon realized that the others were lost in the tide headed to the southern ocean through the gap with no hope of returning to the isolated island 2 hours out to sea with no others in the area to help. Identifying that the Cray pot was the only stable item around I used it as an anchor and swam it towards the boat dropping to the floor of the sea every time the wave changed its direction and then using the return action to move towards the boat. Eventually I found the anchor and it was time to let go of the Cray pot and rise up along the anchor rope. At the surface it was worse than on the sea bed.
I realized that I was the only one at the boat and this meant that if I could not get on board we were all headed to the South Pole without a boat and no chance of rescue due to the isolation.
I had put out a mermaid catcher before leaving the boat. This rope tied to the back of the boat was supported by a float to keep it on the surface but in order to reach it I had to let go of the anchor rope and bounce down the side of the boat heading out to sea.
I remember seeing the side of the boat roll past me and hoping the mermaid catcher was still there to grab.
It was so I pulled myself up to the boat and on board quickly took a bearing out to sea in the direction of the tide. Thinking I may have seen a flash of sun light from a personís diving mask way out to sea I used this as a bearing.
The tide and sea was so wild I could not drive up the anchor line and get to pull the anchor up before it grabbed hard again so I tied a buoy on to the end of the rope and released the boat.
Slowly driving the boat towards the bearing of the glint of light I had seen way out to sea was a very stress full time looking into the waves hoping to see someone alive.
The joy was overwhelming when I found all 5 of them grouped in a circle large enough to see. They had all grouped as soon as they realized what was happening. I still wonder what would have happened but for that Cray pot I decided to salvage.

Oh, what a frightening story!
And you didnt panic by the sounds of it. I think if that were me, all reason and logic would have disappeared.
by Finy
That was 30 years ago and I still think about it.
You tend to think you are safe when you can see the shore line.
It was a lesson learnt.
by kstew
by jonaja
Luckily not.
Car accident. Was slammed into at 80kph, sideways. I was stationary at the time. The force moved my 1500kgs car 10' sideways. The car that smashed into me was demolished up to its' firewall. Too long a story to tell, but suffice to say the Policeman told me 'the book was going to be thrown at him'. He'd started slowing down from 120kph in a 60kph zone. There were so many road rules he'd broken.

My husband drove my car to Insurance Assessor. Turned out there was $6000 damage (1986).

I drove my husband's car to the Doctor. He was amazed I didn't have ANY broken bones. I then drove to work! All I can say is thank God for the seatbelt. When he hit my car, the seatbelt grabbed me with such force, I didn't move anywhere!
I also learned that if I hadn't had such a 'heavy' sedan, the force he hit me with was enough to roll a smaller car!
Thankfully not.
Guess I feel as if I have diced with death several times.
1) Rape...I was threatened that he would beat me to a pulp if I screamed,,,he had locked me in his flat. I was then petrified he would kill me because I could identify him.
2) My son used to stop breathing he was a potential cot death baby. Luckily for me there was a New Zealand Dr. in my building in Hong Kong. He borrowed a machine from New Zealand and then I could sleep at night.
3) I was physically attacked by my partners son who's hands were around my neck.
4) I drove from the West Country in England to Heathrow to catch a plan back here.
There were terrible blizzards and you couldn't see the central reserve or the edge of the road. you couldn't see very far ahead so I tried to keep the lights of the car in front of me in view. However some were going too fast other braked and slid. It took 5 hours instead of 2hrs 15 mins. It was really scary. When I got to London and the Heathrow turn off I pulled into a side street. I had two flasks of hot drink with me, a shovel, a sleeping bag and a long pipe in case I got stuck in a drift. The local neighbours called the police to me as they thought I might be about to burgle their homes. I had to keep turning on the heat. I had hired the car. I had to ditch all the items at the car rental. Shortly after the motorway was closed for many hours. The plane did get off but I believe some hours later the planes were delayed.
I am still here to tell the tales.

Oh you poor girl. Lets hope there's no 5th time!
by Miro
I replied to this question sometime ago but would like to update it.
The rape happened about 46 years ago in London. I HAVE FINALLY HAD THE COURAGE TO REPORT IT this year! Due to all the publicity around celebraties shenanagins like other women I have come out of the woodwork so to speak. The police havent found any similar cases around that time but at least it is now on file. I encourage others to be brave and stand up and report these perpetrator's.
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